Ever Heard of OnStar Technology? Let’s talk about it then!

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The leading suppliers of genuine and authentic Mahindra Parts, BP Auto Spares India explains that OnStar is an automobile system developed by the leading automobile Giant General Motors, along with two other companies, technology equipment, and services company, EDS and Hughes Electronics Corporation. These three mastered companies collaborated in 1996 to provide an effective and fast responding emergency system to drivers. For those who are driving a GM vehicle that is produced and manufactured after 1996, the chances are fair that you may be driving a vehicle with the OnStar technology.

Initially, OnStar technology was developed to help car drivers, combat accidents, and crashes, but later on, the company developed it into a full-blown all-encompassing service for its passengers. The fact is that there are millions of people who use OnStar technology in their cars on daily basis. People regard OnStar technology as the life-saving system, but the truth is it is one of the most sorts after and combined technologies that helps car drivers and enthusiasts maneuver from one place to another.

Services That Fall Under OnStar Technology

  1. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics to check your vehicle transmission, engine, emissions, brakes, and airbag, stability.
  2. OnStar Hands-Free Calling is structured to give you the liberty to make phone calls while you are driving without having to pick up your phone.
  3. OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation helps drivers to get to their destination, know where they currently are and where you are by connecting you directly to the OnStar representative.
  4. OnStar Automatic crash response system is laced with a number of sensors that alert OnStar system when you are about to get into a car crash.
  5. OnStar Crisis Assistance is an extended version of the Turn-By-Turn Navigation system that helps find drivers the various escape routes, connect you to the people who are in your phone book favorites and provide them with nearest safety shelter and supplies until the disasters subside.
  6. OnStar Roadside Assistance helps drivers get assistance in times of car systems failures like a flat tire, oil leak, brake failure and other problems by connecting to an OnStar advisor who sends a tow truck on its way to you.

 Every year General Motors add something new to the OnStar Package to continue meeting the endless demands of drivers and the difficulties they face while on the go.