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Spare Parts for Tata Telcoline

Principal Suppliers of Spare Parts for Tata Telcoline

Well, the solution for this issue is BP Auto Spare Parts India. The company is the preferred partner for authentic spare parts for all the leading brands and corresponding models. The most important aspect of spare parts is genuineness and the company fulfills this requirement well.

Some of the most frequent Spare Parts for Tata Telcoline requiring replacement are Clutch Booster of varied diameters, Belt Tensioner, Clutch release forks, Disc Pads, brake chambers, and rotary fuel injection pumps are available in stocks and are ready for dispense to customers.

BP Auto Spare Parts India is garnering a positive customer response since 2009 and is responsible for huge sales of replacement auto spare parts all over India and across the globe also. The company also happens to be leading exporter of automobile spare parts and electrical equipment such as switchgear and lighting solutions.

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The company claims to have spare parts readily available and perfectly fit the requirements of customers. Tata Telcoline is a pickup truck made by Tata in 1988 and is modified at least 3 times since then with major modifications. Due to its spacious backside and comfortable resources, it is ideal for small transportation purposes. The changes made in the upgrades require genuine spare parts and the company offers the same.

So, if you are in search of a trustworthy supplier of Spare Parts for Tata Telcoline in your region and you prefer only genuine parts, then BP Auto Spare Parts India is the one-stop-solution for all your requirements. They also have a catalog of the products served by them on the internet. So, you can browse through the website or contact them via telephonic conversation.

The company also offers electrical switchgear compatible for Tata Telcoline and has a huge inventory of spare parts if you are planning a bulk purchase order. You can visit the webpage of the company at www.bpautosparesindia.com/tata-spare-parts

Everything you need to Know about the All New Tata MegaPixel

Tata MegaPixel is the most anticipated hybrid hatchback car expected to be launched in India by the end of 2017. The car was first launched at 82nd Geneva Motor Show. The hatchback is another ambitious model soon to be rolled out by the TATA Motors. The car will give a mileage of 100kmpl in just 1 litre. The car is designed keeping in mind the necessities of an Indian family and is absolutely environment-friendly. BP Auto Spares India, largest Tata Spare Parts dealer in the country is here to give you a quick brief on the features and specifications of this car.

Tata Spare PartsExteriors

The car is designed on an innovative “Indian Global” concept with sophisticated styling of the exteriors. What gives this hatchback a look of a “global car” is the stylish front bumper, elegant designing of the headlights and gracing the chrome grille of the car is the logo of TATA in the center. The wide panoramic roof with a bold design of the windshield and the bonnet and the clever designing of the dickey door is something to look for in the all new TATA MegaPixel. The sharp taillights highlight and enhance the overall look of the car.


In terms of styling of the interiors, you will witness everything modern, stylish and hi-tech. From the upholstery to the instrument panel everything is to the point and of superior quality. The hatchback can easily accommodate four passengers. The instrument panel will house a touch screen command center displaying key parameters of the vehicle and an infotainment system. In addition to this, the car also features the leather and rose metal trims and double sliding doors.


The car employs a single-cylinder engine which is capable of delivering 100 kmpl in just 1 litre under combined driving mode.

Engine and Transmission

Engine Description L-ion Battery + 325cc Petrol
Maximum Power 30bhp (petrol)
Maximum Torque NA
Fuel Type Petrol
Gearbox 4 Automatic

Expected Price

Tata MegaPixel is expected to be priced between 2-5 lakh range.

The Magnificent Range of SUVs from the House of Tata Motors

Tata spare parts

Tata SUVs are revered as one of the most reliable and best performance cars on the Indian roads. The giant manufacturer has produced a number of SUVs over the past few decades. Amongst these, the Safari continues to be a favorite of adventure junkies. Then there is the Nexon and Hexa, which are yet to be launched, but promise a great performance and ample convenience for its passengers. Given below is a brief insight on these robust & power-packed SUVs.

The classy Nexon

Although this car is expected to hit the road some time in 2017, but it has already created a positive buzz. It is anticipated that the car will serve as Tata’s answer to the likes of EcoSport and TUV300. The engine will be, in all possibility, a 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine, capable of producing a maximum of 90 bhp power and 200 Nm torque. The design of the exterior and interior might be borrowed from other successful cars of the same company such as Zest, Bolt, and Tiago.

The uber-stylish Hexa

Another car waiting to be introduced by the auto giant is the Hexa. Expected to be launched in the second half of 2016, the Hexa will greatly benefit from Tata’s new design language, which they call Horizon Next. It will have a powerful engine too, a 2.2 litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, with the ability to churn out 154 bhp of power and 400 Nm of peak torque. The Hexa will have a new design of projector headlamps, fog lamps on the bumper, and a very muscular front grille. The black and silver coloured interior with all the modern amenities and leather upholstery is sure to give the car a classy feel.

The reliable Safari

Safari has been in the market successfully for the better part of two decades. However, keeping in tune with the changing times, the company recently launched the Safari DiCor. While the exterior and the interior have remained more or less similar to its previous version, with only a few tweaks here and there, the major change in the new model has been the engine, which is a 2.2-litre aluminium DiCor one, with peak power and torque of 145 bhp and 320 Nm respectively.

Genuine Tata Spare parts such as Tata Indigo parts can be obtained from BP Auto Spares India, a renowned dealer of Tata parts. Here’s some more information on An Array of High-Performance Cars Manufactured by Tata Motors.

Tips for taking Good Care of your car

Tips for taking Good Care of your Coupe

Every vehicle owner must follow some do’s and don’ts for his or her car. This would help in increasing the life of the vehicle and increase its efficiency too. We list below some of these do’s and don’ts.


  • Do a regular physical check of the car. A regular test is required for the pressure of the tyres and their overall condition. Next, one must check for oil and coolant leaks and inspect the condition of the wiper blade.
  • It is significant to wash the car at regular intervals and keep it away from rust and dirt. In case there are deep scratches, the same needs to be attended to, before they cause rust.
  • While washing the car, use the right amount of soap and water. Washing only with water will not help. Wipe the car off well to get an impeccable look. While wiping, do not rub or scrub, instead just pat the towel on the coupe.


  • While inspecting if the engine is hot, do not open or touch the cap of the radiator.
  • Do not use Tata Spare Parts or any other car parts that are faulty. This may affect the performance of the vehicle. For any Tata Parts, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Telcoline Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Tata 1518 Parts, and more contact BP Auto Spares India. The organization is a leader in supplying car spares from eminent vehicle manufacturers, such as Maruti, Ashok Leyland, MAN, and more. They have a ready supply of these parts and have a professional team that is ready to assist their clients. The organization has crafted a niche for itself in the auto spare car parts industry.
  • It is advisable not to use accessories which are not genuine.
  • Do not park the coupe in the sun. Parking in the shade helps the vehicle body to retain its colour. This also protects the interiors.
  • Do not keep the coupe engine idle. If not in use, switch it off.
  • Do not keep the vehicle idle for long periods. If possible use it at regular intervals.

FAQs Regarding Preventive Maintenance of cars

Car maintenance is an important aspect of owning a vehicle. Most car owners are not aware of the basics of this maintenance. We list below some of the most frequently asked questions in this regard.

Oil Filter

Oil Filter

In this regard, most people stay confused as to when one should change it. Experts recommend cleaning the filter of a petrol variant after every 5,000 km and changing it after every 40,000 km. In case of a diesel variant, they suggest replacing it after every 20,000 km of use and there is no need to clean it.

AC System

AC System

In regard to the AC of the car, drivers remain uncertain if the gas is proper in the machine to make it run appropriately and give the best cooling. In such cases, it is always better to get an expert to check the cooling unit. It is recommended to get the AC serviced once every year.



The major problem that one faces with the car battery is spilling and rusting. Spilling refers to electrolyte spilling and water spilling. Only a technical expert would be able to differentiate between the two. Hence, taking professional advice is advisable.



Car owners do not have clarity on engine overhauling. This process is needed, if there is excessive consumption of engine oil, or there is noise in the engine bearing or piston slap. A professional would check the engine compression pressure, engine vacuum, and other factors and do the needful. Another problem faced by drivers, is overheating of the coupe. In such situations, the driver must switch off the air conditioner and park the car. He should not switch off the engine and let it run at normal speed till the high engine coolant temperature warning light comes to normal.



Changing of spares is a normal routine too. One must keep a check on the cars parts. In case they are found to be faulty, one must replace them immediately. BP Auto Spares India is a reputed Tata Spare Parts dealer that supplies a range of Tata Parts, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Telcoline Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Tata 1518 Parts,and more.

Popular, Stylish, and Durable Passenger Vehicles from Tata Motors

Tata Parts

Tata Motors is a leading vehicle manufacturing organization in India, which has crafted a niche for itself in the global auto market too. Founded in the year 1945, the ace automobile producing organization has over 8 million vehicles plying on the Indian roads, including cars, utility vehicles, busses, trucks, and much more.

We take a sneak peek at the passenger vehicles produced by the automobile giant.

  • Busses: The Company is India’s largest manufacturer of busses and it ranks fourth globally. These fuel-efficient, spacious, chic, and durable vehicles are built using advanced technology and innovative designs. The popular models include Starbus, Starbus Ultra, CityRide Ex, and Tata Divo.
  • Winger: This is the country’s first Maxi Van. A hot-favourite among big families in India, this vehicle is also apt for school and corporate travel. With enticing exteriors and comfy interiors, the Winger is regarded as one of the most dependable passenger carriers. The reasonable price tag has made it a leading vehicle in its segment.
  • Winger Platinum: Another highly admired vehicle from the house of the leading Indian auto manufacturer, the Winger Platinum is a spacious 7-seater van which guarantees a good driving experience. The significant features include brilliant suspension, fuel-efficiency, easy manoeuvrability, and much more.
  • Magic: Built on the Ace platform, this vehicle is available in 6 and 7-seater options. Its superior technology makes it a popular passenger coupe of the country.
  • Magic Iris: Another reasonably priced vehicle, the Magic Iris is a compact four-wheeler that can accommodate 3 or 4 passengers. Built on a fully closed body design, the vehicle sports a sleek look.
  • Venture: Revered as the ‘Bade Dilwalon ki Gaadi’ the Venture is among the most widely accepted big family vehicle. Equipped with a 1.4 litre Turbo Diesel engine, it is available in 5, 7 & 8 seating options.

Those who own a vehicle from India’s largest vehicle manufacturing company may contact BP Auto Spares India for their Tata Spare Parts requirement. The organization is a leader in supplying Tata Parts, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Telcoline Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Tata 1518 Parts, and much more.

Tata Motors, a Leading Producer of Trucks in India


Tata Motors is a leading vehicle manufacturer in India. It produces a range of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks, and more. The organization has crafted a niche for itself not only in India, but also in the global auto market. It exports its vehicles to various parts of the world and these have received rave reviews worldwide. The company not only focuses on the quality of the products it manufactures, it also ensures to launch vehicles at real affordable prices.

We explore the trucks produced by the automobile giant:

  • Prima: These tractors, trailers, and tippers are mainly used by transporters, miners, and similar users. The highlight of these vehicles is its ergonomic cab design, durability, and guarantee for high productivity.
  • Construck: These vehicles are mainly used in the construction and mining industries. The powerful engine ensures high fuel-efficiency, which has made these trucks a hot-favourite. These are economical and are easy to maintain too. With a durable body these are hot sellers in the country.
  • Light Trucks: The light trucks produced by the organization are very popular too. These range from a carrying capacity of 4 to 13 tons and with load bodies that measure 10 feet to 22 feet.
  • Pickups: The Company was the first to produce a pickup vehicle in the year 1989. Today, it manufacturers an array of trucks in this segment, including the Telcoline, Rx Pickup, and the Xenon Pickup. These automobiles look good, produce good power & mileage, and are a good value for money too. The Super Ace pickup requires a special mention. Equipped with a TCIC engine, it produces 70PS Power and 135 Nm peak torque at a top speed of 125 KMPH. The Super Ace Mint is also an admired pickup truck. Powered by a 1.4 Litre Dicor (Common Rail) Engine, it guarantees a mileage of 17.9 KMPL. With a body length of 2630 mm, it is the longest vehicle in its segment. It produces a power of 70 HP and assures a top speed of 125 KMPH.

 Those who own any of the vehicles from the ace vehicle manufacturer and are in need of Tata Spare Parts, may contact BP Auto Spares India, a leading supplier of Tata Parts. They are leaders in the industry, and have a range of spares, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Telcoline Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Tata 1518 Parts, and more.

Popular Small Cars from Tata Motors

Tata Motors is among the leading car manufacturers in India. The business house diversified their business and entered the Indian Automobile Industry in the year 1991. Since then, there has been looking back for the organization in this sphere.

Tata Motors manufacturers various cars, such as, SUVs, Small cars, and more. We explore the ‘Small Cars’ made by the Indian automobile giant

  • Tata Nano: Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular cars in this segment. Launched at a price of Rs 100,000 only, the car was an instant hit. The organization targeted the middle-class Indian who could afford a two-wheeler but not a car. However, the coupé faced a few technical issues, which were instantly taken care by the organization. Today, this is the cheapest and most admired small car.


  • Tata Indica: This hatchback was launched in the year 1998. The first generation of the vehicle was available in 3 models – Indica V2 1.4 L Diesel, Indica V2 Petrol, and the Indi cab. The last model is also very popular as a private cab in the country. Today, the Indica is produced as Indica Vista. It is one of the highest sold small cars from Tata . Its good performance and reasonable pricing have made it one of the trendiest cars of all times.

Tata Indica

  • Tata Bolt: Manufactured under the Tata Motor’s ‘Falcon Programme’, this is the latest offering from the vehicle manufacturer. It was unveiled with its sedan version, the Tata Zest, at the Indian Auto Expo 2014. Priced reasonably and flaunting good looks, this is a very stylish car doing well with the middle-class Indian.

Tata Bolt

Car owners, who own various Tata models, may contact Suzuki parts for their Tata Spare Parts needs. The organization has built a credible reputation in the industry and has a ready supply of Tata Parts, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Spare Parts For Tata 407,Suzuki Car Parts and more.

The organization is led by veterans from the industry and has team of skilled professionals, always ready to extend help to customers. They have in store a variety of vehicle spares.

Best Cars from the House of Tata Motors

Tata, the renowned Indian business group entered the auto market in the year 1991 with an SUV named Tata Sierra. The next year they launched the Tata Estate, and gradually they captured the Indian Auto Market. After almost two and half decades, they now have numerous car models and have a reputation of being one of the best car manufacturers too.

In the past 25 years, the ace car manufacturer has launched many cars. We list below the best among these:

  • Tata Sumo: Launched in the year 1994, this is one of the most successful cars of the automobile giant. This MUV got a facelift in the year 2004 and it was christened Sumo Victa. It had the same mechanics as the Sierra and Estate models. Within 3 years of its launch the company made a record sale of 100,000 units.


  • Tata Nano: This car was designed to target the middle-class Indian who travelled on 2 wheelers. Launched at a price equivalent to that of a two-wheeler, the car did well with the targeted customers. Over time the price of the car has increased. Initially the car faced criticism, but the company rectified the shortcomings and today it is popular in the budgeted car segment in India.


  • Tata Indigo: This sedan was launched in the year 2002. The company introduced a Long Wheel Base variant in the year 2007 and named it the Indigo XL. In the year 2008, it manufactured the Indigo CS or compact sedan.


  • Tata Indica: This supermini coupé was launched in the year 1998. It is one of the most popular cars in the country. The company exported this model to various parts of the world and got rave reviews for it. At present the second generation of this model is being produced and it goes by the name of Indica Vista. Those who own this car and other models from Tata may contact Suzuki Ritz Parts, a leading Tata Spare Parts dealer in the country. They have a ready supply of a range of Tata Parts, including Tata Indigo Parts, Tata Telcoline Parts, Tata Indica Parts, TATA 713 Parts, Tata 1518 Parts, and more.