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Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

Suppliers of Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

Initially designed by Ford and later manufactured by Iveco or Industrial Vehicle Corporation, Iveco cargo trucks are heavy-duty trucks with massive storage capacity and front-mounted engines. Ford designed these trucks for the said intercontinental transportation purposes. With storage capacity ranges from 7 tons to 72 tons. This high capacity vehicle needs genuine spares and today we are going to introduce BP Auto Spares India as the prime supplier of Iveco Cargo Spare Parts.

The company provides spare parts for small, medium and heavy cargos. The items served by the company include Door lock cylinder, brake caliper, fuel filter, Air filter, bonnet accessories, control arm, stabilizer mount, axial joint, piston rings set, other suspension and steering parts etc.

Since its introduction, the company believes in the policy of customer obligation and clarity in quality matters. The main advantage of buying Iveco Cargo Spare Parts from here is that here no compromise with quality is neglected. The company believes in providing state-of-the-art services and spare parts. The company also happens to be a leading exporter of cargo spare parts in more than 5 continents.

When you hand over your cargo to the mechanic, all you desire is satisfaction and performance. BP Auto Spares India is known best for these matters. The company also supplies electrical replacements along with mechanical spares. They include Front and rear fog lamps, indicator lightings, stabilizers and conditioner filters, etc.

One of the principal drawbacks of purchasing ill-quality spare parts is an inconvenience. Your cargo might stop in the middle of delivery and your arrival may be delayed greatly when you are not using genuine spare parts. That is why technicians always prefer genuine spare parts when it comes to cargo and ferry trucks.

Hence, if you too are a cargo owner and looking for effective solutions for the issue of original spare parts, then your destination is just a click away. Visit the website of the company by following this URL www.bpautosparesindia.com/leyland-spare-parts or simply call them up and specify your vehicle and variant details and get to know which spares you need for replacement.

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Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

Change Iveco Cargo Spare Parts Regularly For a Seamless Driving Experience

In these times of high petrol prices, it may be a little ridiculous if you look for ways to increase your Iveco’s performance because it often comes with a lot of fuel consumption. However, besides taking care of Iveco Cargo Spare Parts, there are a few ways you can look to increase performance which would not necessarily impact your gas mileage. Let us take a closer look at each of the points.

Air Filters

As you know, air filters are an essential part of the engine as it catches all the dirt and prevents it from entering the engine. This filter is always protected and kept inside a plastic box. It is to ensure it stays away from contaminants. If you let the air filters get dirty, it can adversely affect your engine as well as various other parts. Replacing old Iveco Cargo Spare Parts with new ones will be one of the ways out from the problem.

Performance Chips

All the newly launched cars have a special set up that allows cars operated by computer chips that tells the displacement of the horsepower and torque. However, recalibration and performance chips of your present chip can help to produce a significant increase in horsepower and torque for your vehicle.

Performance Exhaust System

For cargo vehicles, cat-back can be a good way to free up trapped torque and increase the horsepower. With all the emissions part taken care of, a cat-back controls large width exhaust pipes in addition to low restriction performance mufflers into the vehicle thereby lowering exhaust backpressure.

Cold Air Intake

This is an interesting way to reduce the temperature of the air entering the vehicle. One can also practice this in order to increase the power of the engine. There are other benefits as well which include enhancements to the look of the engine bay as it makes the engine look good, attractive and colourful.

These are some of the ways ensuring a greater performance from your cargo vehicles. Delaying some of the minor issues can lead to greater trouble for the vehicle. Iveco cargo spare parts need to change on a regular basis in order to keep the vehicle in perfect condition.

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Tips to Keep Your Truck Running Well Into Old Age – Part 2

In our previous blog, Bp Auto Spares India has mentioned 3 important tips that can help you run your truck smoothly into old age. Let’s take this journey forward with few more interesting nicks and knacks.

Leyland Spare Parts

Tire Rotation: If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your truck’s new set of tires then you better pay attention to their current condition. In the last blog’s last point we told about the driving conditions you subject your truck to can significantly contribute to its wear and tear. If you expose all the tires to the same conditions, the wear and tear each tire will get will be entirely different because of the truck’s driving train. The front tires wear out first and the most. Badly worn tires can affect the suspension and alignment of the truck. When you change the oil in your truck, rotate the tires along with it. It will prolong their life span and provide a smoother ride.

Balance the tires: Balancing the tires implies dispensing their weight evenly around the axle. As we have mentioned in the above point, not all tires undergo the same proportion of wear and tear. The same is applicable to balancing. Get the balance in your tires inspected when you rotate them or during a regular check-up.

Check Fluid Levels: Apart from engine oil levels, there are other fluids in your truck which needs to be at a level as prescribed by the manufacturer for a smooth drive. Regularly check if the oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid are at their most appropriate levels or not.

Check the alignment: Driving trucks at high speed and on rough and even terrains can lead to misalignment. Improper tire pressure is another major reason for misalignment. It is noticeable when your truck inclines to one side while driving. Misalignment can cause your tires to wear out faster and cause issues like poor handling and declined fuel efficiency. Get your truck’s alignment checked next time when you take your truck for service.

In case your truck needs a spare part replacement, visit BP Auto Spares India, leading Leyland Spare Parts suppliers of all Leyland models.

Tips to Keep Your Truck Running Well Into Old Age

If you want to keep your truck in a good condition and prolong its life, then you ought to put in some extra efforts in its maintenance and well being. You have to regularly organize your truck and make sure it’s in pristine condition every time you take it out for a drive. And this extra care is more necessary if your livelihood depends largely up on your vehicle. While each truck model will have its own needs, with simple maintenance tips you can keep your truck alive for few more years.

Leyland Spare Parts

BP Auto Spares India, along with car spare parts, is also fulfilling the needs of truck owners by supplying strong and sturdy Leyland Parts. With years of experience in this industry, BPASI is able to gain some useful insights on how your truck can continue running like it’s fresh off the lot for years to come.

Let’s find out!

Read the Car Manual: Every automobile manufacturer has its own box of instructions to guide the vehicle owner on the care-taking aspect of the truck. How to clean it, how often do you need to change oil, what to do in case it abruptly stops, how often do you have to monitor the engine, and other model-specific tips provided by the auto dealer itself. Make sure you thoroughly read the manual before you take your truck out for a ride or undergo any major repairs.

Get it monitored frequently: When you purchase a truck, your truck manufacturer will give you a set of timelines for service. Adhere to those timelines and take your truck for service as frequently as possible. A professional can help you with any mechanical issue you may be having by checking it thoroughly. By scheduling timely service, you will be driving a safe vehicle.

Look for Driving Conditions: The wear and tear of your truck largely depends upon the weather and terrain conditions you are subjecting it to. Using your truck on rough and tough terrain or transporting heavy goods from one place to another can contribute to greater wear and tear. If you know in advance the kind of use to which you’ll be putting your truck you can handle it accordingly.

There are more tips in the list, just wait for our next blog and in case you have any Leyland Parts related issue you can contact www.bpautosparesindia.com/leyland-spare-parts today.

Ashok Leyland Unveils Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology

Ashok Leyland showcased the mix of over thirty innovative products and services, including trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles (LCV), stimulators, quick service bike and gensets featuring iGER technology.

Ashok Leyland the second largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India unveiled its naturally developed Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology at its Annual Global Conference in Chennai. Along with this hi-tech technology the company also showcased its entire range of products that will feature this technology ready for future launch.

Leyland Spare Parts

For now it is only Ashok Leyland who has this interesting technology in its arsenal, amongst the top Commercial Vehicle manufacturers in India. The iEGR technology will be plugged in the Ashok Leyland models which have an engine output of 128 bhp and above and reliable bunch of Leyland Spare Parts.

Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology is the step to meet the desired norms of the BS4. The company also claimed that this technology is not only appropriate for Indian Topography in comparison to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology (based on European technology) but will also ensure cost effectiveness and easy functioning and operations. At the annual global conference the company showcased over thirty products including trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles (LCV), stimulators, quick service bike and gensets featuring iGER technology.

Along with this technology the company also showcased string of other technical services including quick service, 24*7 roadside assistance and monitoring on wheels – an initiative that allows onsite training in service and maintenance. Developing these bunch of services, they also introduced an app called Ley Assist which sends the owner/ driver via Bluetooth all the information about his truck from GPS location in case of engine malfunctions. The app also has step by step guide to instruct on how to overcome a problem in case of emergency.

Addressing the media at the Global Conference 2017, Vinod Dasari – Managing Director, Ashok Leyland, said, “Ashok Leyland has many innovative class leading firsts to its credit through the years. This showcase of the iEGR technology across our product range bears further testimony of our capability to roll-out technology-led future ready products.”

He also Added “More so this indigenous technology will help us deliver on our brand promise of ‘Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet’ in multiple ways. For our customers it will mean ease of use and better cost efficiencies. For the environment it will mean more efficient fuel combustion and improved emissions.”

The Leyland Captain 2518iT – The Best Vehicle For The Construction Industry

The Leyland Captain 2518iT is one of the best vehicles suited for the transportation of construction materials. Be it bauxite, iron ore, coal, limestone, blue metal, sand, surface quarry, earthwork project, shallow mining, or road construction materials, this truck can carry extremely heavy loads as well as traverse on rough terrains with much ease. Featuring robust and sturdy Leyland parts, this multi-axle tipper truck can carry up to 25,000kgs of load. It can run at a maximum speed of 60kmph. The gradeability on offer is of 42%.

Leyland Spare Parts


A robust vehicle will surely have robust exteriors too. In terms of dimensions, the Leyland Captain 2518iT has a height of 3430mm, width of 2527mm, and a length of 7320mm. The Kerb weight of the vehicle is 12,110 kgs while the payload capacity is 12,890 kgs. The ground clearance is 246mm and the wheelbase is 3900mm. The front suspension has a reverse Elliot type I-beam axle and a semi-elliptical multi-leaf. The rear suspension has a single speed hypoid gear axle.

Engine and Transmission

All Leyland vehicles are said to render a power-packed performance and the Captain 2518iT is no exception either. The engine of the vehicle is that of H series BSIII with CRS fuel system. It can generate a power of 180HP@2400rpm and a torque of 660Nm @1200-1900rpm. The nine-speed gearbox offers a first gear ratio of 8:83:1 and a crawler gear ratio of 12:7:1. With a displacement of 5660 CC, the vehicle possesses a tank capacity of 208 litres. The vehicle incorporates the i-Alert technology, a latest addition from the house of Leyland, which monitors the health of the vehicle. The Clutch is a 380mm dia single plate dry type with ceramic disc and clutch booster.


The interiors of the Leyland Captain 2518iT are made of steel and are equipped with an air-cooled cabin along with hydraulic tilt.

Leyland spare parts can be easily availed from BP Auto Spares India, the country’s most trusted dealer of auto spares. It not only offers quick delivery of products, but also extends exceptional customer support. Apart from Leyland, it provides a wide range of other auto spares too, such as those of Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, and more. Here’s Why Leyland Dost is Every Entrepreneur’s Friend

Here’s Why Leyland Dost is Every Entrepreneur’s Friend

Leyland is one of the most eminent manufacturers of buses, trucks, commercial vehicles, and defence vehicles. The light commercial vehicles are used for multiple purposes such as carrying fruits & vegetables, groceries, metal goods, building materials, and more. There are many variants in this segment, such as the DOST, Partner, and MiTR. Below is a sneak peek on the features & specs of DOST and why it serves as the perfect companion of any business owner.

Leyland Spare Parts

The Exteriors & Engine

The DOST completely lives up to its name because of the benefits it offers to buyers. It can carry a payload of 1.5 tons, but with car-like comfort. Available in enticing color options like irish cream, blue, aqua green, and white, the vehicle is available in three variants. The inside of all the three variants differ from each other, though the exterior dimensions remain the same. The vehicle comes with a 1.5 litre TDCR 3 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine with BS III and IV emission norms. It is capable of rendering a maximum power of 58hp at 330 rpm and a torque of 157.5Nm. The 5-speed gear box has cable type shifting and a diaphragm single dry plate pot type of clutch, which can gain speed at 90km/hr and gradeability of 29%. The presence of the power steering facility and the regular steering helps the mini truck to drive at any speed level, both on the highway and the narrow roads. Outfitted with premium Leyland parts, the braking ability of the vehicle is amazing and makes it perfectly safe for a light weight goods carriage to traverse on difficult terrains.

The Interiors

The interiors are spacious and can accommodate two people, including the driver. In fact, the design of the interiors creates an impression of riding a high-end comfortable car.  The cabin features dual tone interiors, adjustable driver seat, power steering, mobile charging point and air conditioning. The vehicle uses ELR type seat belts along with windshield.

In terms of mileage & safety, it is superior to its rival brands. Further, it also aids in profit generation for the business owner. For procuring Leyland Spare Parts at attractive rates, customers may contact BP Auto Spares India. Here’s An Overview of Leyland City Buses

An Overview of Leyland Super Stallion Defence Vehicles

Over the years, Leyland has emerged as a leading manufacturer of vehicles for armed forces. Here we discuss the features of two of its specialized defence vehicles:

Leyland Spare Parts

Super Stallion 6 x 6

Offering a sleeper cab body type, this vehicle is about 8300mm long, 3000mm tall, and 2500mm wide. With a wheelbase of about 4500mm, the truck has a loading span ranging from 4600mm to 6170mm and a ground clearance of 400mm. It draws its strength from an engine, which can produce 360 – 450 hp of power and 1627 Nm of torque. Mated to a 9-speed manual/automatic gearbox, it can run at a maximum speed of 90kmph. Further, the payload capacity on offer is 14000 kgs. Other specifications include diaphragm pull type clutch, integral power steering, and dual line – full air brakes. There are several optional features too, such as, air conditioning, up-armouring, winch upto 12 ton capacity, material handling crane, and emergency power steering.

Field Artillery Tractor

Offering air conditioned cab and crew cab body types, this defence vehicle from Leyland has a length of 8535 mm, height of 3230 mm, width of 2500 mm, ground clearance of 400mm, and wheelbase of 4660mm. With a payload capacity of 8000 kgs, the vehicle has an unladen weight of 13752 kgs and laden weight of 21402 kgs. With a fuel tank capacity of 350 litres, the vehicle can run at a maximum speed of 86 kmph. Under the hood lies an engine, which renders 360 hp of power at 2200 rpm and 1400 Nm of torque at 1300-1500 rpm. While the maximum gradeability is 30°, the minimum turning circle diameter is 23 metres. Other features include hub reduction axles with provision for inter-axle lock & inter wheel differential lock, parabolic suspension at front, bogie suspension at rear, integral power steering, observation hatch over co-driver seat, bucket type seats, and other high quality Leyland parts. There is also a provision for brackets for placing weapons of driver and co-driver.

Purchasing Leyland spare parts is simple and easy. One may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, an eminent dealer of replacement spares of the leading auto brands, including the likes of Leyland, Suzuki, Mahindra, Tata, and more. Here’s some information on The Power-Packed Features of the Ecomet 1214 Strong.

An Overview of Leyland City Buses

No matter how rugged the terrain is, Leyland buses are adept to offer a comfortable ride to its passengers. The company’s product portfolio consists of buses for varied applications, such as city, intercity, and sub-urban travelling. Here’s an overview of the buses that are just perfect for travel within the city:

Leyland spare parts


Available in four wheelbase and two engine options, the Cheetah range of buses from Leyland offers commendable fuel economy.  Thanks to the synchromesh overdrive gearbox, wider brakes, and ergonomically positioned gear lever, driving a Vestibule is comfortable and cost-efficient. The two engines on offer are H series 160 HP with inline FIP and the high performance 180 HP with rotary FIP.  Other features include integral power steering, full air dual line S-cam brakes, flick valve operated hand brake, and shackle ended leaf spring suspension.

Titan Double Decker

This double-decker bus serves as a perfect proposition for sightseeing and travelling within the city. Powered by an H” series 6 Cylinder BS3 Turbo charged intercooled diesel engine, this bus churns a maximum of 160 HP of power and 550 NM of torque. With an overall length of 9390 mm, it offers a wheelbase of 5080 mm and a GVW of 16200 kgs. Mated to a 5 speed synchromesh gearbox, the vehicle comes outfitted with a single plate dry type clutch, integral power steering, full air brakes, and other premium quality Leyland parts.


Backed by an “H” series 6 DTI – 6 cylinder Turbo charged intercooled diesel BS-III engine, the Vestibule bus produces 167 PS of power @ 2400 RPM and 55 Mkg of torque @ 1500 RPM. With a whopping length of 16000 mm, the vehicle offers a wheelbase of 4826 mm from front axle to middle axle and 7431 mm from middle axle to rear axle. With power steering and dual line full air brakes, the bus can run at a maximum speed of 75 kmph. While the GVW on offer is 22000 kgs, the maximum gradeability is 17 %.

Companies on the lookout of reliable Leyland spare parts may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, the country’s leading dealer in auto spares. Here’s An Insight into the Lynx Range of Buses From Leyland.

An Insight into the Lynx Range of Buses From Leyland

When it comes to city buses, Leyland offers a diverse product portfolio. Each of its buses boasts of reliability, superior comfort, and great performance. Here’s an overview of the Lynx range of buses from Leyland:

Leyland Spare Parts

Lynx Strong BS4

Equipped with an H-Series 4-Cylinder BS4 CNG engine and 24V battery, this bus is capable of producing 144 HP of power and a torque of 450Nm. It can comfortably accommodate 46 passengers and comes with the typical 3 x 2 layout. With integral power steering, the vehicle offers a wheelbase of 4900mm and GVW of 13000 kgs. In terms of dimensions, the bus has a length of 9334 mm, width of 2550 mm, and height of 3157 mm. It comes outfitted with full air, dual line, S-cam brakes, and is mated to a 5 Speed manual transmission. It is perfectly apt for travelling within the city and can cater to the transport requirements of schools, offices, and travel agencies.

Lynx Strong BS4 D

The Lynx Strong BS4 D is powered by an H-Series 4-Cylinder BS4 CRS + EGR engine, which churns out 130 HP of power and 450 Nm of torque. As far as seating is concerned, it offers a variety of options and layouts, such as 38/39/48 seats in 3 x 2 layout and 44/56 in 3 x 3 layout.

Lynx Strong BS3 D

Offering a GVW of 11000 kgs and wheelbase of 3900 mm, this bus from Leyland has a height of 3020 mm, width of 2550 mm, and length of 7750 mm. With a 5-speed manual transmission, it brings on board an efficient air conditioning system, manual jack knife door, and other premium quality Leyland parts.

Lynx Smart BS3 D

Outfitted with an H-Series 4-Cylinder BS3 Inline FIP engine, the Lynx Smart BS3 D delivers a maximum power of 120 HP and torque of 415 Nm. With integral power steering and full air, dual line, S-cam brakes, the vehicle offers 10 seating arrangement options, which include, 31/34/39/45 in 2 x 2 layout, 37/42/48/54 in 3 x 2 layout, and 54/65 in 3 x 3 layout.

Travel agencies and logistics companies on the lookout of Leyland spare parts may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India. Here’s A Brief Overview of the Leyland Sunshine School Bus.