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The Top 3 Players in Production of Dump Trucks in India

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A dump truck or a tipper is a vehicle which is primarily used for carrying loose material including sand or gravel for construction activities. Outfitted with an open box bed, this vehicle comes loaded with hydraulic pistons to lift the front portion, thus enabling the material in the bed to be easily dumped on the ground, without the use of manual labor.  Below is an insight on the top 3 manufacturers in this segment and their respective products:

1. Volvo FM Dump Truck

Powered by a D13A 480 engine, the Volvo FM offers a vibration-free gear level, low noise level, optimum driving position, ergonomic seats, and high capacity climate control system. Specifically designed for operational excellence and high productivity, this truck delivers a fuel-efficient and comfortable drive.

2. Komatsu India Rigid & Articulated Dump Trucks

Komatsu India offers a diverse range of rigid and articulated dump trucks. Amidst the rigid vehicles, the 960E-2K renders a nominal payload of 327 tonnes and runs at a maximum speed of 64.5 km/hour. With an electric drive system, it has a minimum turning radius of 16m.  Providing a rated payload of 36.5 tonnes, the HM400-2R is an articulated dump vehicle from the house of Komatsu India, which has the capability to run at a speed of 58.5 km/hour.

3. MAN Tipper Range Trucks

Under the hood of a MAN tipper, lies a 6 cylinder, 6.9 litres, Turbo-charged Inter cooled engine. Other features of these tippers include dual circuit air actuated drum brakes, heavy duty leaf spring front suspension, bogie suspension at the rear, strong ladder chassis having high strength steel for high torsion & bending stress, and a spacious & high visibility day cabin. Some of the models in the MAN tipper range are CLA 16.220 4×2 Box Body Construction Tipper, CLA 16.220 4×2 Rock Body Mining Tipper, and CLA 25.220 6×4 On Road Construction Tipper (6 Speed). For MAN spare parts and MAN truck parts, companies may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, a dealer in MAN parts and other spares of renowned manufacturers. Here’s a detailed information on All You Want to Know about Technical Specifications of MAN Cargo Range.

Apart from the above-mentioned makes, there are several other companies which produce dump trucks and allied vehicles, such as, Ashok Leyland, BEML, and more.

These Cargo Vans Are Perfect For Contemporary Business Needs

Man truck parts

Finding the right cargo van is not an easy task. This is primarily because there aren’t many such vehicles prevalent in the market. Further, in technical aspects, most of them look similar on paper. Listed below are a few cargo vans that provide all the facilities to meet the contemporary business requirements:

1. Ford Transit

One of the recent full-size cargo vans to enter the automotive market, the Ford Transit offers three engines, that include a 3.7 liter V6 offering 266 horsepower, a turbo charged EcoBoost V6 providing better gas mileage, and a 3.2-liter turbo diesel 5-cylinder for towing & hauling massive loads.

2. Freightliner & Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Rendering two body styles and roof sizes, the  Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner, is a full-size cargo van. It comes equipped with a 76.4 inch interior height, 190 cubic feet of cargo space, 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, and 3,000 pounds of payload capacity.

3. Nissan NV

Boasting of a whopping 4000 pounds of payload capacity and 9500 pounds of towing capacity, the Nissan NV features an impressive 4.0-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8. While the standard roof model provides 55.8 inches of interior height, the high roof version renders a height of 76.9 inches.

4. RAM ProMaster

Featuring two excellent engines and a massive cargo space, the RAM ProMaster possesses an interior height of 76 inches and payload capacity of 4417 pounds. While the standard van offers 280 hp 3.6-liter V6, the vehicle provides an option for a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6.

5. CLA 49.280 6X4 Prime Mover

Equipped with an exceptional  DI Turbo charged intercooled engine, this Tractor Head from MAN yields a maximum power of 280 HP @ 2400 r/min and a maximum speed of 78 kmph. Other specifications include telescopic & adjustable power steering and air actuated drum brakes. Organizations having these cargo vans may contact BP Auto Spares India for Man Spare Parts. The company always has in store a ready supply of Man Truck Parts and other Man Parts.
Of course, the final decision of purchasing a cargo van depends upon one’s budget, preference, style, and business needs.

These MAN Trucks are Reliable and Stylish Too!

With its head office in Munich in Germany, the MAN Truck & Bus AG is an eminent manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including coaches, trucks, diesel & natural-gas engines, and more.

The trucks get manufactured at various sites. The heavy range trucks are produced in Munich, Salzgitter, & Krakow, light & medium range ones are manufactured in Steyr, and special-purpose vehicles are made in Vienna.

In India, MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd was formed in the year 2006, and in 2012 the company was taken over by MAN Truck & Bus AG.

We list below some of the most popular cargo models in India

  • CLA 49.280 6×4 Prime Mover: Powered by a MAN D-0836 mill, this model musters a maximum power of 280 HP (206 kW) at 2400 r/min with a maximum speed of 78 KMPH. It flaunts a telescopic & adjustable power steering ZF-8043 and S-Cam, Dual circuit brakes.

CLA 49.280 6×4 Prime Mover

  • CLA 49.220 Prime Mover: Equipped with a MAN D-0836 – LFL 17 engine this model comes with the same steering and brake specifications as that mentioned above. This vehicle promises to give a maximum speed of 75 KMPH with a maximum power of 220 HP (162 kW) at 2400 r/min.

CLA 49.220 Prime Mover

  •  CLA 40.280 4×2 Prime Mover: This truck also comes with a MAN D-0836 engine and it generates a maximum power of 280 HP (206 kW) at 2400 r/min with a max speed of 88 KMPH. Overall it is a sturdy vehicle which looks good too.

CLA 40.280 4×2 Prime Mover

  •  CLA 40.220 4×2 Prime Mover: Powered by the same engine as its peers, this model yields 220 HP (162 kW) at 2400 r/min with a maximum speed of 83 KMPH.
  • MAN CLA 31.220 8×2 Chassis with Cab: With a max power of 220 HP (162 kW) @ 2400 r/min and a max speed of 89 KMPH, this vehicle boasts of 31000 kgs GVW. A heavy vehicle, it promises a good performance.

MAN CLA 31.220 8×2 Chassis with Cab

  • CLA 25.220 6×2 Chassis with Cabin: This vehicle gives a maximum speed of 84 KMPH with maximum power of 220 HP (162 kW) at 2400 r/min.

CLA 25.220 6×2 Chassis with Cabin

Organizations who own these commercial vehicles may contact BP Auto Spares India for Man Spare Parts, including Man Truck Parts. The organization has in store a ready supply of these Man Spare Parts.

Keeping Your Car Running Cool During Summers


Summer temperatures soar beyond 48 degree Celsius in some most parts of the country. These temperatures affect the working of your car especially the interiors. The exteriors also need a bit tending since engine and other parts work in tandem to keep the car running smoothly.

Travelling in an improperly ventilated and warm car poses serious health risks like heat stroke, flu and severe dehydration.

To keep your car cool, you have to keep a proper check on the AC functioning and battery ventilation.

  • If your car doesn’t cool like before, maybe it is time to check refrigerant level or get the AC serviced.
  • Summer heat is extremely harmful to your car’s battery, reducing its life and spewing harmful emissions.
  • Excessive heat and UN-damped vibration of the car can lead to breakdown of internal parts and eventual failure of batteries.
  • Always secure your battery firmly in place to minimize its movement.
  • If your car battery is more than three-four years old, consider replacing it or showing it to a technician who will tell you how much longer it can last dependent on its current electrolyte levels.
  • Regular check of the cooling system in your car will protect it from overheating.
  • Replace old coolant every two years and always get this done by a qualified technician only.
  • Always make to inflate your tires at optimal levels to keep the car above ground. Remember, the closer your car is to the scorching tarmac, the hotter it will get!
  • Add manufacturer specified additives to your fuel to keep the engine corrosion free. Corrosion induces wear and tear which heats up the engine considerably.

This is basic checks you need to perform every now and them to keep your car running cool inside and outside. Doing so, will help you save a lot of time and money.

If you are looking for similar accessories or vehicle parts that need replacement, you should get in touch with Suzuki Ritz Parts India.

They are a leading brand in India and abroad for all types of car and truck parts. They have supplies of MAN spare parts and other parts from various parts. They specialize in MAN truck parts. Contact them now to get all your faulty car or truck parts replaced.

Installing Bumper Stickers on Your Car is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!


Bumper stickers enhance the look and feel of your car. They accentuate the shape of your car and help bring out its real beauty. From stickers on the back of the car like devotional quotes, religious symbols or an ‘L’ learning sign for beginners, everything is printed as a vinyl sticker.

These stickers are really easy to apply if you use the right technique and perfect pressure to ease out the bubbles formed when you apply the sticker.

You may have tried to put a neat looking bumper sticker or decal strip on your car body but may have not got it right the first time.

Follow these tips to do it perfectly.

1)    Determine the correct location where the decal strip will be placed.

2)     Make sure to measure the length and breadth of the sticker in comparison to the place on your car where you wish to apply it.

3)    Clean the body of your car with either water or some car cleaning wax to remove grime and dust.

4)    Before removing the backing paper on the decal, use masking tape to avoid peeling of body paint while you start easing out the decal on the car. Apply a strip of masking tape right down the middle of the vinyl decal so that it stays in place and is firmly held when you apply it.

5)   Remove the backing paper and get ready to apply this decal to your car body. Do not remove the entire backing paper, just a part of it to avoid the glue sticking to your hands and spoiling the shape of the decal.

6)    Apply the decal with ease on the body and lift a side of the decal slowly and steadily.

7)    If your car comes with half-split backing paper, you won’t have to do step number 5.

8)    Lift the either side of the decal easily and keep pressing it down on the car body with gentle pressure. Keep peeling off the backing paper slowly to ease out all bubbles.

9)    Now comes the hard part, take a flat edged object like a credit card or a squeegee tool to gently press the decal flat on the car body. This will ease out all bubbles. Be sure to progress from one side to the other.

10)  Move up and down gently to make the decal flat and appealing. Any remaining bubble will spoil the look of the decal.

11)  Your decal is now applied!

This was a simple way of applying vinyl decals on your car with ease. If you are looking for similar accessories and vehicle parts, you should contact BP Auto Spares India Suzuki parts, which is a highly reputed dealer of car parts in India and abroad. They have a ready supply of MAN spare parts, including MAN truck parts and parts for other vehicles such as cars and trucks of other brands too.