8 Tips for Driving in Snow

Ice or snow create hazardous road conditions that are considered dangerous to drive in. But still you can explore the icy mountains in the harshest winter conditions or plan a short trip to an icy city by simply taking care of few things. Ice driving is blissful but is often packed with lots of pros and cons that everybody must adhere to. There are few techniques you can use to make sure you stay as safe as you possibly can while driving in snow.

Here are few safety tips compiled by BP Auto Spares India, a leading name in spare parts industry, delivering Suzuki Alto Parts, SX4 parts, Celerio parts to customers across globe, to help you master the art of snow driving. Let’s dive straight in.

Suzuki Alto Parts

  1. Inspect all local speed limits, no matter what the weather conditions are. Always keep control of your vehicle to avoid sudden misbalances and ice potholes.
  1. Don’t apply sudden brakes. Front and rear tires jam easily, especially when you insert too much pressure at once.
  1. When driving in snow, be easy on acceleration to keep from spinning out of control.
  1. When your visibility is restricted, which is often in these conditions, drive with your low beams on.
  1. Use your car’s heater and fan simultaneously with the AC to keep your windshields clear for unrestricted view.
  1. Avoid sudden braking when going around a corner. Brake before hitting the turn and then gradually accelerate out of it.
  1. Try to keep your car in one gear and only switch gears when you have to. Kick start in first or second gear before ascending or descending.
  1. When visibility is very bad and you can’t even make out the road safety markers before you, pull off to the side and turn on your hazard lights.

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5 Fuel Efficient Petrol Cars in India

Ok, let’s just face the fact head on, petrol prices aren’t coming down anytime soon and even if they do, there isn’t going to be any drastic downfall. Continuous driving and increased driving distance has significantly added to the petrol bills we are witnessing today. In a nutshell, petrol prices is a lost cause and will get more expensive with each day that passes by. So it’s time to take some relevant steps towards this lost cause, starting from the cars we choose to drive. Since we can’t do anything constructive with the petrol prices, it’s time to buy or consider driving those models that are most fuel efficient in India and we are talking about petrol variants here.

BP Auto Spares India, the largest exporter of TATA Spare Parts in India, has compiled a list of India’s most fuel efficient petrol cars that every driver today must know about.

Tata Spare Parts

Renault Kwid – 25.17 kpl

This premium crossover has grabbed lot of attention in regards to its appearance, incredible space, advance features and impressive mileage.

Engine Type/ Displacement 799 cc Petrol
Power 53 BHP
Torque 72 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual
Mileage 25.17 kpl (claimed)
Price Rs. 2.65 – 3.80 lakh

Datsun redi-GO – 25.17 kpl

Reanult Kwid and Datsun Redi-Go both share the same CMF-A platform, same engine and of course same fuel mileage of 25.17 kpl.


Engine Type/ Displacement 799 cc Petrol
Power 53 BHP
Torque 72 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual
Mileage 25.17 kpl (claimed)
Price Rs. 2.42 – 3.52 lakh

Maruti Alto 800 – 24.7 kpl

Maruti Alto 800 is the bestselling car in India and apparently most fuel efficient too.  Positioned above Alto K10 and Celerio and second to  Kwid/redi-GO, the car is powered with 796cc petrol motor which produces 47.3 bhp and 69 Nm torque.

Engine Type/ Displacement 796 cc Petrol
Power 47 BHP
Torque 69 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual
Mileage 24.7 kpl (claimed)
Price Rs. 2.47 – 3.32 lakh

Maruti Alto K10 – 24.07 kpl

The interiors might not be as appealing as the previous model, but you simply can’t ignore the specifications of its engine. The car houses 1.0 litre K-Series motor which makes 67 bhp and 90 Nm torque.

Engine Type/ Displacement 998 cc Petrol
Power 67 BHP
Torque 90 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT
Mileage 24.07 kpl (claimed)
Price Rs. 3.27 – 4.13 lakh


Tata Tiago – 23.84 kpl

Now, here comes TATA’s most furl efficient model with an ARAI certified 23.84 kpl. The model is priced between Rs. 3.24 lakh and 4.99 lakh and comes packed with features.

Engine Type/ Displacement 1199 cc Petrol
Power 69 BHP
Torque 114 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual
Mileage 23.84 kpl (claimed)
Price Rs. 3.24 – 4.99 lakh

In case you are planning to buy any of the above models, don’t forget to visit BP Auto Spares India for powerful and well-build spare parts.

Easy To Follow Seat Belt Safety Tips

Mahindra Spare Parts

Road accidents are on peak these days. Road Safety negligence and lack of concentration while driving can cost us our lives, so it’s imperative we take help of one of the car’s most prominent safety feature, Seatbelts. Today more than 70% of car mishaps happen due to passengers finding it useless or tiresome to wear their seat belts. This one laid back decision just of not wearing a seatbelt happens to be a fatal one in their lives, which could be avoided if they would have decided otherwise. The reason automakers and car engineers have installed seatbelt as a safety feature in your car is to grant you adequate safety. Then why not use it to your advantage?

Do you know?

  • Seat Belts can reduce the risk of death in motor vehicle crashes by up to 45%.
  • Seat belts prevent 99% of occupants being ejected in a crash.

BP Auto Spares India, delivering high-end and robust Mahindra Spare Parts for years have put together some easy to follow seat belt safety tips. Follow these important seat belt safety tips that could help save your life.

For Drivers

When you are driving, you need to follow these basic seatbelt safety rules. Before you start the car you need to make sure of the following,

  • Your own seatbelt is accurately and adequately fastened to firmly secure you in place.
  • Your passengers’ seat belts are properly and accurately fastened and firmly adjusted.
  • All children accompanying you in your car are properly buckled up.

For Children

Buckling up your child properly reduces the risk of injury. Follow these seatbelt safety tips to ensure your child’s safety and well being.

  • Always buckle up your children, even if you are going for a short trip.
  • Make use of a properly installed booster or child safety seat.
  • Opt for a child safety seat based on your child’s age and size.
  • Avoid travelling with a child on your lap.
  • Don’t ever share a seat belt with your child, it can be dangerous.
  • Always make sure infants and young children are not left unattended in a car.

For Pregnant Women

  • Make sure to place the lap sash part of the seat belt under your baby bump and as low as possible.
  • The lap sash part of the seatbelt should be placed over your upper thighs and not across the baby bump.
  • You can also adjust the angle of your seat belt with the help of a seat belt locator.
  • Ensure that the sash part of your seat belt is in between your breasts.

We can only guide you in doing “something”; we cannot do that “something” for you that must be done by you only, because in the end it’s about you and it’s about your safety.

Can you buy used Tires for your Car?

If your tires are way beyond the replacement phrase, your wallet may be in for a surprise. Tires can be a pricey game to play, even if your car is an economical box of parts and wires. One of the most frequently occurring problems for the automobile owners is the one that is related to the tire change. Due to this reoccurring situation, sometimes car owners are tempted to save money by opting for used tires, but this isn’t entirely a safe choice.

Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Before you plan to buy used tires, make sure to carefully inspect few important things. Bp Auto Spares India stocks an extensive range of Suzuki Car Spare Parts, have compiled a list of factors that come into play while choosing a used tire.

Distance Travelled: An average distance traveled by a car tire is anywhere between 60,000 kilometers and 1, 60,000 kilometers. The maximum limit is possible under ideal conditions of temperatures at around 30 degree Celsius. Before you buy a used car, it is always recommended going for those tires that have traveled a distance between 60,000 to 75,000 kilometers, or roughly between 40,000 and 45,000 miles.

Price: Needlessly to say, used tires come at a very low price as compared to the new ones, especially for the four wheelers. For second-hand tires seal a deal at the price that is 1/3rd of the actual price of the new one.

Tread depth: If the used tire’s depth is elevated by 2 mm from its usual level, then it is not considered fit to be used in any other vehicle. Take help of the one rupee coin test to find out the wear and tear of the tire.

Tire Dimensions: When buyers neglect the possible differences in the outer dimensions of the tire, bad things happen. This can either lead to downsizing or over-sizing. Go for them only if you know about oversized and downsized tires.

So here is your complete guide to check the working condition of a used tire, to know if it is fit for use or not, before making a purchase.

Tips to Keep Your Truck Running Well Into Old Age – Part 2

In our previous blog, Bp Auto Spares India has mentioned 3 important tips that can help you run your truck smoothly into old age. Let’s take this journey forward with few more interesting nicks and knacks.

Leyland Spare Parts

Tire Rotation: If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your truck’s new set of tires then you better pay attention to their current condition. In the last blog’s last point we told about the driving conditions you subject your truck to can significantly contribute to its wear and tear. If you expose all the tires to the same conditions, the wear and tear each tire will get will be entirely different because of the truck’s driving train. The front tires wear out first and the most. Badly worn tires can affect the suspension and alignment of the truck. When you change the oil in your truck, rotate the tires along with it. It will prolong their life span and provide a smoother ride.

Balance the tires: Balancing the tires implies dispensing their weight evenly around the axle. As we have mentioned in the above point, not all tires undergo the same proportion of wear and tear. The same is applicable to balancing. Get the balance in your tires inspected when you rotate them or during a regular check-up.

Check Fluid Levels: Apart from engine oil levels, there are other fluids in your truck which needs to be at a level as prescribed by the manufacturer for a smooth drive. Regularly check if the oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid are at their most appropriate levels or not.

Check the alignment: Driving trucks at high speed and on rough and even terrains can lead to misalignment. Improper tire pressure is another major reason for misalignment. It is noticeable when your truck inclines to one side while driving. Misalignment can cause your tires to wear out faster and cause issues like poor handling and declined fuel efficiency. Get your truck’s alignment checked next time when you take your truck for service.

In case your truck needs a spare part replacement, visit BP Auto Spares India, leading Leyland Spare Parts suppliers of all Leyland models.


Mahindra Scorpio Parts

Mahindra Scorpio Parts

There would not be anyone who would say that he doesn’t like to travel a lot. But if that particular species has a different thought on this matter, then he must be from another planet completely. And since we are talking about travelling and those who love to travel, we can’t let go of one important question. What is the best way to travel? Definitely long road trips!

Road trips can give you once in a lifetime experience, away from all the worries and away from the clutches of a hectic schedule. But these long trips can only be memorable if your car aligns with your blissful thoughts. Is your car ready for a long drive? This is what you have to make sure before escaping your city.

Spare parts issues, fuel tank leakage, tire air pressure are the common car fails that can act as a hindrance in your well scheduled plans. As a leading name in a spare parts industry, Bp Auto Spares India, largest suppliers of Mahindra Scorpio Parts would like to guide you on few important things that you must check before going on a long drive or a trip. Let’s get started.

The coolant: Most cars are equipped with new age radiators which have overflow bottles with min/max water levels and are very easy to locate. Never try to open them, while the engine is hot and running. Fill up the bottle with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze.

The Tire: The minimum tread depth as approved by the law is 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tire, all the way around. Less can earn you a hefty fine per tire. Get your tires filled up at a garage. If the pressure is wrong you’ll burn more fuel. Accurate tire pressure and you are set for the journey.

The Spare Tire: Having a flat tire is bad, but what is worse is when you have no spare tire or a spare that is missing, flat or damaged. So before taking your car for a long drive, check the jack,its handle and the wheel brace.

The engine Oil: Without the oil, you car parts will not get lubrication and your engine will overheat and self-destruct. When your engine is cold and not running, check the dipstick. Fill up via the cap at the top of the engine. Then give the oil time to run down to the sump.

The Windscreen Water Bottle: Top up your windscreen water bottle before you leave for a long journey.

Just check these 5 things and you are all set to go on a long trip.

Tips to Keep Your Truck Running Well Into Old Age

If you want to keep your truck in a good condition and prolong its life, then you ought to put in some extra efforts in its maintenance and well being. You have to regularly organize your truck and make sure it’s in pristine condition every time you take it out for a drive. And this extra care is more necessary if your livelihood depends largely up on your vehicle. While each truck model will have its own needs, with simple maintenance tips you can keep your truck alive for few more years.

Leyland Spare Parts

BP Auto Spares India, along with car spare parts, is also fulfilling the needs of truck owners by supplying strong and sturdy Leyland Parts. With years of experience in this industry, BPASI is able to gain some useful insights on how your truck can continue running like it’s fresh off the lot for years to come.

Let’s find out!

Read the Car Manual: Every automobile manufacturer has its own box of instructions to guide the vehicle owner on the care-taking aspect of the truck. How to clean it, how often do you need to change oil, what to do in case it abruptly stops, how often do you have to monitor the engine, and other model-specific tips provided by the auto dealer itself. Make sure you thoroughly read the manual before you take your truck out for a ride or undergo any major repairs.

Get it monitored frequently: When you purchase a truck, your truck manufacturer will give you a set of timelines for service. Adhere to those timelines and take your truck for service as frequently as possible. A professional can help you with any mechanical issue you may be having by checking it thoroughly. By scheduling timely service, you will be driving a safe vehicle.

Look for Driving Conditions: The wear and tear of your truck largely depends upon the weather and terrain conditions you are subjecting it to. Using your truck on rough and tough terrain or transporting heavy goods from one place to another can contribute to greater wear and tear. If you know in advance the kind of use to which you’ll be putting your truck you can handle it accordingly.

There are more tips in the list, just wait for our next blog and in case you have any Leyland Parts related issue you can contact www.bpautosparesindia.com/leyland-spare-parts today.

The All New Tata Bolt Facelift set to be launched this Year

Tata for the past few months has been working extensively toward developing its new products while at the same time updating its existing product line. Tata Bolt Facelift is all set to make its debut sometime by mid 2017. That is facelift will be reaching  the markets before the launch of Tata’s another new product TATA Zest  as the company will want to push the sales of this hatchback and make it a lot more competitive and difficult to beat in its segment.

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When Tata Bolt was launched it was criticized immensely for its looks being a lot like Indica Vista, which has now been discontinued. The Bolt Facelift will have a complete different look making it a lot more sportier and stylish. Tata will be incorporating the new Impact Design language on the Bolt. The rear of the Bolt will be more on a rounded side that will be a lot like Indica Vista. Bolt will be equipped with a new dashboard and even a more enhanced rear. The dimensions will be more or less the same but the design will get a stylish upgrade.

Tata Parts


Talking about the interiors, the Bolt will definitely get some stylish upgrades. The premium hatchback is laced with some advance features to provide customers value for their money. Starting with, the car will get keyless entry, push start and stop, reverse parking camera, navigation system, and it will get dual airbags as a premium feature across all the Bolt variants or maybe optional. Let’s see what are the expected add-ons on the Bolt facelift.


Shockingly, the engine will not get any update in this hatchback. It will feature 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine that will produce about 90bhp of power and will have a five-speed manual transmission. The engine will be laced with multi-drive modes- City, performance and economy, but there won’t be any automatic start feature in the petrol variant. The Bolt diesel will be equipped with a 1.3-litre multi-jet engine which will give 5bhp of power and 190Nm of torque. The bolt diesel will also get an AMT.

I hope BP Auto Spares India, largest dealers in TATA parts, with this blog is able to shed some light on the upcoming TATA hatchback.

Common Car Wiper Problems and Tips to Solve Them

We need to keep this one vital fact in mind absolutely at all times that our driving decisions are solely based on our clean and unrestricted view of the road. And we don’t give much importance to this until we end up driving in rain or are blinded by glare. So it is of utmost importance that we check windshield/ wiper condition before we start our journey and look for potential problems.

So BP Auto Spares India, largest  exporter of  Spare Parts For Tata Telcoline and Tata Indigo in India have grounded some of the most common issues your wipers face and how to face them head on.

Spare Parts For Tata Telcoline

Common Wiper Problems

Wearing: This is a common occurrence when your wipers are aged and their rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.

Splitting: When the sun’s UV rays penetrate the rubber squeegee it causes rubber to breakdown and then it eventually separates from the frame.

Streaking: This happens when the rubber squeegee dries, then  slowly harden and at last cracks.This could also be due to the collection of foreign substances on either the glass or the blade.

Skipping: This happens when your blade develops a curvature due to lack of use.

How to Keep  Car Wipers Maintained

  • First and foremost clean your windshield thoroughly every time you take your car out.
  • Carefully wipe the rubber squeegee of your wiper with a wet paper towel to remove dirt or grime.
  • Check the wiper area thoroughly for possible leaks in the washer fluid tank and tubes.
  • Look for any jammed spray nozzles that might restrict the water flow.
  • Every once in a while change your wiper blades for smooth functioning .
  • It is advisable to clean your windshield with some repellent.
  • Check your washer fluid pump for any possible problems.

 In case you still witness any Spare Part problem, don’t forget to visit www.bpautosparesindia.com.

Features of New MAN TGX D38 in heavy-duty long-haul transport

MAN TGX D3- Where efficiency meet performance

MAN TGX D3 Design Features

The MAN TGX D38 has a high recognition value on the road thanks to a number of distinctive designfeatures it possesses:

  • The side mirror covers and the striking radiator protective cover are matt-finished in platinum silver color.
  • Another top-notch feature of the MAN top model is the chrome carving of D38 on the driver and passenger door.
  • The HP output designations 540, 580 or 640 on the doors optically underscore the power of the truck.

Man Spare Parts

Tailored Powertrain with numerous efficiency functions

The new D38 six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 15.2 litres paves way to superb performance with high-class efficiency.

With up to 640 HP, the engine offers the highest traction force for all requirements and is still 160 kg smoother than the most powerful Euro 5 engine D28 V8 – this gives an additional payload benefit.

  • Thanks to the two-stage engine turbo charging, full torque is available from as low as 930 rpm. The powerful torque of the D38 is optimally matched to the bandwidth of the axle ratios. A new-generation Common Rail injection system with a peak injection pressure of 2,500 bar permits very low-particle combustion with optimized fuel efficiency.
  • For maximum reliability and stability, MAN is using burper valves in the new D38 for the first time in a truck diesel engine. This design solution makes the valves and valve seats particularly durable.
  • The innovative TopDown cooling system leads the coolant in the cylinder head directly from above to the areas with high thermal stress and thus reduces wear.
  • Eight cylinder head screws per cylinder ensure that the cylinder head and liner are pressed together with optimum uniformity. Apart from effecting a low oil consumption, this also increases the durability of the cylinder-head gasket.

The new MAN Tip Matic® – New fuel-saving gear functions

  • All model variants of the TGX D38 are combined with the new MAN TipMatic®.
  • It offers three new gearbox  functions, providing even more efficiency laced with a recurrently high output.

MAN Efficient Cruise®

  • MAN TGX D3 is laced with GPS-controlled cruise control which automatically matches your desired speed to the topographic conditions.
  • The system utilizes the dynamic change in kinetic energy to overcome terrain features more efficiently.
  • The new GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® is now fitted with MAN EfficientRoll, which means that the rolling function of the MAN TGX D38 is also intelligently controlled via GPS preview.


  • The safety systems on the MAN TGX is designed to reduce the accidental risk.
  • The drivers and other road users are safely protected.
  • Severe damage to the vehicle and freight as well as repairs are prevented.
  • You profit from short downtimes and higher efficiency in transportation.


The TGX D38 thus not only is the reflection of a prestigious top model, but is also the most efficient transport solution in long-haul transport. For reliable and sturdy Man spare parts, visit Bpautosparesindia today.