Sentiments Attached with One’s First Car

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Be it one’s first salary, first bike, or first car, the sentiments attached are unforgettable. People would usually recollect each and every instance attached to their ‘first’ achievements or possessions.

We take a look at the common memories that most people would have with their first car:

  • Saving Money: Most people would have saved money for months or years to buy their first car. Be it a college student or a professional, the savings form an important part of buying a car.
  • Bunking College: Those who had the luxury of driving to college in their own car would have also enjoyed bunking classes and going out for a movie with friends. These memories surely form an inseparable part of anyone’s life – with one’s own car or that of a friend!
  • Midnight Drive: Another memorable event of one’s life is to go on a midnight drive in a self-owned car with family and friends.
  • First Date: Most people would have used their first car to impress their girlfriends. The first car and the first date would have many common reminiscences!
  • Girls Night Out: Many girls would also have recollections of partying with their female friends in their first car.
  • Family Picnic: Ask a parent about the first picnic they went for in their child’s first car. They would have a host of experiences to share. This is another common memory that most parents and their children would share.
  • Drive to the Hills or a Beach: One’s first drive to the hills or to a beach or to any other holiday destination forms an important part of one’s life.

There are many similar memories that most car owners would have. Many people get so attached to their first cars that they do not even wish to dispose them. Even if not in a working condition, they would keep them for memory’s sake. Others would keep changing the car parts and are always hunting for good Replacement Suzuki Spare Parts.

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