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Tata Indigo Parts

Beware Mechanic Scams While Servicing Your Tata Indigo Parts

It’s such a headache when your Tata Indigo parts run into trouble. Right from finding the right auto repair workshop to getting them repaired, it’s a whole tedious process. What’s more, if you’re unaware of the automobile language you can easily be cheated.

The result?

You’d be paying out more than you ought to.

But it doesn’t have to be that way from now on. Read on further. You will be enlightened on some of the common talks that are tell-tales that you are being scammed.

Just be on the alert for these monologues, you’d never have to pay extra whale getting your Tata Indigo parts repaired.

“The Tata Indigo parts were costlier than we expected them to be”

Ideally, your mechanic would give you an estimate when certain Tata Indigo parts need to be replaced. But after all the repairs, you might be apprised that the cost of the replacement parts was much higher than estimated.

In such circumstances, you’d have no other choice rather than shell out the specified dough.

So, here’s how you can keep yourself from being scammed:

  • Get a written cost estimate from your mechanic.
  • Request no work to be done beyond the written estimate
  • Order the spare parts on your own from reliable vendors like BP Impex

By following the first two tips, you’d get your mechanic to be faithful in his work. And with the latter, you’ll be in charge of the money you spend at your discretion. This way, your mechanic would have no way to cheat you by suddenly escalating the cost of the replacements.

“You should get your Tata Indigo engine parts repaired now before it becomes a big problem.”

If you know nothing about how an engine works, you’d immediately believe this statement of the mechanic. Then, how can you prevent this scam?

  • Ask your mechanic the need for a replacement.
  • Google his reasoning and gather additional information
  • Get a second opinion from another mechanic.

Always be proactive and engage your mechanic in question-answer sessions. This way, if he is trying to swindle your money, you’d be able to catch him in his words. This way, you’d only be paying the right amount for the servicing of your Tata Indigo parts.

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