5 Most Important Tata Spare Parts to Have in Your Tata Car During Winter Driving
February 15, 2023
5 Most Important Tata Spare Parts to Have in Your Tata Car During Winter Driving

Winters are excellent for traveling. The scenic beauty of snow-clad mountains, glistening snow-covered roads, and a pleasant cold breeze can make any journey an enjoyable one. However, before travelling, it is necessary to check that these Tata Spare Parts are fine in your Tata car to make sure it runs properly in cold weather. Let's check out what they are:


 Having the right Tata car spare parts in your vehicle before embarking on a winter journey is essential. The most important one to check is the defogger. This part ensures that the windows of your car are not fogging up when driving in cold weather. The higher variants typically come with a rear defogger, which is equally crucial for rear visibility. It functions differently from the front defogger in that it heats the rear windscreen instead of using air vents to circulate air. As a result, it is a more expensive feature. 


The 3 Most Important Tata Spare Parts to Have in Your Tata Car During Winter Driving

Fog lamps

When driving in colder places like Delhi, fog is a daily scenario. Frequent checking of fog lamps will help ensure better visibility during fog times.



Brakes are a crucial component of your safety and should be regularly inspected. This refers to the entire brake system, which also includes the brake disc, calliper, and brake fluid, in addition to the brake pads. One may only sometimes realise that the brakes are ineffective even after applying the maximum amount of force, which is typically caused by an air bubble in the brake fluid lines or possibly completely worn-out brake pads. Therefore, make sure to check the brake system as well.



As the weather gets colder, the probability of battery drainage increases, so it is essential to check the condition of a car battery regularly during the winter season. Check how old the batteries are and replace them if they get close to their expiration date.


If you are buying a new Tata car, you can check for features like winter tires, heated seats and steering wheels, adaptive headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, and more to ensure comfortable winter drives.


Other important tata spare parts that one should have include tires, wiper blades, windscreen washer fluid, and antifreeze. Regularly checking the condition of brake fluid, brake pads, and rotors should also be a part of one's maintenance routine to ensure safe driving during the winter months.


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