Easy-to-do Steps to Replace Struts on Your Car

Suzuki Car Spare Parts

A vehicle’s strut performs two main important functions,

1. First, like shock absorbers, the piston is attached to the end of the piston rod which works against the hydraulic fluid to control the movements of suspension and springs. The valves in the shock absorbers build resistance to the pumping forces, generated by the up and down movement of the suspension.

  1. Second, the struts provide structural support for the working of the vehicle’s suspension. Due to this, they ultimately handle the vehicle ride, manage vehicle control, steering, tires alignment, braking and wear on other important parts of the suspension.

Generally, the struts and shocks absorbers are not much prone to wear and tear, but like every other thing, with time, they do become obsolete and lacks an operational efficiency, which demands an immediate replacement.

The experts of the leading exporters of Suzuki Car Spare Parts have listed together few easy-to-do steps to help you replace struts.

Things you need

  • Jack Stand
  • Floor Jack
  • Strut Spring Compressor
  • Wrench and Socket Set

Steps to Replace Struts on Your Car

Step 1: Jack up your car enough so that you can easily crawl underneath it and put jack stands under each wheel.

Step 2: The first step towards strut replacement is the removal of brake line support; though not all cars have one, some just have a small rubber grommet.

Step 3: The strut is secured in place at the bottom with the help of a pinch bolt. It is a bit difficult to unbolt, so if you can, use a breaker bar to unscrew the pinch bolt or get yourself some air tools.

Step 4: Next comes the sway bar, drop it so that you can access the bar that connects it to the strut.

Step 5: Now, remove the two bolts located at the top of the strut. This step is a little bit cleaner but complex. But before you loosen the bolt, jack up the brake disc or drum, to relieve the struts of the little bit pressure. Don’t jack them up completely, just enough to support the strut’s weight.

Step 6: As for the interior bolts, you’ll access them through the trunk.

Step 7: Remove the bar that links the struts to the sway bar, and replace it with a new one.

Step 8: Now, repeat the steps in the reverse order to put everything back together and you are ready to go.