Leyland Engine Parts

Leyland Engine Parts

Here’s How You Can Jump-start Your Leyland Car When Your Leyland Engine Parts Die

Imagine a situation where you and your boss have a scheduled meeting. Assume that you both are driving your cars, and suddenly your battery dies.

Not an enjoyable situation, right?

It’s awfully embarrassing. But did you know that there’s actually a way to prevent your boss from looking down at you in such circumstances?

But under one condition.

Even if you don’t have a batter replacement of your Leyland parts, it’s fine. But you really need a jumper cable.

So, here’s how you can jump-start your car and turn your embarrassing situation to an awestruck one.

Steps to Jump-Start Your Car

Since you’re on this critical task to arrive at the meeting within the timeline, your boss might be your Good Samaritan to lend him his car. Then all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that your boss’ battery has the same voltage as that of your battery
  • This is pertinent to prevent damages that arise from your vehicle being in the positive ground and his in the negative ground, and vice-versa, and your vehicle running on an alternator and his on a generator, and vice-versa
  • Keep both your vehicles in either neutral conditions
  • Off the ignition in both your vehicles
  • Attach one of the red clips to your battery’s positive and the other to your boss’ positive
  • Then, fix one of the black clips to the negative terminal of your boss’ battery
  • Ensure to place the other end of the black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your car, but it must be away from your battery
  • Start your boss’ car and let the engine run for a few minutes

Try to start your car then, if it starts, then bravo!

Else, let your boss’ car run for five more minutes. Continue this until three or four tries. If your battery never responds, then it’s a sure-tell that your battery is beyond help. You would have to call up a Leyland parts dealer like BP Impex and then ship your car to the workshop.

Parting Thoughts

If the stars are in your favour, then your stunt with jump-starting your car can illuminate your persona to your boss. Else, should the odds dominate, it’ll be a lesson learnt to always carry your replacement Leyland parts in your car’s trunk compartment! Now, let’s not test your luck, simply schedule your car for its regular maintenance. If any of the Leyland parts need replacement, get them fixed from reliable dealers like BP Impex.

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