7 Modern Car Technologies that’ll Blow Your Mind in 2018

The car experts of one of the leading Mahindra Bolero Parts dealers like millions of people around the world also feel that the emergence of new car technologies will not slow down anytime soon. On the contrary, it is only going to get advanced with time. The latest annual gadget showcase, popularly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, the event which was widely popular for its cool and quirky gadgets 10 years back, is now flooded with car enthusiasts, because the focus of the program has now been shifted from gadgets to cars. This is ought to happen with the plethora of new and advanced car technologies making appearances every now and then stretching from keyless car entry, touch screen steering wheel, multi-terrain vehicles to autonomous driving, there is so much to go gaga over and make noise about. With these endless choices and car technologies you can’t miss to have in your own car, we know you are stuck in between what to look for and what to let go.

We are the most trusted suppliers of Mahindra Scorpio Parts for two reasons; first we are very proficient in delivering quality spare parts and accessories and second, we come up the lists like these often to help our esteemed users make wise decisions when it comes to automobiles. Here we are with yet another list of the most exciting- and most interesting- car technologies you’ll see surface in the automotive world in 2018. So, in case you are planning to gift yourself a brand new car this year, you’ll have in tow few technologies to look for in your next purchase.

Though there are a lot more to what we are going to present here, we have only curated the list of best car technologies for you.

Let’s get started!

Car Technologies Wireless Micro Charging

Mobile phones, as we all are aware have completely taken over our lives and there isn’t a time or a moment where we don’t need them. In this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, numerous automobile giants came up with the concept of adding wireless charging pads to their center consoles and interiors. This means you don’t have to carry your mobile charges or portable chargers for that matter everywhere. Simply hop in your and place your mobile on the wireless charging pad. The mobile will charge itself while you are driving. Though this feature is not that expensive, it is only available in few selected models of Toyota with higher trim levels.

Touch-Screen-Steering-WheelTouch Screen Steering Wheel

ZF Group is highly known for bringing innovative products and technologies to the automobile world and has been in the front driving seat (not literally) of autonomous car technology. This year also, the company is hinting towards coming up with new forms of steering wheels. According to the claims made by the company, the company is planning to add a touchscreen display at the center of the steering wheel, a more advanced airbag mechanism, a string of capacitive sensors and LEDs to make steering wheels more functional and useful for drivers.

Multi-Terrain Vehicle

Though this is one technology we have heard a lot about, very few automakers have been able to do anything extraordinary with this piece of car technology. Multi-Terrain Vehicles are expected to touch USD 3 billion by 2024 due to increasing utilization of these products for various utilities particularly in military & special forces, agriculture and forestry and especially by baby boomers, who are now more than happy to travel around the world after spending good portion of their lives taking care of their children. Multi-Terrain Vehicles are known for operating on the more rugged terrain.

Blockchain-TechnologyBlockchain Technology

Though the automobile industry is growing at a very substantial speed, the numbers of challenges and dilemmas the field has to face has also been increasing at a steady speed. One such problem is the occurrence of low-key companies and people selling imitation parts which are not only dangerous but are also up to some extent is affecting the reputation of the company of which these counterfeit parts are being sold. The companies are coming to numerous solutions to rectify this growing problem. They are planning to use blockchain technology to vet these fake parts and put a full stop to their growing availability in the market.

Rear-Cross-Traffic-AlertRear Cross Traffic Alert

When it comes to low speed but extremely expensive car crashes, parking lots are the places that have earned that title in their name. Backing out of a parking lot, even with a rear-view backup camera in place, can be a very dangerous exercise to carry out. To help drivers back out of the parking lots safely, Rear Cross Traffic Alert systems are introduced. In this unique system, sensors are placed at the rear end of the car and will alert you immediately if you have come too close to another car, pedestrians or even a shopping cart moving behind your car.

back-rear-view-camera-to-360-degree-cameraCameras for Everything

As far as this car technology is concerned, we have seen a lot happening in this area. From back-rear view camera to 360-degree camera that gives you a virtual top-down view of your surroundings, this technology is reaching new heights every year. Now moving a little further, the car camera technology is now gearing towards the cabin side of the vehicle, wherein the driver doesn’t have to turn around to look at the passengers sitting at the back. Honda Odyssey features a camera named “Cabin Watch” wherein the driver can keep a check on the passengers sitting back from the front of their vehicle without turning back.

App-Controlled-Car-FunctionsApp-Controlled Car Functions

Want to honk the horn, flash the lights or even start the car? Well, you don’t need keys for them anymore; all these features can now be controlled using mobile apps. And what’s more interesting is that you won’t be in the car or even close to it to do all this, just remotely. This eliminates the need for loaded keychains you have to carry around everywhere. Tesla Model 3 has no keys at all, just an app.

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