How Exhaust Headers Improve Engine Performance?

The automotive car part experts of one of the highly acclaimed and reputed Mahindra Spare Parts exporters say that constantly keeping and maintaining and improving your engine’s performance is a vicious circle, the more you do, the more again is needed. It’s a never-ending task because here we are talking about the most quintessential part of the vehicle, negligence in the upkeep of whom will only hamper your driving experience and contribute to the higher repair and maintenance cost. Engine maintenance and upkeep will only bring out huge advancement in your car engine and better and better your vehicle’s overall performance.

Also, if you always keep a tight leash around the neck of your car repair and maintenance budget then you should start prioritizing the important and significant car modification steps, which according to us, includes installing top-quality and reliable exhaust performance headers in your car. Why? For now, to put this in a nutshell, exhaust performance headers remove non-performance exhaust dirt in your car ensuring that the engine performs without any hindrance and so that the maximum potential of the engine can be maximized.

Now let’s first clearly understand Exhaust Headers.

What are Exhaust Headers?

Mahindra PartsEngines are often been regarded as air pumps, that’s because an engine’s performance and working efficiency are equated to how well it can get air in and out of its cylinders. This is also the forefront reason why certain car-performance-enhancing modifications naming air filters, cold air intake systems, headers, and cat-back exhaust systems are carried out so as to make the intake and exhaust systems more effective.

The parts we have mentioned above are engineered to increase the flow of air into the engine while decreasing the flow of exhaust gas out of the engine. Headers are placed where exhaust manifolds are in the vehicle’s engine. Exhaust manifolds are the first part of your vehicle’s exhaust system between the cylinder heads and the front exhaust pipe. They are a series of individual tubes that are attached to a flange that bolts to the engine cylinder head and meet in a larger tube called a collector that merges the tube into one large tube and attach them to the rest of the exhaust system.

Exhaust headers have the great tendency of drawing exhaust gases out of your engine in comparison to OEM quality original exhaust manifolds you’ll find in cars.

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