It doesn’t matter whether your car has 1,500 miles or 15,000 miles on it, you should have these basic safety and repair essentials on hand for your own safety and of those travelling with you. Your car is most probably and quite often home to a cup of coffee, few take out bags, a handful of stale French fries, and more sticky coins than you can count. But is it stocked with everything you need in case of an emergency or mishap? I doubt!

Mahindra Parts

Some of us keep nothing in our car trunks while others keep their trunks packed to the brim. BP Auto Spares India has been in the business of supplying Mahindra Parts for quite long and to make your next road cruise safe and secure have put together a checklist of things we think every car owner should always have on hand.

Tools for Tire Change: The most basic set of supplies on our list must always be a spare tire, tire iron, a lug wrench, a tire jack and some WD-40 for convenience. If you already have these essentials on board, then you possibly have everything you need to change a flat tire.

Tire Inflator: The next in our list of car essentials is a car inflator or sealer. The branded ones like Fix-a-Flat can help you patch a leaky tire swiftly, making it a very handy item for your car.

Jumper Cables: Dead batteries are dreadful and can happen to the best of us. Well guess what! We have found you a way to jump-start your car. Pack an emergency battery booster that always proves useful for such disturbances.

Your Car manual: Car owners hardly pay much attention to the one book that came with the car that they never peaked a glance at. Oh yes, the car manual, which should be in the glove compartment already. However boring and useless it might look, it might just save the day for you.

Tire Pressure Gauge: Keep on repeating this mantra “checking tire pressure on a regular basis can improve handling, increase fuel economy, promote tire longevity, and even save lives.”

Still in case whenever you ever find yourself in a positions where your spare parts are in no position to make a comeback, visit BP Auto Spares India and strike that problem away.

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