Complete List of Tata Indigo Parts and their Price

Tata Indigo Parts

Tata Indigo was launched back in 2002 and is still treated as one of the most epic designs in India. The car was loved by the country and was even demanded over the seas due to the premium experience of the car. The car’s design is old but remains unbeatable.

However, despite being one of the best cars, overuse might lead to tearing of its parts. In such case you must opt for inexpensive Tata Indigo Parts available online. Here is the complete list of parts available with their prices.

S.No.Name of the PartPrice (INR)
 A/C Evaporator Coil3,500
2.Air filter310
3.Bonnet Hood5,600
4.Clutch & Pressure plate3,500
5.Clutch Release Bearing600
6.Front Brake Disc/Drum840
7.Front bumper2,400
8.Front Door – Left or Right  8,000
9.Front Suspension Lower Arm4,000
10.Front Windshield Glass5,900
11.Head Light – Left or Right3,900
13.Rear Door – Left or Right9,000
14.Rear Windshield Glass3,400
15.Wiper blades, R&I both sides330
16.Oil filter150
17.Fuel filter500
18.Headlight Assy with each bulb4,500
19.Spark plug (set)300
20.Side Mirror with casing1200
21.Front struts R&I2,500
22.Radiator hose set230
23.Rear Bumper2,000
24.Tail Light – Left or Right1,900
25.Tailight Assy with each bulb1,180
26.Timing belt980
27.Wheel Rim Each845
28.Fender – Left or Right2,600
29.Fan Belt or Drive Belt310
31.Bootlid or Tailgate7,700
32.Front brake pads, R&I both sides1,585

Available Tata Indigo Parts in India with pricing

If you own a Tata Indigo and face hardship in looking for Genuine Tata Indigo parts for your car, then follow this checklist. Also, remember that you must search for a genuine buyer and must have a little understanding of the car.

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