Know The Important Car Parts Before You Buy The Mahindra Bolero Parts

Know The Important Car Parts Before You Buy The Mahindra Bolero Parts

As a car owner, you should know about the important parts of your car. Many of you pose very little knowledge about the Mahindra Bolero Parts, and this is why there are times a spare part dealer or a service person may end up cheating you. It is not a luxury but an obligation to educate yourself about the important parts of the car and understand all its functionalities.

Here is the list of the Mahindra Bolero car parts for you to be familiar with.


The engine is driven by gasoline, and the gasoline is connected in a form that lets the car get in motion by the process of combustion. It could be internal or external combustion. One should know about the type of engine the car uses and also its various parts.


 Your car is just scrap metal without a battery. The battery is responsible for starting, lighting and igniting your car’s engine. It provides power to the car. One should be aware of the battery in the car and also know its functioning.

Brakes and clutch

The brake and the clutch are important Mahindra Bolero Parts as it helps it to be safe. The clutch transmits power to your car’s wheels. Your brake and clutch must be inspected properly, especially for the used cars, as the clutch goes through lots of wear and tear.

Cooling system

There is a lot of heat generated in your car, which is because of combustion. The cooling system must dissipate the heat. This has the water pumps, thermal jacket, cooling fan, and radiator. Make sure that the coolant level is always perfect in your car.

Lubrication system

Lubrication reduces the car friction caused by the internal vehicle parts when it is in motion. Oil is the best lubricant, and the oil levels of your car should mandatorily be checked.


Above are some of the important Mahindra Spare Parts that you should be aware of. Ensure to find these parts from a genuine seller or manufacturer.

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