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An Overview of MAN Construction & Mining Tippers

In today’s fast paced markets, businesses require a fleet of tippers that offers a perfect blend of reliability, sturdiness, efficiency, and a long service life. Backed by advanced German technologies and extensive expertise, the MAN vehicles render superior performance, great comfort, and high level of safety.

Genuine Man Truck Parts

MAN CLA 31.280, 8X4 – Rock Body Mining Tipper

Outfitted with a BS-III Compliant, MAN D-0836 Turbo charged, Inter cooled Engine, this rock body mining tipper has been specially designed to resist corrosion. Its aerodynamic cabin comes equipped with heat & sound dampeners and a hydraulic cab tilt having a tilt angle of 60°. Offering supreme levels of fuel-efficiency and reliability, this vehicle also boasts of environment-friendly features. In terms of safety, it provides MAN patented Exhaust Valve Brakes (EVB) and a variety of other premium quality Man parts. As fas as performance is concerned, it renders an output of 280hp of power and 1100 Nm of torque. It can run at a maximum speed of 78 kmph in top gear and 45-58 kmph in economy speed in top gear.

MAN CLA 25.220 – On Road Construction Tipper

Powered by a 220 hp mechanical engine, the MAN CLA 25.220 tipper produces a whopping 800 Nm of torque and is perfectly suited for transporting stones, sand, coal, and aggregates. It comes with an aerodynamic cabin, which offers supreme comfort as well as safety for the driver. Then there are the maintenance free front axle and longer oil change intervals, which promise durability, reliability, and efficiency.

MAN CLA 25.280, 6X4 – Box Body Construction Tipper

Featuring a 6 Inline DI Turbo charged Intercooled engine, the CLA 25.280 tipper churns 280 HP of power and 1100 Nm of torque. Other specifications include telescopic & adjustable power steering, S-Cam, dual-circuit, air actuated drum brakes, 9-speed synchromesh gearbox, single plate, pull type, power assisted clutch, and special high strength steel chassis frame. Further, it offers a minimum ground clearance of 385 mm at the front and 327 mm at the rear, along with a wheelbase of 4525 mm.

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An Overview of Different Types of MAN Oils

When it comes to buying oil for a MAN vehicle, one should look for genuine MAN oil. Be it for engines, transmissions, or drive axles, only genuine MAN spare parts can guarantee proper protection against wear & tear. What’s more, they also aid in the longevity of the vehicle and bring about a decreased cost of ownership. The engines of today need to fulfil a variety of technical and chemical demands. It is important that they are oiled at regular intervals, so that the vehicle can deliver its intended performance and live up to the expectations of its owner. Moreover, it is the oil that supports each component of the engine, making it adept to offer supreme levels of performance and efficiency, whilst ensuring that the vehicle produces low levels of emissions.

MAN spare parts

Here’s a quick overview of the different types of MAN oils:

Engine Oil

With the MAN Engine oil, engines can undergo service intervals of up to 140,000 kms. In the case of diesel particulate filters, the service intervals increase to a whopping 850000 kms. Even by consuming a low quantity, the engines are fully capacitated to render high levels of efficiency. The cleaning effect aids in prevention of deposit build-up. As a result, the owner experiences a great mileage as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Transmission Oil

The MAN transmission oil boasts of high resistance to oxidation and thermal stability. Its optimal viscosity makes sure that the driver does not experience cold starting or flawless gear changes during the winter months. It also helps in increasing the service life, even if the vehicle is being used constantly or traverses on rough terrains. It promises enhanced fuel economy, which in turn translates into savings of money for the owner in the long run.

Axle Oil

It is the drive axles and transfer cases that render the desired torque to the power train of the MAN vehicle. They can deliver peak performance, only if they have been lubricated with the right axle oil. The MAN axle oil can help the vehicle to prevent unnecessary build-up of deposit, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve fuel efficiency.

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An Overview of the MAN Transit Concrete Mixers

Transit Concrete Mixers from the stable of MAN are by far the best vehicles for transportation of concrete. Construction companies are always on the lookout of vehicles which can offer a quick and reliable means of transporting concrete from the mixing plant to the construction site. In this aspect, MAN vehicles fare extremely well. They have been primarily designed and  manufactured to offer its owners with a superior performance and utmost reliability. For every requirement, there is a vehicle, be it 4×2 chassis or 8×4 chassis. Below is an insight on the 3 variants of these vehicles available from the house of MAN:


4 CuM Transit Concrete Mixer

Outfitted with a 220 hp BS III engine, this mixer produces a torque of 800 Nm. It also brings on board a 6-speed synchromesh ZF gearbox. Offering a small turning radius along with exceptional gradeability, it is perfectly suitable for hilly regions. Further, it is highly manoeuverable and has a world-class ground clearance. Construction companies need not worry about MAN spare parts of this mixer as these are readily available in BP Auto Spares India, a leading-edge dealer of replacement auto parts.

8 / 10 cum Transit Concrete Mixers

Equipped with a 280 hp BSIII engine producing 1100 Nm of torque, this mixer features inter axle and differential lock for commuting on rough terrains. It also comes with the innovative Engine PTO, the first and one-of-its-kind engine, which offers increased payload capability, higher fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. With a 9-speed synchromesh gear box with crawler – gear, the vehicle renders excellent gradeability and high ground clearance. Owing to its  heavy duty bogie suspension, it is fully adept at managing the toughest tasks. Further, its lower centre of gravity ensures a stable and safe drive.

Transit Concrete Mixer with a conveyor belt

This mixer is based on a relatively new concept. It provides its owners with the ease of transporting the concrete as well as delivering it up to a height of 12m. Owing to its exceptional capability, it is an ideal vehicle to be made use of at crowded urban sites. It is widely used for concrete, mortar, gravel, and wet screened bulk material.

The superlative performance of these vehicles along with easy availability of MAN spare parts has made these vehicles a must-have for construction companies. Here’s A Brief Overview of the Giant Manufacturer MAN Trucks India .

Power-Packed Vehicles from the House of MAN

MAN Trucks India, since its establishment, has always aimed at providing better transport solutions for the benefit of mankind. With its various products like trucks and buses, it has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions. To add on, the automaker also provides diesel as well as natural gas engines for on-road & off-road applications. Among the various powerful and trustworthy vehicles from the house of the automotive giant, a few noteworthy ones are mentioned as below:

Man spare parts

The power house – MAN TGS

The new TGS with its capability to perform heavy-duty jobs and building site traffic has won the hearts of many. It has the capacity to pull enormous power with a high payload while showcasing outstanding fuel economy. Be it a journey on asphalt roads or unsurfaced gravel tracks, TGS is always ready to transport the heaviest of loads, not just safely, but also within the given parameter of time. Due to its impressive wheel, engine, and gearbox combinations, the vehicle can get just about anywhere. Further, since the MAN Tipmatic automatic gear shift system comprises of various drive formulas from 18 to 44, it takes the pressure off the driver, and proves itself to be adept at confronting the challenges that come its way. This is primarily why its demand is unparalleled throughout the world.

MAN Military Vehicles Gmbh

When it comes to military wheeled vehicles, Rheinmetall Military Vehicles (RMMV) GmbH are a great solution. It comprises of a vast range, from armoured & unarmoured to command & role specific vehicles for the armed forces. The RMMV’s vehicles offer exceptional lifecycle costs, high performance, and the most important of all, crew protection.

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The Best Public Utility Vehicles from the House of MAN

MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing of heavy vehicles. It specializes in the production of mining and construction tippers, haulage tractors, and multi axle trucks. However, it is the public utility vehicles from the auto marque that deserve a special mention, primarily because of the effective role they play in every sphere of civic life. Below is the list of few such vehicles.

Man spare parts

MAN Water Tenders

When there arises a question of the protection of civic lives and the surrounding, the water tenders produced by the auto brand, are always ready to help at the right time. This vehicle withstands natural calamities and provides protection during fire breaks and gas & oil alarms.

MAN Garbage Compactors

With the advent of technology, there has been a surge in the demand for the protection of the environment. With an aim to cope up with this growing issue, the company’s garbage compactors come to the rescue. The vehicle carries out the task of transporting, collecting, handling, and storing recyclable materials, efficiently and economically.

MAN Rescue Vehicles

Be it any emergency situation, such as, floods, riots, or earthquakes, the multifunctional rescue vehicles from the auto brand are well equipped to combat the threats. These vehicles are designed with light masts, ladders, cranes, hydraulic cutters, electric tools, and generators.

MAN Industrial Foam Tenders

Even in the industrial field, the tenders manufactured by the company, are helpful in more ways than one. Using dry nitrogen as a propellant, the dry chemical powder (DCP) system can discharge DCP through a hose. A battery of gas cylinder is attached to each vessel, which contains an extra capacity for emergency situations. The best usage of this vehicle is done in refineries and highly inflammable application zones.

MAN Aerial Ladder Platforms

For getting access to fight calamities at heights, turn-table ladder is the most efficient vehicle. With the help of a telescopic ladder, it allows more than one person to land on a safe place.

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Man Parts Keep Most Utility and Public Utility Vehicles Going

Utility vehicles are motorized automobiles made to perform particular functions like transporting people, carrying luggage, displaying on-road or off-road capabilities, use in emergencies and in many other instances. They are usually explicitly designed to fit into carrying out specific tasks which other wagons cannot be able perform.
man spare parts
Some of the biggest MAN utility vehicles used in emergencies include the Water Tenders, and the MAN Foam Tenders and Nursers.  The MAN Water Tenders are used in major firefighting missions and emergencies, in order to protect human lives together with the all important environment from being consumed by fierce fires. They are also useful in fighting natural calamities, and in cases of environmental risks such as oil alarms. The vehicles are normally quick as well as reliable in different terrains.

The Foam Tenders usually carry foam making equipment and fluoroprotein foam liquid. These utility vehicles are known to contain high expansion foams that come so much in handy when dealing with fire emergencies in areas where access is restricted such as ship holds and basements.

Utility wagons can also be categorized into:

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

These ones have a striking resemblance with station wagons. They are based on a light-truck chassis and have high seating capacity. They are normally powered by a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. They are mostly useful in off-road and towing purposes.

Military or Armored Utility Vehicles

Just like their name hints, these utility vehicles are normally for military use. They include military trucks, tanks and many other war machines.

Cross Utility Vehicles (CUVs)

These automobiles are more like SUVs. However, the station wagons come on a car chassis. Their main use is to give outstanding on-road performance.

Multi-Utility Vehicles (MUV)

An MUV is usually large and hence is very useful in accommodating more passengers when compared to other vehicles. They also come with a larger luggage capacity.

Corpse Utility or tray Utility vehicles

These automobiles are fitted with a passenger compartment that comes with an attached cargo bed.

The other common MAN Public Utility vehicles that depend on Man parts include: The Rescue Vehicles which are in the same category as Riot Control or Water Canon vehicles. These are vehicles which are normally well equipped for handling many types of emergencies such as accidents earthquakes, floods as well as public riots. They come fitted with light masts, cranes, ladders, electric generators, Hydraulic Cutters and many other tools that are useful in combating emergency situations.

The others are Aerial Platform Ladders and MAN Turntable Ladder (TTL), which are very useful in accessing fires that occur in high buildings. They are normally fitted with a special ladder. The Aerial Ladder offers a safe haven for any firefighter to maneuver equipment from as well as enables many persons, including those rescued to be safely evacuated.

MAN garbage Compressors provide an innovative solution for dealing with garbage and keeping the environment clean. They are best equipped to collect and handle waste materials that can be recycled.

Excellent Semitrailer Combinations from the house of MAN Trucks

Based on the specific requirements, enterprises make use of various types of vehicle combinations for carrying cargo, such as, tractor-trailer, semi-truck, semi-trailer, 18-wheeler, and many more. While the semi-truck consists of the engine, the semi-trailer only comprises wheels and is responsible for carrying the cargo. Semi-trailers are often attached to a tractor or truck unit. The biggest advantage of using a semi-trailer is that it can be coupled and detached easily. Listed below are a few popular semi-trailer combinations available from the house of MAN Trucks:


The small and compact semitrailers for City

With a short wheelbase and low top edge of frame, the MAN TGM and MAN TGL are super comfortable and economical. Further, they also offer high loading capacity, low access heights, and a massive door opening angle. In terms of safety, both the variants render an electronic stability program, lane guard system, emergency brake assist, mirror concept for optimum viewing, xenon headlights for bright road illumination, efficient break management, and other innovative safety systems for the driver.

The sturdy semitrailer for maximum payload

Robust and rigid, the MAN TGS is often revered as the payload giant. Produced from sturdy and fine-grained steel, this vehicle boasts of light-weight construction, GPS-controlled cruise control, excellent fuel efficiency, powerful engine, and enhanced aerodynamics. Ranging from two to four-axles, this vehicle is fully capable of catering to the requirements in drinks logistics, waste disposal, and fire brigade. Further, it can also offer transport facilities for refrigerated products, timber, or hazardous materials.

The semitrailer for maximum efficiency

Bragging of the highest loading capacity, enormous engine power, and fantastic off-road capability, this vehicle is perfect for heavy duty transport. The two most unique features include the Efficient cruise system which allows the driver to recognize inclines as well as downhill routes, and the TipMatic, a 12-speed shift system, which aids in lesser diesel consumption.

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The Top 3 Players in Production of Dump Trucks in India

Man truck Parts

A dump truck or a tipper is a vehicle which is primarily used for carrying loose material including sand or gravel for construction activities. Outfitted with an open box bed, this vehicle comes loaded with hydraulic pistons to lift the front portion, thus enabling the material in the bed to be easily dumped on the ground, without the use of manual labor.  Below is an insight on the top 3 manufacturers in this segment and their respective products:

1. Volvo FM Dump Truck

Powered by a D13A 480 engine, the Volvo FM offers a vibration-free gear level, low noise level, optimum driving position, ergonomic seats, and high capacity climate control system. Specifically designed for operational excellence and high productivity, this truck delivers a fuel-efficient and comfortable drive.

2. Komatsu India Rigid & Articulated Dump Trucks

Komatsu India offers a diverse range of rigid and articulated dump trucks. Amidst the rigid vehicles, the 960E-2K renders a nominal payload of 327 tonnes and runs at a maximum speed of 64.5 km/hour. With an electric drive system, it has a minimum turning radius of 16m.  Providing a rated payload of 36.5 tonnes, the HM400-2R is an articulated dump vehicle from the house of Komatsu India, which has the capability to run at a speed of 58.5 km/hour.

3. MAN Tipper Range Trucks

Under the hood of a MAN tipper, lies a 6 cylinder, 6.9 litres, Turbo-charged Inter cooled engine. Other features of these tippers include dual circuit air actuated drum brakes, heavy duty leaf spring front suspension, bogie suspension at the rear, strong ladder chassis having high strength steel for high torsion & bending stress, and a spacious & high visibility day cabin. Some of the models in the MAN tipper range are CLA 16.220 4×2 Box Body Construction Tipper, CLA 16.220 4×2 Rock Body Mining Tipper, and CLA 25.220 6×4 On Road Construction Tipper (6 Speed). For MAN spare parts and MAN truck parts, companies may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, a dealer in MAN parts and other spares of renowned manufacturers. Here’s a detailed information on All You Want to Know about Technical Specifications of MAN Cargo Range.

Apart from the above-mentioned makes, there are several other companies which produce dump trucks and allied vehicles, such as, Ashok Leyland, BEML, and more.

Amazing Technical Features of MAN Construction Range

Man Spare Parts

MAN is a well-known brand for producing heavy trucks and buses, which are sold in the domestic market, as well as exported to countries in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Revered for its powerful and reliable attributes, the MAN Tipper Range has contributed to the exponential growth of MAN Trucks India.

Be it transporting concrete, mounting the concrete to high levels, or lifting heavy loads, the MAN construction range of vehicles provide great speed and reliability. They help in reducing physical labour, thus assisting the company to finish their projects on time. At times, these products also eliminate the need of buying a separate crane, thereby diminishing the initial investment of capital. Some of these vehicles include the names of transit concrete mixers (with/without conveyor belt), concrete boom pump, and more.

Listed below are some of the technical features of the MAN construction range:

Front & Rear Axles

The MAN construction vehicles come equipped with heavy duty, forged I-beam front axles. The rear axles aid in providing superlative traction and higher ground clearance.

Extra Strong Chassis

Specifically treated for rendering corrosion resistance, the ladder chassis is made from special high strength steel. It also comes loaded with high torsional and bending stress capabilities.

Extra Heavy Duty Brakes

With a drum dia of 410mm, these dual circuit air actuated brakes render a sturdy and quick response. These MAN patented Exhaust Valve Brakes come equipped with automatic slack adjuster as well as asbestos-free linings.

New Generation Cabin

Outfitted with a spacious steel sleeper cabin, these vehicles offer a host of facilities, such as, ZF power steering, adjustable steering column, three-way adjustable deluxe driver seat, and more. It also offers the options of day cabin and AC.

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MAN produces a diverse range of other construction vehicles, such as, Tip Trailer & Bulkers, Truck Mounted Crane, Mobile Batching Plant, and many more. There is no denying that These Construction Range Products are a Boon for the business community.

All You Want to Know about Technical Specifications of MAN Cargo Range

MAN Parts

MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of vehicles in India. From cargo vehicles to construction ones and from tipper range to public utility automobiles, the organization produces a range of products.

We list below the technical specifications of the MAN cargo range:

Sturdy Engine that Guarantees Better Performance:

The products from the ace automobile manufacturer have a sturdy engine that guarantees a longer life, gives a good mileage, and promises high torque at low RPM. The vehicles come with a D0836 6 cylinder 6.9 litres Turbo-charged Inter cooled engine that generates 280 hp power at 2400 rpm & 1100 Nm torque at 1300 – 1700 rpm and another mill that yields 220 hp at 2400 rpm & 800 Nm torque at 1200 – 1600 rpm.

Advanced Gear Box:

The CLA 25.220 comes with a 6-Speed ZF 6S 850 gearbox and the CLA 31.220 has a 6-Speed Eaton gearbox. These 9-Speed synchromesh gearboxes have a long life and guarantee the best of performance. These planetary gears offer car-like smooth gearshifts.

Better Suspension for Better Driving Comfort:

The CLA 49.220 & 31.220 series come with parabolic suspension that guarantees optimum driver comfort. The CLA 49.220, CLA 31.220, & CLA 25.220 are equipped with long-lasting leaf springs with bell crank mechanism. CLA 49.280 boasts of a rear tough bogie type suspension, while the CLA 40.280 & the CLA 40.220 come with 2-stage heavy-duty semi-elliptical leaf springs.

Spacious Cabin for a Good Driving Experience:

The steel sleeper cabin of these vehicles is spacious and allows higher visibility. It is powered by front semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension that comes with double acting shock absorbers & isolator bushes. It also has NVH insulation which protects it from heat and sound. The other significant features include hydraulic cabin tilting mechanism, steering column that can be adjusted based on the height & rake, ZF power steering, aerodynamic shape that allows low air resistance, and a 3-way adjustable deluxe driver seat.

Those who own these vehicles may contact BP Auto Spares India, a leading MAN Spare Parts supplier. It is a renowned name in supplying MAN Parts and MAN Truck Parts.

MAN produces a range of other cargo products too. These Cargo Vans Are Perfect For Contemporary Business Needs.