Popular Leyland Trucks & Buses That Offer a Superlative Experience

From buses, trucks, to defense vehicles & engines, Leyland caters to various transport requirements, and that too with utmost precision. One wouldn’t be surprised that the company sells about 60,000 vehicles and 7,000 engines annually. It has also earned the 16th ranking in the world for its immense contribution in manufacturing trucks and buses. After the company’s joint venture with Nissan Motors of Japan, its light vehicle commercial segment also gained immense popularity. Listed below are some of the popular trucks & buses from the house of Leyland:

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The new U truck

To meet the ever evolving needs of transportation, the U Truck has been designed with tippers and tractor trailers in the 16 – 49-tonne segments. Having the capacity to continuously morph itself, this vehicle provides excellent fuel efficiency, comfortable driving, and higher reliability, thereby enabling organizations to carry out seamless business operations. 

The strong & sturdy Boss

The Boss truly justifies its name. Being a product that combines strength and ruggedness of a truck with the comforts of a car, the Boss has come out to be a revolutionary intermediate commercial vehicle. The interior of the truck offers a spacious cabin, which gives the driver a sense of relief, and allows the luxury of being able to stretch oneself.  Its contemporary styling, aesthetically designed trim lines, and powerful aggregates, help it to deliver durability at the lowest costs. This vehicle is seen ruling the market with its two models – LE and LX. No wonder why this vehicle has been awarded the ICV Cargo Carrier of the year 2014.

The super-comfortable Optare buses

The Optare buses, Solo & Versa, boast of sublime exterior designing and great comfort. This mid-sized and modern range of city buses is well-known for its innovative, weight-optimized, low-carbon, low-floor.

Of course, there are several other vehicles that render a great driving and riding experience. For purchasing Leyland parts or Leyland spare parts, one may head towards BP Auto Spares India, the leading supplier of replacement spares of various auto brands. Here’s some information on The Top 3 Leyland Vehicles That Contribute Towards Economic Progress