The Best Public Utility Vehicles from the House of MAN

MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing of heavy vehicles. It specializes in the production of mining and construction tippers, haulage tractors, and multi axle trucks. However, it is the public utility vehicles from the auto marque that deserve a special mention, primarily because of the effective role they play in every sphere of civic life. Below is the list of few such vehicles.

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MAN Water Tenders

When there arises a question of the protection of civic lives and the surrounding, the water tenders produced by the auto brand, are always ready to help at the right time. This vehicle withstands natural calamities and provides protection during fire breaks and gas & oil alarms.

MAN Garbage Compactors

With the advent of technology, there has been a surge in the demand for the protection of the environment. With an aim to cope up with this growing issue, the company’s garbage compactors come to the rescue. The vehicle carries out the task of transporting, collecting, handling, and storing recyclable materials, efficiently and economically.

MAN Rescue Vehicles

Be it any emergency situation, such as, floods, riots, or earthquakes, the multifunctional rescue vehicles from the auto brand are well equipped to combat the threats. These vehicles are designed with light masts, ladders, cranes, hydraulic cutters, electric tools, and generators.

MAN Industrial Foam Tenders

Even in the industrial field, the tenders manufactured by the company, are helpful in more ways than one. Using dry nitrogen as a propellant, the dry chemical powder (DCP) system can discharge DCP through a hose. A battery of gas cylinder is attached to each vessel, which contains an extra capacity for emergency situations. The best usage of this vehicle is done in refineries and highly inflammable application zones.

MAN Aerial Ladder Platforms

For getting access to fight calamities at heights, turn-table ladder is the most efficient vehicle. With the help of a telescopic ladder, it allows more than one person to land on a safe place.

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