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Did You Know That the Car Spare Parts Are Easily Available Online

Did You Know That the Car Spare Parts Are Easily Available Onlin

Having a car is a personal choice and is an investment for the future.

Often, owning a car can reflect one’s taste and stature, and the owners flaunt their cars based on the brand. When a car is heavily used it gets older with every mile it accumulates, and hence the need for maintenance and care becomes an important consideration.

At times, due to constant and heavy use, there may be a situation to replace old spare parts. In that case, make sure to use genuine and original Mahindra spare parts if you are using that brand. With the advent of internet and ecommerce, buying online is easy and often cheaper compared to physical stores.

However, you have to be careful and choose the trusted sellers while buying the parts.

Let us look at the things to consider before buying spare parts online:

  • Consider the variety of brands that are available. Mahindra spare parts are one of the popular choices for Mahindra car owners. And they are readily available on all popular ecommerce websites. Other brands like Suzuki, Swift, Maruti Zen, Maruti Dzire, Tata Indica, BMW also have their products available on cyber space. However, as a car owner you should be competent enough to choose the right product for your vehicle. Consult an expect before buying and ask for installation advice if you need.
  • Always remember that replacing the old spare parts with new ones will impact the performance of your car. So, always better to go for original products available on braded sites. Buying third part materials can impact your car’s performance and can also lead to defeats in other spare parts, like front shock absorber and car brake pads. Mahindra spare parts, like all other branded products, come with extended warranty where car owners can replace the faulty parts free of cost during the warranty period.

There are several websites selling car parts online. As a car owner you must be judicious in selecting the right option. Select the product based on your need. Remember, not all spare part will fit all car models. You must be careful while choosing spare parts for your car.

Mahindra Parts

Are You Searching For a Good Company Dealing in Mahindra Parts?

When a company devises and designs an automobile, it gives it a special shape and form and manufactures parts catering to its design needs. These spare parts are designed to withstand the resistance, friction, heat and also ensure that the machinery runs in good condition. Replacing a good quality spare part with a cheap replica may result in the replica burning or melting down due to high friction resulting in less running capacity of the automobile. The design engineers exactly know the capacity of each and every metal or material used in a machine part and only then uses them for their automobiles.

Can I Buy similar looking auto spares from a cheaper company?

Mahindra spare parts and Mahindra parts all have a standard prize as decided by the manufacturing company. Buying them in cheaper prices from a company which is not licensed to sell may result in you buying duplicate and low quality parts which might melt or break sooner resulting in greater damage to your automobile. Such parts also may cause long-term and irreparable damage to your vehicles.

Where can I get best and genuine Mahindra Auto spares and Mahindra Parts?

BP Auto Spares India is one such company which has carved a niche for itself in the market for auto spares. The company holds a huge inventory of Mahindra spares at reasonable and company certified prices. They give you an assurance of the quality and also, at any given time, also have all the different parts available so that you do not have to wait for long to repair your automobile. They also have a team of passionate employees who understand your passion for your Mahindra vehicle and strive towards 100% customer satisfaction. At BP Auto Spares India, you get the best for your beloved Mahindra Vehicle!

Tips For Self-Maintenance of Your Mahindra Spare Parts

Tips For Self-Maintenance of Your Mahindra Spare Parts

Mahindra vehicles are the top choice for motorists on the road due to their rugged exteriors, durability and excellent on-road performance. To get the most out of your Mahindra, it is important to devote time towards regular self maintenance. Your Mahindra Spare Parts should constantly be checked for optimum condition. Here are some tips you can use to keep your vehicle in top shape:

Perform regular service

Different Mahindra variants may have a different service schedule. Your car service schedule will also be impacted by the amount of wear and tear that the vehicle has been subjected to. If you tend to drive your car for long distances, chances are the tyres will be more worn out than if you had driven the car within the city for the same amount of time. Depending on the usage, you need to set a maintenance schedule and stick to it. Most Mahindra service centers offer convenient servicing reminders so that you never miss your next appointment.

Check the vehicle regularly

You don’t need to wait for a regular service to check the car for its best condition. Stay attuned to your car’s regular sounds and listen for irregularities so that you know when it is time to change your Mahindra Spare Parts. You can also check your fluid levels yourself, do a quick once over of your car before you start to drive it each day and take a look at your tyres in case they require realignment.

Use only genuine spare parts

When you need to choose spare parts for your vehicle, look out for genuine dealers only. BP Auto Spares India is your top destination for the best Mahindra spares to get the best deals for your four wheeler. Here, you can find all types of spares that will maximise your vehicle’s performance, giving you several miles of stress free driving. Kindly log on to www.bpautosparesindia.com/mahindra-spare-parts for more details.

 Increase the longevity of your Mahindra car by giving it the best self loving. As a proud car owner, you should invest in only the best Mahindra Spare Parts for your car that will keep it performing at its optimum level.

Buy Authentic Body Parts of Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero

Buy Authentic Body Parts of Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero

It is very common to face various accidents and other situations, where the parts of your vehicle were damaged. Most of the car or vehicle owners usually can face several problems to find the best suited parts of their vehicles. Do you want to buy Mahindra Scorpio Parts at better price? If you say yes then today, you have the option to buy them from professional online and offline parts selling stores.

You can buy the Mahindra Bolero Parts also from any professional store, which offers you amazing benefits on the buying deals. It is always tough for the vehicle owners to buy the exact part of their vehicles, so, that is why you have to compare benefits and discount offers of parts before buying them. You can choose any company on the basis of features and services provided by them.

The buyers who want to purchase the Mahindra Spare Parts can easily compare the customer services offered by various companies to find the best one. The professional stores will offer you trustable collection of parts, replacement parts, fast delivery and other profitable services to boost the reliance of their customers. Check more information about the services offered by the vehicle’s body part selling companies to their customers in following paragraphs:

  • Biggest collection of Mahindra spare parts:

The users can find any store, which offers a great collection of Mahindra Spare Parts at affordable price. The variety and large collection information is required to test the authenticity of any professional stores. At professional body part selling company you will find all body parts, clutch parts, break parts, steering parts and others. So, when you want to pick up the best selling company you can check this feature.

  • Replacement of Mahindra spare parts:

The professional Mahindra Bolero Parts stores will offer you great benefits of replacement offer on the buying of Mahindra’s body parts. The quality of products can be tested with the help of this point. More details can be found at www.bpautosparesindia.com/mahindra-spare-parts

  • Rapid delivery

The professional stores will offer you faster delivery of Mahindra Scorpio Parts without any hesitation. You can check the working scenario of Mahindra’s body part selling company on the basis of this point.

Therefore, you can also use the upper listed points when you want to buy the best body parts of your Mahindra vehicle.


Comprehensive Guide to Replace Carburetors on Most CarsThe auto parts canyons of the highly reputed Mahindra Spare Parts and Mahindra Parts suppliers before getting down straight to the steps to replace carburetors on most cars would first like to explain when, why and how carburetors came into existence.

Carburetors came into existence in the late 18th century. Since then, a lot of composition and design changes have been attributed to carburetors and variations have been carried out to develop and roll out engines with increased power, performance and efficiency. Today, we have with us different types of carburetors segregating themselves from each other in terms of function, complexity, and effectiveness. Each one is made to suit and work effectively with certain automotive applications.

Carburetors are designed to mix fuel and air in an appropriate ratio for complete combustion in an internal combustion engine. Carburetors are designed to function on the principle of static and dynamic air pressure which is quite popularly known as Bernoulli’s principle. According to this principle, the air is pumped into the engine more quickly, increasing its dynamic pressure. This dynamic air pressure is monitored by the carburetor which allows the corresponding amount of fuel to mix with the air for a complete combustion in an internal combustion engine.

In a nutshell, a carburetor is basically a hunk of aluminum with a bunch of holes drilled into it which is housed in vehicles to carry out the following functions,

  1. It is responsible for combining the air and fuel for developing a highly combustible mixture in the internal combustion engine.
  2. It also monitors the proportion of air and fuel that goes into the combustion chamber by matching the supply quantity of fuel to the amount of air entering the engine.
  3. It also happens to control the engine’ speed and performance.

You can also check our blog on Carburetors to know more about their working and functionality.

The ideal ratio of air-to-fuel for efficiency, by weight, is 14.7:1. The rate and the ratio of fuel and air that enters the engine entirely depend on the driver’s want from the engine. So, ultimately the driver’s job is to respond correctly to the throttle input from the driver and the stored vacuum in the engine. This inspection helps carburetor send an appropriate amount of air and fuel mixture into the internal combustion engine.

When the engine is in non-working condition and is idling, the throttle plate is nearly closed, not allowing air to peek through the carburetor. On the slip side, when the driver pushes the accelerator pedal all the way down, the throttle pedal is completely open, allowing the engine to swallow more air and along with it more fuel.

When the carburetor isn’t working fine, this leads to disproportionate quantities of air and mixture to mix together in an internal combustion engine, which leads to certain car running conditions. There may be a loss of power; engine overheating and the fuel economy can suffer at the expense of it. Now, the steps to carry out Carburetor replacement we have mentioned below is meant for most cars and is not subjected to any specific car model. Since the automobile market is full of different types of carburetors and not all automakers use the same kind, largest Mahindra Parts distributors have put up this blog to provide this overview which is boasting all of the basics of carburetors in general.

Comprehensive Guide to Replace Carburetors on Most Cars

Tools You’ll Need

  • Complete Extension set
  • Nut wrenches
  • Light solvents, such as brake clean or alcohol
  • Marker and tape
  • Pliers
  • Scraper or razor blade
  • Screwdrivers
  • Shop rags or towels
  • Small fuel-safe bowl or tray
  • Small pry bar
  • Socket set
  • Wrench set
  • Latex gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Coveralls

Steps to Replace Carburetors in Most Cars

  1. First, open the hood of the car and remove the air cleaner assembly in order to gain full access to the carburetor.
  2. Now applying the parking brake, start the engine. Going to the carburetor again, check the signs of visible fuel leaks around the seals of the carburetor.
  3. Once you find that the seals are alright and there are no signs of leaks, look further to make sure that it is indeed the carburetor that needs replacement.
  4. Now, with the engine still running at the idle, make some adjustments to the fuel and air mixture screws. If the engine idling doesn’t change then that means there is some problem with the carburetor and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  5. Turn the engine off and carefully monitor the carburetor throttle bore. The buildup of carbon in the throttle bore points straight to the fact that there is rich fuel condition, which is often caused by internal carburetor damage.
  6. Remove the rubber vacuum hoses from the carburetor. Make sure you mark the areas with the masking tape or a marker to remember the exact spots where the hoses need to be reconnected again.
  7. Now using the pliers remove the fuel lines from the carburetor.
  8. Now, disconnect the throttle linkage from the carburetor.
  9. Once all the fuel lines are disconnected from the carburetor, using the nut wrench unscrew all the nuts from the intake manifold stud bolts and remove the carburetor.
  10. Before replacing the old carburetor, compare both, the new and the old one to verify that you have the right carburetor with you.
  11. Also, carefully study the gasket between the intake manifold and the carburetor. If it is broken, bent or wrapped, replace it too.
  12. After the intake manifold gasket has been replaced, set the new carburetor onto it and secure the carburetor to it by tightening the mounting bolts.
  13. Reconnect the throttle linkage and the new fuel lines again to the new carburetor following the marks on the old carburetor.

We strongly recommend that if you are not used to working under the hood of the car, have a professional or a mechanic replace the carburetor for you.


7 Modern Car Technologies that’ll Blow Your Mind in 2018

The car experts of one of the leading Mahindra Bolero Parts dealers like millions of people around the world also feel that the emergence of new car technologies will not slow down anytime soon. On the contrary, it is only going to get advanced with time. The latest annual gadget showcase, popularly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, the event which was widely popular for its cool and quirky gadgets 10 years back, is now flooded with car enthusiasts, because the focus of the program has now been shifted from gadgets to cars. This is ought to happen with the plethora of new and advanced car technologies making appearances every now and then stretching from keyless car entry, touch screen steering wheel, multi-terrain vehicles to autonomous driving, there is so much to go gaga over and make noise about. With these endless choices and car technologies you can’t miss to have in your own car, we know you are stuck in between what to look for and what to let go.

We are the most trusted suppliers of Mahindra Scorpio Parts for two reasons; first we are very proficient in delivering quality spare parts and accessories and second, we come up the lists like these often to help our esteemed users make wise decisions when it comes to automobiles. Here we are with yet another list of the most exciting- and most interesting- car technologies you’ll see surface in the automotive world in 2018. So, in case you are planning to gift yourself a brand new car this year, you’ll have in tow few technologies to look for in your next purchase.

Though there are a lot more to what we are going to present here, we have only curated the list of best car technologies for you.

Let’s get started!

Car Technologies Wireless Micro Charging

Mobile phones, as we all are aware have completely taken over our lives and there isn’t a time or a moment where we don’t need them. In this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, numerous automobile giants came up with the concept of adding wireless charging pads to their center consoles and interiors. This means you don’t have to carry your mobile charges or portable chargers for that matter everywhere. Simply hop in your and place your mobile on the wireless charging pad. The mobile will charge itself while you are driving. Though this feature is not that expensive, it is only available in few selected models of Toyota with higher trim levels.

Touch-Screen-Steering-WheelTouch Screen Steering Wheel

ZF Group is highly known for bringing innovative products and technologies to the automobile world and has been in the front driving seat (not literally) of autonomous car technology. This year also, the company is hinting towards coming up with new forms of steering wheels. According to the claims made by the company, the company is planning to add a touchscreen display at the center of the steering wheel, a more advanced airbag mechanism, a string of capacitive sensors and LEDs to make steering wheels more functional and useful for drivers.

Multi-Terrain Vehicle

Though this is one technology we have heard a lot about, very few automakers have been able to do anything extraordinary with this piece of car technology. Multi-Terrain Vehicles are expected to touch USD 3 billion by 2024 due to increasing utilization of these products for various utilities particularly in military & special forces, agriculture and forestry and especially by baby boomers, who are now more than happy to travel around the world after spending good portion of their lives taking care of their children. Multi-Terrain Vehicles are known for operating on the more rugged terrain.

Blockchain-TechnologyBlockchain Technology

Though the automobile industry is growing at a very substantial speed, the numbers of challenges and dilemmas the field has to face has also been increasing at a steady speed. One such problem is the occurrence of low-key companies and people selling imitation parts which are not only dangerous but are also up to some extent is affecting the reputation of the company of which these counterfeit parts are being sold. The companies are coming to numerous solutions to rectify this growing problem. They are planning to use blockchain technology to vet these fake parts and put a full stop to their growing availability in the market.

Rear-Cross-Traffic-AlertRear Cross Traffic Alert

When it comes to low speed but extremely expensive car crashes, parking lots are the places that have earned that title in their name. Backing out of a parking lot, even with a rear-view backup camera in place, can be a very dangerous exercise to carry out. To help drivers back out of the parking lots safely, Rear Cross Traffic Alert systems are introduced. In this unique system, sensors are placed at the rear end of the car and will alert you immediately if you have come too close to another car, pedestrians or even a shopping cart moving behind your car.

back-rear-view-camera-to-360-degree-cameraCameras for Everything

As far as this car technology is concerned, we have seen a lot happening in this area. From back-rear view camera to 360-degree camera that gives you a virtual top-down view of your surroundings, this technology is reaching new heights every year. Now moving a little further, the car camera technology is now gearing towards the cabin side of the vehicle, wherein the driver doesn’t have to turn around to look at the passengers sitting at the back. Honda Odyssey features a camera named “Cabin Watch” wherein the driver can keep a check on the passengers sitting back from the front of their vehicle without turning back.

App-Controlled-Car-FunctionsApp-Controlled Car Functions

Want to honk the horn, flash the lights or even start the car? Well, you don’t need keys for them anymore; all these features can now be controlled using mobile apps. And what’s more interesting is that you won’t be in the car or even close to it to do all this, just remotely. This eliminates the need for loaded keychains you have to carry around everywhere. Tesla Model 3 has no keys at all, just an app.

Mahindra Spare Parts

Ever Heard of OnStar Technology? Let’s talk about it then!

The leading suppliers of genuine and authentic Mahindra Parts, BP Auto Spares India explains that OnStar is an automobile system developed by the leading automobile Giant General Motors, along with two other companies, technology equipment, and services company, EDS and Hughes Electronics Corporation. These three mastered companies collaborated in 1996 to provide an effective and fast responding emergency system to drivers. For those who are driving a GM vehicle that is produced and manufactured after 1996, the chances are fair that you may be driving a vehicle with the OnStar technology.

Initially, OnStar technology was developed to help car drivers, combat accidents, and crashes, but later on, the company developed it into a full-blown all-encompassing service for its passengers. The fact is that there are millions of people who use OnStar technology in their cars on daily basis. People regard OnStar technology as the life-saving system, but the truth is it is one of the most sorts after and combined technologies that helps car drivers and enthusiasts maneuver from one place to another.

Services That Fall Under OnStar Technology

  1. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics to check your vehicle transmission, engine, emissions, brakes, and airbag, stability.
  2. OnStar Hands-Free Calling is structured to give you the liberty to make phone calls while you are driving without having to pick up your phone.
  3. OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation helps drivers to get to their destination, know where they currently are and where you are by connecting you directly to the OnStar representative.
  4. OnStar Automatic crash response system is laced with a number of sensors that alert OnStar system when you are about to get into a car crash.
  5. OnStar Crisis Assistance is an extended version of the Turn-By-Turn Navigation system that helps find drivers the various escape routes, connect you to the people who are in your phone book favorites and provide them with nearest safety shelter and supplies until the disasters subside.
  6. OnStar Roadside Assistance helps drivers get assistance in times of car systems failures like a flat tire, oil leak, brake failure and other problems by connecting to an OnStar advisor who sends a tow truck on its way to you.

 Every year General Motors add something new to the OnStar Package to continue meeting the endless demands of drivers and the difficulties they face while on the go.

Mahindra Bolero Parts

Understanding Lean-Burn Engines

The automotive car part experts of one of the Leading Mahindra Bolero Parts Suppliers explains that there is nothing better than developing a technology that plays a major role in curbing nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions flow in the atmosphere and this is what lean-burn engines are doing for the past for many years. They are decreasing the unsustainable effects of driving a car which our environment has to bear on the everyday basis. Lean-burn engine is a superb creation on a part of the automobile engineers that produce a lean or less concentrated mixture of fuel and air in order to not only reduce exhaust emissions but also curb fuel consumption.

Understanding Lean-burn engines in detail

I think the name “lean-burn” pretty much sums up what we want to say, but as we say, “The more, the better”. The Lean-burn engines are engineered in a way that they only enable a very lean amount of fuel to be burned in an engine’s combustion chamber. 14.7:1 is considered an appropriate ratio of fuel and air, where the fuel burns the best in the internal combustion chamber. A lean-burn engine is effective in taking this ratio to 32:1. Just wonder!

It is to be believed that if the internal combustion engines we have in our cars are 100% effective, they would burn the fuel efficiently and would only produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). But unfortunately, the internal combustion engines as they should be are not as effective, which in turn produces not only CO2 and H2O but also other harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and unburned hydrocarbons.

Apart from Catalytic Converters that filters exhaust gases coming from the engine, a Lean-burn engine is another way of reducing the level of harmful emissions by burning the fuel inside the combustion chamber more efficiently and improved combustion control.

In lean-burn engines, specially designed pistons are placed along with the intake manifold so that they can match the actual pistons. Also, the shape of the piston crown generates a heavy turbulence in the incoming air/fuel mixture that enables complete combustion.

The only drawback of lean-burn engines is that they increase the level of exhaust NOx emissions due to the increase in combustion temperature and higher levels of heat and shallower RPM power-band because of the slow burning of the lean mixtures. To curb this problem, the lean-burn engines have been devised with lean-metered direct fuel injection to further reduce NOx emissions.

Mahindra SsangYong Tivoli: Ins and Outs

Mahindra SsangYong Tivoli: Ins and Outs

Mahindra and Mahindra, the popular India automaker after acquiring the famous SUV brand from Korea, Ssangyong, is all geared up to roll out its latest invention Tivoli. The Indian automobile giant has been rigorously testing the SsangYong Tivoli compact SUV on Indian soil for quite some time now. The SsangYong Tivoli could be placed in the India market as an urban SUV, which will focus more on young buyers searching for modern and stylish SUVs.

Leading Mahindra Parts Dealer, BP Auto Spares India in this blog will give you a quick review of the features and specifications of the first product born out of the marriage of Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra and Korean SUV brand Ssangyong.

Front and Rear

Based on a completely new platform, the Tivoli features a strong and chiseled front with a modern and stylish silhouette. The car also features a newly designed front grille, circumscribed by sweptback headlamps mated with daytime running lamps, fog lamps and wide bumpers with expanded air intakes. The bold and refined side creases enhance the overall look and feel of the car while the flared wheel arches encompass newly designed alloy wheels.


Talking about the interiors, the upholstery is three toned- red, beige and black. The car’s central console features a 7-inch infotainment system with the capability of a smartphone, a reverse camera as well as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and APE connectivity. The interior looks spacious and grandeur making it an ideal choice for the young generation as well as Indian families.

Mahindra Ssangyong Tivoli India Specifications

Engine 1.6-litre e-XGi160 Petrol
Maximum Power   126bhp
Maximum Torque   160Nm
Transmission Manual & automatic
Engine 1.6-litre Diesel
Maximum Power   113bhp
Maximum Torque   300Nm
Transmission 6-speed Aisin automatic

 Mahindra Ssangyong Tivoli India Mileage

Variant Expected Mileage
Petrol Model 13kmpl
Diesel Model 18kmpl

 Expected Launch in India

Mahindra SsangYong Tivoli expected launch in India by late 2017.

3 Signs of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

Mahindra PartsThe actual function of a throttle position sensor in a car is to transport information to the car’s computer about the working and positioning of the car’s throttle. Modern-day throttle position sensors are composed of no-contact types electro-mechanical parts like two magnets and a half effect sensor that is prone to wear, tear and withering.

A throttle position sensor determines the degree of heat, light, and moisture that is present inside and outside the car. It gauges all the necessary aspect and sends a full report to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The major drawback with these throttle sensors is that they are extremely small in size and exceptionally intricate. So doing any sort of repairing work on them is simply next to impossible. That is why understanding early signs of failure is viable to avoid the complete failure.

Here are 3 Signs of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor put together by the experts of the acclaimed Mahindra Spare Parts dealers.

Mahindra-PartsDifficult Acceleration: When the throttle sensor of a vehicle is nearing its end the car won’t accelerate as it should, it may lack power and force when accelerating and sometimes it accelerates on its own, that is the car will suddenly speed up while you driving neutrally, without even stepping on or pressing the accelerator. If you encounter any of the above symptoms, the chances are fairly high that you are encountering problems with the throttle sensor.

Problems Switching Gears: If the throttle position sensor inside your car is not reporting the accurate accelerator position to the Electronic Control Unit, you’ll definitely going to witness problems switching gears as you speed up or gradually slow down. Alone this could mean that car might be giving issues with the transmission which can put a huge burden on your pockets. But if you have already ticked the acceleration issues mentioned above, trust us it a throttle position sensor problem.

The “Check Engine” Light is On: Another blatant indication of a faulty throttle position sensor is the blinking of the check engine light which is pretty hard to ignore. The “on” check engine light is meant to alert the driver that something is obviously not well with either an internal component of a car or with a sensor. So it is advisable to have your car checked by a professional mechanic whenever the light comes on.