Why It Is Essential To Keep Your Tyres Properly Inflated

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Automotive tyres maintain a point of contact between your car and the road. However, the rubber is often taken for granted and is prone to wear and tear. They play a vital role in keeping your car firmly on the road and in control.

Tyres require regular rotation and maintenance to keeping them performing well. Always check the depth of tread left on each tyre, it directly affects traction.

Air pressure directly affects the stability of your car. Remember, the safety of all passengers is most important. Tyre that are under inflated will increase the rolling resistance which will also affect the fuel efficiency and increase running costs of the car. This will affect the wear and tear on the engine and its transmission.

Tyre are also susceptible to debris and pointed objects on the tarmac, which can penetrate through the tyres thick outer wall and puncture the tyre tube. Serious accidents have occurred to a miss balanced car which lost control after having a punctured tyre at really fast speeds.

Never drive with a flat tyre since this causes severe damage to the car including the bumper and outer rims. Always replace tyres before their outer wall deteriorates. Keep a hydraulic jack handy to change the tyre yourself.

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