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Man Truck Parts

Need Man Truck spare parts? You are at the correct place

At BP Auto Spares India, the core is to deliver quality Man Truck Parts at reasonable prices. We are committed to supplying authenticspare parts to our valued customers. Driven by an outstanding team of experts, we are continuously working to fulfil our customers’ needs and desires by providing them with timely delivery of spare parts. Our vast expertise in the automotive industry helps us develop our procedures and procedures, allowing us to deliver excellent services and pursue new frontiers of development and expansion.

When it comes to Man truck Parts, customers depend on BP Auto Spares India, the country’s leading exporter of automotive parts. Performance and protection are of paramount importance to us. We, therefore, supply our customers with only the real Man Truck Parts. We also ensure that our consumers enjoy the outstanding quality and prompt distribution of goods. Our consumer attention, expertise and commitment have made it possible for us to become a valued partner of choice for various businesses. Man truck Parts’ ready supply means that our customers run smooth market processes without tackling any bottlenecks in transport & logistics.


  •             Body parts
  •             Brake parts
  •             Clutch part
  •             Electrical parts
  •             Engine parts
  •             Propeller shaft
  •             Steering parts
  •             Suspension parts

We are motivated by the ethos of professionalism and dignity. Our clients have selected us because we offer what we think is best. We are continually aiming to add importance to the needs of the customer in the most effective manner. We help out our clients if they need Man truck Parts of some sort. We actively aim to pick up a few notches in our offerings to achieve full customer loyalty.

All Man Truck Parts manufactured and manufactured by BP Auto Spares India are new, checked and tested by automobile engineers to ensure perfect health and smooth running. We are popular because we have a team of experts with expert product and technical experience.

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Man Truck Parts

Get high-quality Man truck parts delivered at your doorsteps

Auto parts are required frequently by the people who are into the businesses regarding them. If you are the one managing the big fleet, you know how you have to visit the local vendors and argue for the pricing and the quality. It is not mandatory that you get superior quality products every time from the local vendors. Moreover, your trust can be misused when you visit them again and again and keep no other option beside them.


Today, you have online auto vendors offering excellent quality Man Truck Parts at affordable prices. They are providing variety and assurity in the products. Now as the industry is enlarging, so is the list of the online vendors. Whether you want an original unused small part or the remanufactured transmissions for your truck, they cater everything.


Here the question of why online stores when the things are available at the physical stores too are likely to arise in your mind. When you buy the parts from a physical store, most of the time you reach there through a middle man who adds extra cost to the purchase. While visiting an online store and getting things is a different case. Through online mode, you save this extra cost, and you get things cheaper.


But with a lower price, quality is a probable concern. But, you need not be worried about the quality as the vendors today follow strict guidelines and all the industry standards. The auto part stores are competing for better sales and reputation and thus providing the best to the customers. In fact, the parts you order are always performance-tested before the delivery, and if you find any defect once you receive the item, you can use the return policy.


Many people are scared of online shopping today because of privacy issues, but modern technology has made it simpler and sorted out. There are rules to cater to your fear and worries. So, whenever you need the Man truck parts, visit the concerned websites, search for the parts with eye-catching offers and you will surely make the profitable deal.


You can also visit www.bpautosparesindia.com/man-spare-parts for the genuine Man truck parts with complete reliability and affordability.

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Man Spare Parts

Beware of the fake man spare parts

There lies a thin line between real and fake; in the appearance, of course. On the other hand, if you sit to compare the impact of both the genuine and fake spare parts on the functioning of the vehicle, you will get a huge difference. Well, the auto industry is full of companies selling fake spare counterparts and accessories. Though there are laws to check the same still, the chunk of fake products exists.


There is no room for confusion about why the companies do it; it costs less. Preparing a genuine spare part is comparatively expensive than manufacturing a counterfeit fake part. Therefore to save the expense and earn a huge profit, the practice is owned by many.


Before we proceed to know the methods of identifying the genuine spare part, let us first go through the disadvantages of using a fake Man Spare Part:


Engine failure- There are various components like the spark plug, valves, air filters, etc., which directly affect the working of the engine. Thus, any compromise with their quality may lead to failure of the engine. It may even lead to the worst-case; fire.


Windscreen damage- If you buy an OEM recommended windscreen, you will get the assurance of the quality and longevity. It will withstand the standards it is meant to. On the other hand, the counterfeit windscreens will damage under load and injure the person sitting inside.


Electrical hazard- Failure of electrical components causes fire in the vehicles. And it has been noted that most of such vehicles reporting fire had poor fake electrical components fitted in them.


Apart from the failures mentioned above, fake man spare parts can also cause a reduction in wheel rigidity and loss of structural integrity.


But, there is always a solution, and you can check whether a piece is genuine or not.


  • Check the serial number of the product; all the OEM/OES recommended spare parts come with a specific series of serial numbers. Also, check the hologram of the manufacturer.


  • Scan the QR code and the RFID tag provided in the packing of the part to get the information of the manufacturer.


To grab only the genuine and reliable man spare parts for your vehicle, you can also visit www.bpautosparesindia.com/man-spare-parts.They have a large collection of high-quality spare parts for a variety of vehicles.

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MAN Truck Parts

Why you should be worried about visiting the wrong mechanic for your car service?

We maintain our car with great care and also spend a lot of money to make sure they last longer. But many people face issues when they visit the wrong mechanic. Actually, it is a real matter of concern because visiting the wrong mechanic can really cause a lot of damage to your car. Have a look at these points and see why you should be worried about visiting the wrong mechanic for car servicing.

  • Cheap and used parts – a less popular or unknown mechanic often dupes people by using cheap or alternative parts at the same rate like original parts. Or else they will make you understand that these are best parts available but actually they are not. Using cheap or used Man Truck Parts can cause serious damage to the overall functionality of the vehicle you are using in the long run.
  • No guarantee or warranty -mechanics who do not have good recognition often fail to provide any kind of warranty or guarantee to the parts they sell. This is because most of their parts are not verified or cheaper variants. So if you are going to spend money on maintenance of your vehicle, you should always spend it at an authorized dealer.
  • Unprofessionalism – wrong mechanics may not be professional at the highest level. If they are not familiar with the mechanism of your vehicle, they can really damage the overall functioning and performance of the vehicle.

So you can see that why you should be worried about visiting the wrong mechanic for your car maintenance. If you want best quality Man Truck Parts then you can visit http://www.bpautosparesindia.com/man-spare-parts. They have the best quality parts and accessories.

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How to Jump Start A Car?

If your vehicle battery has died or is not starting due to some technical reasons, you can make use of jumper cables to jump start it from some good and charitable person’s vehicle. If you know how to safely use jumper cables to kick start your car, make sure the battery on the Good Samaritan’s vehicle has sufficient voltage as your own. As long as you attach the cables properly with your battery, it’s hardly a matter of concern whether your vehicle has negative ground and the person who is helping you jump start your vehicle has a positive ground or the fact that your vehicle is equipped with an alternator and the other vehicle has a generator.


To safely jump start a vehicle, BP Auto Spares India, the known Man Spare Parts dealer has put together quick and easy steps.

Look for a Good Vehicle with Good Battery: Isn’t this an obvious factor to look at? How you’ll going to jump start a vehicle without the help of a good vehicle witha good battery? You simply can’t, so first locate a vehicle with a good battery and enough voltage to give it a push. Trust us; a dead battery is a phenomenon most of the vehicle drivers have experienced at least once, so they’ll be more than happy to guide you in jump starting your vehicle.

Bumper-to-Bumper: In order to begin with the whole process, position the good vehicle with the good battery in a manner that its bumper is face-to-face with the bumper of your vehicle, only leaving a handful of distance for you to maneuver between the cars. Make sure both your vehicle and the one helping you are completely turned off before you begin connecting the jumper cables to the batteries. It will not only protect your vehicle’s electrical system from unexpected gush but it will also keep your safe under the hood.

Correct Way to Connect Jumper Cables to a Car

  1. Locate the positive (+) and the negative (-) end of each battery.
  2. On latest vehicle models, the positive (+) end of the battery often has a red cover over the battery post and wires.
  3. Now, connect the red cable to the positive (+) end of the working battery.
  4. Attach the other end of the red cable to the positive (+) end of the dead battery.
  5. Connect the black cable to the negative (-) end of the working battery.
  6. Finally, attach the other end of the black cable to the grounded surface on the vehicle with the dead battery.

This grounded surface is the metal part of the vehicle’s frame.

Start the Engine of a Vehicle with a Good Battery: Let the engine idle for a few minutes.Don’t give race to the engine, but do rev the engine a little above idle for 30-60 seconds. This is done to charge the battery of the dead car. After a few minutes, try to start your engine. If your engine comes to life without any further delay, leave both the cars running for a few minutes in order to charge the battery of the dead vehicle fully.

In the end, don’t forget to thank the Good Samaritan who allowed you to use his vehicle to Jump Start Your Car.

Features of New MAN TGX D38 in heavy-duty long-haul transport

MAN TGX D3- Where efficiency meet performance

MAN TGX D3 Design Features

The MAN TGX D38 has a high recognition value on the road thanks to a number of distinctive designfeatures it possesses:

  • The side mirror covers and the striking radiator protective cover are matt-finished in platinum silver color.
  • Another top-notch feature of the MAN top model is the chrome carving of D38 on the driver and passenger door.
  • The HP output designations 540, 580 or 640 on the doors optically underscore the power of the truck.

Man Spare Parts

Tailored Powertrain with numerous efficiency functions

The new D38 six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 15.2 litres paves way to superb performance with high-class efficiency.

With up to 640 HP, the engine offers the highest traction force for all requirements and is still 160 kg smoother than the most powerful Euro 5 engine D28 V8 – this gives an additional payload benefit.

  • Thanks to the two-stage engine turbo charging, full torque is available from as low as 930 rpm. The powerful torque of the D38 is optimally matched to the bandwidth of the axle ratios. A new-generation Common Rail injection system with a peak injection pressure of 2,500 bar permits very low-particle combustion with optimized fuel efficiency.
  • For maximum reliability and stability, MAN is using burper valves in the new D38 for the first time in a truck diesel engine. This design solution makes the valves and valve seats particularly durable.
  • The innovative TopDown cooling system leads the coolant in the cylinder head directly from above to the areas with high thermal stress and thus reduces wear.
  • Eight cylinder head screws per cylinder ensure that the cylinder head and liner are pressed together with optimum uniformity. Apart from effecting a low oil consumption, this also increases the durability of the cylinder-head gasket.

The new MAN Tip Matic® – New fuel-saving gear functions

  • All model variants of the TGX D38 are combined with the new MAN TipMatic®.
  • It offers three new gearbox  functions, providing even more efficiency laced with a recurrently high output.

MAN Efficient Cruise®

  • MAN TGX D3 is laced with GPS-controlled cruise control which automatically matches your desired speed to the topographic conditions.
  • The system utilizes the dynamic change in kinetic energy to overcome terrain features more efficiently.
  • The new GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® is now fitted with MAN EfficientRoll, which means that the rolling function of the MAN TGX D38 is also intelligently controlled via GPS preview.


  • The safety systems on the MAN TGX is designed to reduce the accidental risk.
  • The drivers and other road users are safely protected.
  • Severe damage to the vehicle and freight as well as repairs are prevented.
  • You profit from short downtimes and higher efficiency in transportation.


The TGX D38 thus not only is the reflection of a prestigious top model, but is also the most efficient transport solution in long-haul transport. For reliable and sturdy Man spare parts, visit Bpautosparesindia today.

MAN CLA 31.280 is the Best Bet for Long Distances

The MAN CLA 31.280 is a tipper truck manufactured by the company and is widely used in the construction and mining industry. It has a GVW of 31000 kgs and a payload capacity of 16,150 kgs. It uses a 6.9 liter six-cylinder DI TCIC diesel motor which produces a power of 280 bhp. Owing to its commercial grade build and exceptional facilities, it is fast becoming the first choice in the heavy truck segment. The good news is that it does not need frequent servicing and maintenance. Further, the overall structure, great ergonomics, improved safety, quicker turn around time, and high quality MAN Truck Parts, make it perfect for transporting goods over long distances.

Man Spare Parts

MAN CLA 31.280 is the Best Bet for Long Distances


The tipper has a wheelbase of 5,300 mm, ground clearance of 385 mm, and a turning radius of 10,000mm. While taking sharp curves and turns, the vehicle can be considered perfectly safe. The truck is available in scoop and box options. The scoop type body has a length and height of 9168 mm and 8656mm respectively. In the case of box body, the length and height is 3455 mm and 3605 mm respectively.

Engine and performance

Customers are always on the lookout of tippers that offer high performance at lower rpms. The CLA 31.280 excels in this department. It has a 6.9 liter six cylinder inline SI turbocharged, intercooled BSIII diesel engine, which provides a torque of 1100Nm @1300-1700rpm. The maximum speed the vehicle can reach is to the tune of 78km/hr. The gradeability on offer is 45%. The gearbox used is 9-speed Synchromesh and single plate pull type power with 430mm diameter clutch.

Braking and safety

In terms of safety, the CLA 31.280 comes fitted with S-Cam Dual Circuit Air Actuated Drum Brakes with Automatic Slack Adjuster and Asbestos-Free Brake Linings service brakes, parking brakes, and an exhaust valve brake.

Design and comfort level

The MAN CLA 31.280 offers ample comfort to the passengers. The air-conditioned cabin offers standard features such as the instrument cluster, standard seats, and telematics.

Transport companies interested in purchasing Man spare parts may contact BP Auto Spares India and avail their required spares at attractive prices. Here’s an overview of the MAN CLA 49.280: The Most Fuel Efficient Tractor-Trailer For Heavy Goods 

MAN CLA 49.280: The Most Fuel Efficient Truck-Trailer For Heavy Goods

Considering the speed at which the construction industry is developing, it has become imperative to make use of tractor-trailers that offer higher torque, power-packed CRDI engines, and maximum fuel efficiency. The experts at MAN, therefore, came up with the MAN CLA 49.280, in order to satisfy the requirements of the construction industry, and the economy, at large. The MAN CLA 49.280 is one of the top-selling tractor-trailers manufactured by the company. The truck is available in three body types, which include, cab, bulker, and tip-trailer. The vehicle is perfect for carrying heavy materials such as general goods, mining materials, and construction equipment. It is available in both air conditioning and non air conditioning cabins.

Man truck parts

Fuel efficient engine

The vehicle comes outfitted with a MAN D-0836 turbo charged engine, which delivers a power of 280hp and a torque of 1100Nm. The engine is fuel-efficient, safe, reliable, and environment friendly. The MAN CLA 49.280 also boasts of possessing one of the most silent engines that produces the least vibration. Its cruise control option ensures that it gives the best performance even when the driver has to change gears several times in the course of driving. Cruise control lowers the stress on the driver and aids in improving fuel efficiency. The engine has a capacity of 6.9 litres, which allows efficient fuel combustion and hence reduction in air pollution.

Interiors, Safety, and Braking

The tiltable sleeping cabin inside the truck has a number of amazing features and premium quality MAN parts. The insides of the cabin are fitted with sound and heat dampeners, which offer protection from the sound and heat outside. The driver’s seat is air suspended. For safety, there’s Exhaust Valve Brakes along with ABS and LSV. The front axle of the truck is maintenance free and hardly requires greasing, which helps in reducing the total operating cost.

The good news is that all MAN Truck Parts have been created from light weight and sturdy materials, thereby making the vehicle adept at carrying heavy goods. Buyers may contact BP Auto Spares India for purchasing MAN Spare Parts at attractive prices. Here’s some information on Light to Medium Weight Tippers From MAN

Features of the Sturdy & Efficient MAN CLA 31.220

MAN has always been known for producing cost-efficient trucks and tippers that precisely cater to the requirements of construction and mining industries. Here’s an insight on the MAN CLA 31.220, which is fully adept to carry heavy loads and traverse on rugged terrains.

Man truck parts

Engine & Other Specs

Powered by a 6.9 Litre DI Turbocharged Intercooled BSIII engine, this truck offers a GVW of 31,000 kgs, gradeability of 20%, ground clearance of 257 mm, and wheelbase of 5740mm. The engine churns out 220 hp of power and 800 Nm of torque. The turning radius of 10,500mm and torque at low rpms makes it a great proposition to cover high slopes. It can run at a top speed of 89 km/h.  Other features include Eaton 6-Speed gearbox, ZF 8046 Power steering with telescopic & adjustment moment, Heavy Duty Cranked Forged I Beam type front axle, Fully Floating Single Speed/ Meritor Hypoid axle Single Dry Plate Push Type Power Assisted 395 mm diameter clutch, Parabolic Leaf Springs Front Suspension with Double Acting Shock Absorbers, Bell Crank Type Rear Suspension, and other premium quality Man parts. Available in CAB, Mounted Crane, and Bulker body types, it is fully equipped to meet the diverse needs of various industries. In terms of dimensions, it is 9,450 mm long, 2,475 mm wide and 3,070 mm high.

Exteriors & Interiors

On the outside, it boasts of an aerodynamic design, featuring improved headlamps, bumper, and windscreen. On the inside, one can find ample space, which helps in experiencing a comfortable ride. There are other attributes that further enhance the comfort level, such as an adjustable driving seat, driver information display, and other high quality Man truck parts.


Coming to safety, it has a lot of features on offer, such as S-Cam Dual Circuit Air Actuated Drum service brakes, Automatic Slack Adjuster, Asbestos Free Brake Linings, parking brakes, and exhaust valve brakes. The company has paid special attention to this aspect, and hence offers a strongly built C-Channel Rolled Section and Reinforced chassis frame carved from high strength steel material.

Construction and logistic companies searching for a Man spare parts dealer who would provide them with the necessary parts on an urgent basis may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India. This dealer has a ready stock of replacement spares of several leading auto brands. Here’s An Overview of Different Types of MAN Oils.

Light to Medium Weight Tippers From MAN

When it comes to tippers and trucks, MAN Spare Parts is a renowned and trusted name. The product portfolio offered by the company is massive and diverse. Here’s a brief insight into the light to medium weight tippers available from the stables of this leading auto manufacturer:

Man truck parts

MAN CLA 16.220

This light weight tipper is available in two load body options – scoop and box body. Offering a wheelbase of 3,600 mm, GVW of 16,200 kgs, and payload of 8,160 kgs, this vehicle finds its application in the construction and mining industries. It also comes with a Transit Mixer option, which makes it an ideal proposition for use at construction sites. It draws its juice from a 6.9 Litre 6-Cylinder DI TCIC diesel motor, which is capable of producing 220 bhp of power and 800 Nm of torque. For safety, there’s exhaust valve brakes, LSV, seat belts, and parking brakes. Other features include driver information display, power steering, ample space, and other premium quality Man parts. Thanks to the high gradeability of 51%, driving on rugged terrains is simpler and easier.

MAN CLA 25.220 6×4

Built from superior Man truck parts, this medium weight tipper truck is available in two options – bulker body with 4,525 mm wheelbase and box body with 4,540 mm wheelbase. With a GVW of 25,000 kgs and payload of 13,580 kgs, it is primarily used by construction and mining companies. The make and power of engine is same as that of the MAN CLA 16.220. With features such as power steering and 38% of high gradeability, driving on slopes seems effortless.

MAN CLA 25.280

This medium weight tipper from the house of MAN renders a wheelbase of 4,525 mm, GVW of 25,000 kgs, and payload of 13,170 kgs. Under the hood lies a 6.9 Litre 6-Cylinder DI TCIC diesel motor, which churns 280 bhp of power and a whopping 1100 Nm of torque. Power steering and a gradeability of 56% makes driving easy on steep slopes and rough terrains. Other essential features include air conditioning, seat belts, driver information display, titlable steering, adjustable driver seat, exhaust valve brakes, and parking brakes.

Organizations searching for sturdy and reliable Man spare parts need not worry as these are readily available at BP Auto Spares India, the most trusted name in dealership of auto spares.  Here’s An Overview of the MAN Transit Concrete Mixers.