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An Influx of New & Ravishing Cars from the House of Suzuki

car spare parts for suzukiSuzuki has been one of the major players in the Indian automobile market for a long time. In a bid to consolidate its position even further, the auto giant has decided to launch a number of cars in the market, in addition to the already impressive line-up. Some of the upcoming models of Suzuki are listed below.

The small yet suave Cervo

Expected to hit the roads in December 2017, the Cervo is pitted to be the replacement of the iconic Alto 800. The automaker has stopped the production of the Alto and there have been no worthy replacements in the small car segment. The Cervo is expected to fill that void. The car is expected to have a 660 cc 3-cylinder petrol engine capable of churning a healthy mileage of 25 kmpl. When launched, it will compete with cars like Tata Nano and Hyundai Eon.

The remarkable SUV – Jimny

The Jimny has been in the international market for some time now. Following its popularity in other countries, Suzuki has been planning to launch the car in India. This off-road SUV is expected to be launched in the country sometime in the middle of 2016. The car is powered by a 1.3 litre petrol engine with variable valve timing. The car can deliver a peak power of 85 bhp and torque of 109 Nm. This compact and agile entry level SUV is a joy to drive and will give tough competition to other cars in the segment.

Swift Hybrid

After enjoying tremendous success with the original model, Suzuki has decided to launch the Swift Hybrid model in the country. The car is set to be launched in three variants- series hybrid, parallel hybrid, and all-electric. In the series hybrid variant, the 658 cc three cylinder petrol engine will charge the lithium ion battery which powers the wheel, while in the parallel hybrid variant, both the petrol engine and the electric engine will power the wheel. What is truly astounding is the mileage of the car, which is expected to be a whooping 48.2 kmpl. The car is anticipated to enter the auto market in 2017.

Car lovers will be surely delighted with the new cars that the automobile company has to offer. If one is in a requirement of Suzuki spare parts or original Suzuki parts, one can always visit BP Auto Spares India, the most renowned auto parts dealer in the country. Here’s some information on The 3 Most In-Demand Suzuki Cars Of All Times.

These Cars Driving Tips Will Make Your Holiday Enjoyable!


At times, a holiday may be planned without notice or one may simply plan an adventurous road trip. For all such vacations, it is important to get a scrutiny and servicing done of the vehicle before leaving. Also, experts suggest tips that would make the drive easier and more enjoyable.

We list below some of these tips:

Driving During a Foggy Day:

If you plan to go to a hill station on a holiday, then experiencing a foggy weather is on the cards. A few simple precautions can help make the drive easier.

1. It is better to start early as the driving speed becomes slow during a fog. This would help reach the destination as per schedule.

 2. Before starting, familiarize yourself with the vehicle, this would help in driving smoothly.

3. Drive slowly and keep a constant check on the speedometer. Keep distance from other vehicles.

4. Using low beam lights would help see the road ahead better. Using fog lights is a good option.

5. Other drivers may not use headlights. Hence, it is wise to try and listen to the traffic and drive accordingly.

6. Using wipers and demisters is significant to ensure good visibility.

7. If the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, then park it at the extreme corner and keep the hazard warning lights on. Keep a reflective warning signal at a visible distance. Try to keep a tab on the traffic.

8. When driving down the slope of a hill one must not switch off the engine. Shifting to a lower gear would help save fuel and make the drive more comfortable too.

9. While driving uphill, changing to a low gear will be helpful too. This way the engine performs in its normal power range.

Suzuki-Car-Parts1It is important to get the vehicle serviced or checked before indulging in a long drive. Checking all Suzuki Parts thoroughly is significant. In case any of the Suzuki Car Parts need to be changed, the owners may contact BP Auto Spares India, a reputed Suzuki Spare Parts dealer. They are a leader in supplying Replacement Spares for Suzuki Cars, including Suzuki 800 Spare Parts and more.