Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

OEM Vs Aftermarket Iveco Cargo Spare Parts – Which is Best for You?

When it’s time to repair your Iveco Cargo, you are left with two options. You can either take it to the manufacturer’s workshop, or you can connect with an independent automotive shop. That said, depending on your course of action, you would then have a choice between OEM and aftermarket parts.

To help you make the right choice between OEM and aftermarket parts, their merits and demerits are explained below.

Merits of OEM Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

  • Unlike the aftermarket parts, OEM parts mostly come in one type; so, it would be easy for you to choose the required spare part
  • Since they are designed just like the original parts, they are assured of quality performance
  • All the OEM parts come with warranties

Demerits of OEM Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

  • In comparison to the aftermarket parts, OEM parts are costlier
  • They are limited in stock since they are ordered in bulk by automakers and suppliers. But you can always get in touch with these reliable auto spare parts suppliers like BP Impex to get the OEM parts

Merits of Aftermarket Iveco Cargo Spare Parts

  • Depending on the model of Iveco Cargo, the aftermarket parts would be cheaper than their corresponding OEM parts
  • At times, these aftermarket parts can also function as well as the OEM parts
  • With a broad spectrum of varieties, you have plenty to choose from, with different functionality efficacy and range of prices
Demerits of Aftermarket Iveco Cargo Spare Parts
  • Although in the sparsest cases, aftermarket parts are deemed to function as well as OEM parts, they are generally poor performers
  • Also, with the overwhelming catalogue to choose from, the selection process can be confusing and increases your risk of investing in an unreliable aftermarket part
  • Some of these aftermarket parts are sold without warranties

Over to You

OEM parts are created equal, but not so are the aftermarket parts. Thus, the choice ultimately comes down to your need and what you are looking for. Your budget and your vehicle’s condition are both to be accosted as you make up your mind between OEM and aftermarket parts.

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