Tata Motors’ Epic Rise and Rise in the Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Tata Motors forms an integral part of the Tata Group which is a distinguished Indian business group. The vehicle manufacturing giant is also a trusted choice partner to many business organizations with a global presence. The Tata Group is an amalgamation of different companies dealing in assorted goods and services, with interests in investments, telecommunications, insurance, watches, chemicals, Tata spare parts and many other areas.

Tata spare parts

The Tata Motors Limited manufactures a wide range of automobiles, including buses, cars, trucks, coaches, military vehicles, construction equipment, vans and many more automobiles. With its manufacturing plants spread all over the globe, the company is a sure global player in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Apart from India, countries where the company’s manufacturing plants are located include Thailand, Argentina, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It also has well established research centers in India, South Korea, Spain and the UK. These research centers help in keeping the giant automobile manufacturer ahead of its competitors.

Some of the most prominent cars manufactured by Tata Motors include:

Tata Indica: Unveiled in 1998, it is one of the most celebrated cars in India. It also boasts of being the first passenger car made by the giant manufacturer and among the very first cars to be fully designed and made by an Indian company.

Tata Nano: This can easily be the most cost effective car to have ever been manufactured. It was unveiled at an astonishing initial price of one Lakh only, in the year 2008. At first the car was to be built in Singur, West Bengal, but after a protest by the local farmers, the company had to relocate the factory’s base to Gujarat. With an initial price which is the same as that of a two-wheeler, it means that the car’s Tata spare parts are also equally affordable.

Tata Sumo: Unveiled in 1994, it is one of the most popular MUV cars in India. After getting a major revamp in the year 2004, the car was renamed the Sumo Victa. It would later be followed by the Tata Spacio, Tata Sumo Grande, Sumo Victa Turbo DI, and the Tata Sumo Raptor.

Tata Bolt: This is the latest entry in the company’s roost. Unveiled in January 2015, the hatchback comes in both petrol and diesel alternatives. The car has killer looks, amazing design and reliable performance.

Tata Zest: This is also Tata motors’ latest venture into the compact car segment. It comes in 4 petrol and 5 diesel options. Its exterior s are as exquisite are those of the Tata Bolt with a few variations here and there to give it a finer look. The interiors are just but a replica of the Tata Bolt.

Tata Indigo: crafted on the Indica platform, the sedan inherited the chassis, suspension as well as the engine from its ancestor. This compact car came into the Indian car market to compete with the Maruti Dzire, and it really gave it a run for its money.

There are many other cars in Tata Motors Limited roost; however the above six are winners in the market. The Tata spare parts for all these cars are also easily available all over India and across the world.