An Overview of Different Types of MAN Oils

When it comes to buying oil for a MAN vehicle, one should look for genuine MAN oil. Be it for engines, transmissions, or drive axles, only genuine MAN spare parts can guarantee proper protection against wear & tear. What’s more, they also aid in the longevity of the vehicle and bring about a decreased cost of ownership. The engines of today need to fulfil a variety of technical and chemical demands. It is important that they are oiled at regular intervals, so that the vehicle can deliver its intended performance and live up to the expectations of its owner. Moreover, it is the oil that supports each component of the engine, making it adept to offer supreme levels of performance and efficiency, whilst ensuring that the vehicle produces low levels of emissions.

MAN spare parts

Here’s a quick overview of the different types of MAN oils:

Engine Oil

With the MAN Engine oil, engines can undergo service intervals of up to 140,000 kms. In the case of diesel particulate filters, the service intervals increase to a whopping 850000 kms. Even by consuming a low quantity, the engines are fully capacitated to render high levels of efficiency. The cleaning effect aids in prevention of deposit build-up. As a result, the owner experiences a great mileage as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Transmission Oil

The MAN transmission oil boasts of high resistance to oxidation and thermal stability. Its optimal viscosity makes sure that the driver does not experience cold starting or flawless gear changes during the winter months. It also helps in increasing the service life, even if the vehicle is being used constantly or traverses on rough terrains. It promises enhanced fuel economy, which in turn translates into savings of money for the owner in the long run.

Axle Oil

It is the drive axles and transfer cases that render the desired torque to the power train of the MAN vehicle. They can deliver peak performance, only if they have been lubricated with the right axle oil. The MAN axle oil can help the vehicle to prevent unnecessary build-up of deposit, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve fuel efficiency.

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