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What Are Some of the Essential Spare Part Items That Your Car Needs

Genuine Suzuki Spare Parts

If you own a Suzuki car and want to ensure your vehicle gives the right mileage, you must opt for Suzuki car spare parts and not any other brand’s products.

There are other top brands as well in the market like TATA, Audi, BMW, etc., but it is important to opt for the one that would perfectly fits your car. All branded spare parts are now available online and you can choose the best possible one per your need.

Let us discuss some of the Suzuki car spare parts that form an integral part of Suzuki brand and must be installed properly in your car without fail.

  • Braking system

o   In order to avoid accidents or unpleasant incident on the road, you must invest in good quality brakes. Additionally, ensure you have car brake pads installed as well for extra safety. Besides, don’t forget to buy car brake shoes. These are essential spare parts and are readily available on reputed online stores.

  • Spark plugs

o   The main function of spark plugs is to keep the car safe and running in all conditions. They form an integral part of Suzuki car spare parts. And also for any other car parts. Replacing them with new one from time to time can prevent damage of car engine.

  • Oil and lubes

o   One of the primary functions of oil and lubes is to ensure that there is no greasing in the assembly in the other spare parts of the car.

  • Belts

o   As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, having strong belts attached to all the seats is important. This is not just for the person driving the car, but also for people sitting in it. You must install seat belts for passengers who sit in the front as well as for those at the back.

o   In addition to the belts, you must also think of investing in good quality shock absorbers. They are useful during the time of emergency.

You must always buy original Suzuki car spare parts for your Suzuki car. Any other brand might not be a good idea and can adversely affect your car’s engine.

Importance of Using Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Suzuki Spare Sarts

When a car owner sends their car to a service store, it can turn out that the car needs new spare parts. Replacing old parts with new and genuine Suzuki spare parts can help to extend the longevity of a car.

One of the major reasons that spare parts need to be changed periodically is the accidental damage or if they reach the threshold of durability.

Replacing the spares

Often a simple repair of the spare parts can make them last a long time; however, there comes a time when there arises a need to replace them entirely. And when replacing the old with the new, it is always advisable to go for the trusted brands like the Suzuki spare parts and other popular ones in the market. The main reason why car owners should opt for branded materials over locally made goods is the trust factor. The braded materials understand the need and specification of a car owner, thereby ensuring the spare parts fit perfectly to their vehicles.

Genuine spare parts fit perfectly

In case of car spare parts, each model has typical design and specification. The branded ones like Suzuki spare parts are specially made to fit perfectly. Additionally, braded materials bring sustainability and authenticity which can guarantee good functioning of the car.

Genuine products come with warranty

Genuine and original products made by authentic brands offer replacement guarantee to car owners. Thus, a product if found faulty within the warranty period; can be easily replaced with a new one. Generally, the warranty period varies between 12 to 24 months depending on brands. For Suzuki spare parts period is often more than 12 months, which allows car owners ample time to replace the defective piece in case any issue arises.

Most of these spare parts are available online, as most of the top brands have their presence on the web. So, for customers, it is easy to order them online.

Are You Seeking a Good Company Dealing in Suzuki Spare Parts?

Suzuki Spare Parts

Why are genuine auto spare parts better?

Genuine auto spare parts are devised by the automobile company keeping in mind the varied specifications of the automobile parts and machinery. These spare parts are designed by them to fit their machines exactly. They are well aware of the heat resistance capacity of each part and careful devise the spares so that they can withstand friction and wear and tear. When another company makes first copy spare parts, they might make the design same to same from the outside but will miss on the technical specifications. When such duplicate parts are installed in the automobiles, they break or melt easily leading to repeated maintenance issues with the automobile. This proves that genuine auto spare parts such as Suzuki Car Spare Parts are much better when compared to duplicate spare parts.

Duplicate spare parts are cheaper as compared to genuine auto spare parts

Suzuki car spare parts are very high in demand in India as Suzuki is one of the highest selling vehicles in India. The demand for its spare parts is also very high. There are many companies manufacturing cheaper spare parts with a vision to earn more money by fooling the people to buy cheaper spare parts. But once a car owner buys these spare parts, his automobile does not run as efficiently as it did with Suzuki spare parts. Although he must have purchased the Suzuki spare parts at low rates, he will likely have to invest again in genuine spares this time to make this automobile run smoothly. He will end up paying more than he would on genuine parts.

So from where can I source genuine Suzuki Car Spare Parts?

BP Auto Spares India is one such company which sells genuine Suzuki spare parts. The company has a huge inventory of Suzuki spares at affordable rates and company certified prices. They give you an assurance of the quality and also, at any given time, also have all the different parts available so that you do not have to wait for long to repair your automobile.

They also have a team of passionate employees who understand your passion for your Suzuki vehicle and strive towards 100% customer satisfaction. At BP Auto Spares India, you get the best for your beloved Suzuki Vehicle!

Buy Trustable Suzuki Car parts from Authentic Dealers

Do you want to buy the spare parts of Suzuki car? If your answer is yes then it is necessary for you to compare the best available spare parts to choose the best ones from them. The high-quality parts of your car will surely help you to boost the mileage and other things of your car. Many professional online stores can offer you to buy the Suzuki Car Partsat some affordable prices. You can prefer to buy the spare parts of Suzuki from online stores because of the variety and quality they can offer.

Buy Better Suzuki Car Parts

The Suzuki Car Parts are also available on various professional online stores. If you have a Suzuki Alto car then it is necessary for you to keep it secure from various damages and accidents. In some of the cases, your alto car can face harmful accidents and because of that, you have to change the damaged parts of your car with the higher quality new spare parts. The quality of newly purchased spare parts can decide the comfort of your journey in your Suzuki alto car. So, you can prefer to buy the spare parts of this car from the authentic dealers of this same line.

Buy Trustable Suzuki Car parts from Authentic Dealers

How to choose the best Suzuki Car Parts?

The purchasers who want to buy the best available Suzuki Car Parts can use the following points of this blog, for knowing about how you can choose the better Suzuki spare parts. You can buy the body parts of Suzuki Esteem, Suzuki wagon-R, Suzuki Swift Parts and other car’s spare parts from a reliable seller of Suzuki Car Parts. Check out the things which can help you to buy the best spare parts:

  • You should look to buy 100% original spare parts
  • The professional selling company will have a great collection of spare parts
  • The replacement will be provided by the Suzuki Car Parts companies.
  • You can check the fast delivery services of these company
  • You can compare the customer services also
  • The buyers will need to check the certificates of the spare parts selling the company

These points will surely help you to buy the Suzuki Car Parts along with some other buying benefits, so, purchase wisely and get the best available spare parts for Suzuki.


Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Why is It Important to Use Original Car Spare Parts?

If you are answering the above question in a yes then I am here to discuss a few important things with you. I will be talking about suzuki car spare parts that you need to know, understand and deal with in and out, so that you actually drive your Suzuki car like a master.

Well, dealing with auto spare parts is not a video game play. One actually has to undergo a lot of effort to find the right spare part for your car if the same is damaged in an accident or a wreck. A lot of research and knowledge is required to reach the original parts if you wish to keep the duplicates and cheap parts at bay. Suzuki Automobiles always recommends original spare parts to be used, which are manufactured by OEMs across the globe and marketed by authorized dealers in the nation. This helps to keep the warranty and resale price of the vehicle intact. This would include the service warranty in the scenario when the part starts to malfunction and causes further damage to the car. All the insurance claims can also become void if you are not using original or recommended suzuki spare parts in your car.

Thus, it is always better to look for, obtain and use original parts for your Suzuki vehicle which also enhance the performance of your car. Any contract clauses on the service, warranty, and insurance of the vehicle are adhered to and increase the life of your vehicle manifolds.

Obtaining the original auto parts at the best prices can be a tricky part but it can be dealt with. If you have a thorough knowledge and gathered database on the original equipment manufacturers and the authorized spare part dealers in your area, you are in for a good deal. You may need to put in a little extra effort but this will save you a great deal of money and a lot of unwanted car issues later.

Just know which of the Suzuki car spare parts you need to change in your Suzuki car and find the right dealer like bpautopartsindia for the same who is offering the best competitive price with the warranty. Do not make a choice for a duplicate or a replica in the greed of a little lesser money. This may cause a lot of suffering later, and you may end up shelling more money than you saved in the auto spare part deal. Be smart and drive your car smartly.

Let’s Talk In Detail about Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX).

Let’s Talk In Detail about Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX)

The industry experts of one of the leading Suzuki Spare Parts dealers are highly impressed by the way the automotive electronics industry is gearing towards constant revolution year-after-year with the primary objective of making the cars safer, greener and to enhance the overall driving experience.

A steady increase and constant advancements in the wireless communication technology, radar sensor amalgamation, imaging technologies, Internet-of-Things and Big Data have opened new gates for the automobile industry and the manufacturers to explore the nooks of these technologies and device multiple solutions for a wide range of applications. The trend to manufacture ever smaller mechanical, optical and electronic products and devices, huge leaps in navigation systems and the inclusion of even smarter devices has pushed the boundaries of Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX).

Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX) today and tomorrow will play a huge role in the development of Internet-of-Things (IoT). It is to be believed with the way the car technologies are progressing that the smarter or the connected cars of the future will interact only among themselves and with the environment around.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) or collectively known as Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX) belongs to the troupe of wireless technology which is entirely focused on enhancing the road safety, improve traffic management and to bring in the new concept of Intelligent transport system (ITS) which is proficient in reducing the environmental impact over the vehicle.

A Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX) functions on 5.9GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication, which is a form of WiFi. This derivative of Wireless Fidelity is specially designed for fast moving objects which enable vehicles on the road to interact with each other, communicate their state, their position, speed, surrounding, and destination to other vehicles on the road and also to the infrastructure.

The technology while keeping in check its surrounding also alerts driver of the potential risks and dangers on the road such as collision, crash, pedestrian nearby, unsafe overtake, vehicle breaks ahead, road hazards or the car in blind spots, thereby reducing the overall impact of the surrounding environment over the vehicle by improving collision avoidance and reducing fatalities and injury severity.

Due to these amazing safety benefits of Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C2VX), The Global Automotive Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Market is poised for strong growth during the forecast period 2017 to 2027. Ford and telecom chip maker Qualcomm has also decided to take their partnership forward so that they can explore the nooks of C2VX further.

Quick Steps to Replace a Proportioning Valve

Quick Steps to Replace a Proportioning Valve

Quick Steps to Replace a Proportioning Valve

The automotive car parts experts of one of the leading Suzuki Parts dealers, BP Auto Spares India says that though each and every part of your car plays a quintessential role in making it run on the road, special attention must be paid to the brakes of a vehicle, because without it there is no way you can bring a car to a complete halt. There are varied numbers of valves that are there in the car braking system, some of which work in harmony with the brake master cylinder while others work independently from the master cylinder.

One such valve is the proportioning valve.

What is a Proportioning Valve?

A proportioning valve has a vital role to play in vehicles that have disc brakes installed on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheels. What happens is that since the disc brake pads are in contact with the disc and the drum brake shoes are not in contact with the drum; if a proportioned pressure is not applied the disc brakes would be activated before the drum brakes upon depressing the brake pedal. The proportioning valve carries out this important function of engaging drum brakes before the brake discs.

The proportioning valve applies a proportionate pressure to the rear wheels on the front wheel drive cars to prevent locking up when you suddenly. This ability to engage the rear brakes first before the brake disc provides control and stability to stop the vehicle safely.

But what if these proportioning valves go bad or start malfunctioning? We will take the vehicle for proportioning valve replacement to a local mechanic or do it on our own.

Suzuki PartsSteps to Replace a Proportioning Valve

Tools Required

  • Wrench set
  • Boxed end wrenches
  • Safety glasses and Gloves
  • The new set of proportioning valves
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Socket Set

Step 1: Since a Proportioning Valve is located under the master cylinder on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, you have to go under the car to get things done. For this, you need to raise the front of your vehicle with the floor jack and secure the front tires with the triangular jack stands.

Step 2: You will be able to access a proportioning valve with much ease with the front tire removed. Use a lug wrench or impact wrench to pry off the front tire.

Step 3: There is only one way you can easily remove a Proportioning Valve from the vehicle and that is by disconnecting the brake lines coming out of it and also the wire harness that is connected directly to the low brake fluid light on your dash. Use an open-ended wrench to disconnect the brake line from the valve.

Step 4: Now with the help of a ratchet set unbolt the screws that are keeping the Proportioning Valve in place and remove it.

Step 5: Once the old valve is removed, immediately get on the task of replacing it with the new one securing it with the bolts you previously removed.

Step 6: Once the new Proportioning Valve is in its place, put the harness back on and reconnect the brake lines.

In case you are looking for a new set of Proportioning Valves then you can check the wide assortment of automotive parts, BP Auto Spares India stocks for major car and truck models.

Suzuki Car Parts

Let’s Look at Some of the Advantages of Driving Hybrid Cars

To give you a brief snippet of the future that holds the oncoming of hybrid cars, according to the industry experts of leading Suzuki Car Parts Dealers,” There will be more than 100 different battery-powered vehicles available in five years, despite little interest so far from drivers.”

Automobile giants that are hell-bent on rolling out their ambitious and passionate plans to launch more than a 100 new designed battery operated models in the next few years are forgetting one major fact. What? Almost half of the world is still unaware of what hybrid cars actually are? The ones who are aware are still not able to get the full buzz of this greener technology. So, what is more important launching more hybrids or making people aware of this phenomenal technology?

Well, I don’t know in which side you are, but we are definitely vouching for “enlightening people of the pros of this greener technology” part, later comes launching new models.

Let’s get started

Environment-Friendly: Of course they are and by far the most talked feature of the hybrid cars- their ability to not harm the environment. It is believed that if more and more people are going to drive hybrid cars, it would significantly reduce the on assault of C02 emissions in the air. Adding the cherry on the top is the fact that these cars produce 25-30% less CO2 emissions than regular cars. Why? Hybrid cars are equipped with both petrol engine as well as the electric powered engine, which recharges via the petrol engine.

Fuel efficiency: Because of the dual engine usage, the combination helps maintain the efficient energy consumption, no matter where you are driving or at what speed you are driving. This reduces the dependence of hybrids cars on petrol as opposed to the regular cars. This is particularly because of the fact that when driving at lower speeds hybrid cars make use of electric powered engines and when picks speed, the power of the petrol engine kicks in, because of which fuel consumption is significantly less.

Weight Advantage: Hybrid cars are designed using lightweight materials, because of which they operate smoothly on much less energy levels, thus consumes less energy consumption as compared to the full-weight regular cars which in order to drive smoothly takes up a lot of energy.

Suzuki Car Parts

What are Manual Transmission Synchronizers

Just so that you can grab on everything we are going to talk in this blog, let’s start with the basics and we’ll smoothly move along to the tough part. Modern high priced range cars and trucks are equipped with synchromesh synchronized manual transmissions. They basically feature 3 different components with help of which the remaining or the constituting elements work. There is an output shaft, an input shaft, and a countershaft.

The output shaft is located and spins in harmony in a bore which is placed in the center of the input shaft. Next, comes the input shaft which contains a pinion gear and it is wired to the countershaft. Now the gears which are located on the countershaft are fixed while the gears which are situated on the output shaft spins freely. The output shaft and the input shaft together are referred to as the main shaft. These main components are designed so that a smooth shifting and transition of gears can prevail.

A brief Understanding

Earlier, when auto technology has not reached its slithering heights, double-clutching was a common phenomenon so that it can disengage a gear, meanwhile allowing the collar and the next applied gear to come up to the same speed and then to apply a new gear. In order to double-clutch shift, what we do is press the clutch pedal hard to disconnect the engine from the transmission. With this, the collar moves to neutral. When your release the clutch again and rev the engine, so that the next gear can reach a right rpm value, it allows the collar and the next applied gear to spin at the same rate allowing the dog teeth to engage the gear. The moment the engine hits the right speed again, you press the clutch again, for the dog teeth to stick the collar into place for the next applied gear.

According to the professionals of BP Auto Spares India, largest Suzuki Car Parts dealers today, we use synchronizers to banish the need of double-clutching.

So, synchronizers do provide complete justice to their name. They let the gear and collar to synchronize their speeds when they are already in contact, but before the dog teeth are engaged, allowing a smooth, crunch-free selection. In case you want to learn more about Manual Transmission, you can visit the link What are the Symptoms of a Bad Manual Transmission

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Technology

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Technology is giving the taste and experience of two of the most popular braking techniques in one that is Cadence and Threshold to every driver. The two techniques involve the stellar technique of pumping your vehicle’s brakes just up to the notch where you can experience the brakes of your vehicle begin to lock up, then relieving the pressure on the brake pedal shortly prior to putting two times more pressure on the braking pedal again.

But ABS is giving the benefits of these two technologies in one. How? Let’s get started on our journey to understand the mechanism behind ABS as put together by the Top and Renowned Suzuki Spare Parts Dealers.

What is Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Technology?

 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Technology - Suzuki Spare Parts

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Technology

Going by the name, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Technology is one of the most important safety features in cars and other modern-day automobiles and it has been with us for longer than you might reckon. First developed in 1929 and used on an aircraft, the need for ABS for the four-wheel drives was surfaced in 1966, when it was housed in the Jensen Ferguson Formula.

The system prevents the wheels of a vehicle from locking up and helps drivers maintain the control of the steering wheel. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is also referred to as the anti-skid braking system where the system enables the wheels of the vehicle to maintain and make use of the traction available on the surface of the ground to help avoid uncontrolled skidding and roll over.

With ABS in your vehicle, you’ll have more power over the vehicle during severe conditions such as sudden braking or sharp turns. The theory behind ABS is no rocket science. The technology is designed to prevent wheels from locking up to steer clear uncontrolled and inevitable skidding. It also gives drivers greater control over the vehicle and diminishes the stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces.