Let’s Understand the Purpose of Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

The industry experts of leading Man Truck Parts online dealers in this blog would like to enlighten its readers about the functioning of the engine exhaust back pressure.

Going by the definitions given by numerous automotive experts, engine exhaust back pressure is particularly an exhaust gas pressure that is harbored by a vehicle engine to surpass the hydraulic resistance the vehicle’s exhaust system faces in reference to discharge gases out of the vehicle. The resistance, a vehicle’s exhaust system faces while getting out of the system is from different car components such as exhaust pipe size, catalytic converter, attenuator etc.

In four-stroke engines, engine exhaust back pressure does not have much relevance and is absolutely desirable. That is why in high-end sports cars or racing cars or silencers make use of a car component called diffuser in order to build vacuum at the end and facilitate the removal of the gases.

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On the other hand, engine exhaust back pressure is highly desirable in two-stroke engines. If you carefully look at the functioning of the two-stroke engines, you’ll notice that exhaust port from which the gases are exposed to the atmosphere is always open even when the burnt mixture is gone. This explains that the fresh and clean mixture also leaks out of the exhaust portal. In order to rectify this problem, a back pressure is indeed needed which helps in plugging the exhaust port so that the fresh charge does not get out of the car. This method is carried out by equipping the engine with a conical exhaust pipe shape that leads to the waving motion of the exhaust air.

The purpose of Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

The back pressure put boundaries on the exhaust flow. Backpressure is said to impure the fresh charge of fuel and air mixture which is passed into the engine cylinder during the combustion phase. Backpressure is present in all the vehicles no matter what but can be harmful if excessive.

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