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Ready-to-Use Light Commercial Vehicles from the House of Leyland

From transportation of vegetables, fruits, mineral water, to sand, & cement, light commercial vehicles are highly useful and beneficial to entrepreneurs as well as large corporate houses. Leyland, an eminent leader in manufacturing of light commercial vehicles, offers four primary models in this segment, which include, DOST, PARTNER, STiLE, and MiTR. It also provides a range of ready-to-use vehicles, which are as follows:

leyland spare parts

Steel Container on DOST

With a payload capacity of 1065 kgs, this vehicle offers a flap type rear door which can be fully opened. Further, it also features a spot-welded floor assembly, internal roof light, and aerodynamic wind deflector. Its light weight helps in getting great mileage. Its primary applications include catering, packers & movers, courier, and transportation of groceries, milk & milk products, vegetables, fruits, flowers, garments, stationery, and much more.

Refrigerated Container

Offering easy and convenient transportation of pharmaceuticals & perishable items, this Leyland vehicle boasts of corrosion-free Leyland parts, which offer enhanced durability and longevity. In order to avoid loss of cooling, the manufacturer has packed in an array of features, such as, sealed doors using multi-flaps type EPDM gaskets, protective curtains, raised aluminum floor, and inbuilt service door. Offering a payload capacity of 718 kgs, it provides a temperature control range of -25°C to +10°C. Other impressive features include internal roof lighting for better visibility and sliding footsteps for easy entry & exit.  

Ambulance on DOST

Equipped with a 1.5L, 1478 CC, 3-Cylinder TDCR engine, the DOST ambulance renders ample comfort for the driver as well as the patient. Some of the features include air-conditioner, storage space under the seat of attendant, foot-operated wash basin, externally accessible oxygen cylinder compartment, grab rail, power sockets, compartment lights & fans, and more. In terms of safety, it provides ELR seat belts for driver, front emergency light, LED evacuation lamps, and portable fire extinguisher.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the company also offers Aluminium FSD and Service-at-Site vans. All vehicles have been designed for enhanced payload, easy maneuverability, and great ground clearance. Those who wish to purchase reliable Leyland spare parts, may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, a renowned auto parts dealer. Here’s some information on other Popular Leyland Trucks & Buses That Offer a Superlative Experience. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Running similar to New


If you love your car, you should respect the fact that it is a machine which undergoes gradual wear and tear. If you do not maintain it properly, this wear and tear will increase considerably and incur you huge costs. IT is necessary to follow this guide in order to have peace of mind and keep your car running like new.

1)    Follow Your Vehicle’s Service Manual Schedule

Always pay attention to the vehicle maintenance schedule provided with your vehicle. Not following with its dates and maintenance charts will cause you serious headaches especially if you do not monitor it soil life. The manual suggests the best time for you to make an oil change.

2)    Regularly Check The Car Fluids And Proper Tire Pressure

1. Open your car’s hood and pull out the long oil dipstick in the oil container with a cloth.

2. Wipe it, reinsert it and then pull it out again to check the level of oil and its cleanliness.

3. Also be sure to check the overflow reservoir for the radiator fluid level and the reservoir cylinder for the car’s brake oil level.

4. The power sheering’s fluid level can also be checked.

5. When the tires are cool, use a tire pressure gauge to make sure that each tire has the required air psi as mentioned in the owner’s manual.

3)    Odd Noises During Start-Up

1. Loud squealing sound means that your brakes need changing.

2. A scraping or mild grinding noise while applying the brakes mean that the brake pads have worn out and they need change since they are grinding against the metal wheel.

4)    Always Drive Your Car Slow Right After Start Up

1. Never depress the accelerator too much during start-up. Let the car’s engine and oil warm up naturally. It takes a few seconds after initial start-up for the engine oil pump to lubricate a cold engine.

2. Keeping your rpm down during that time is ideal.

5)    Never Drive Too Hard Or Slam On The Brakes

1. Always drive calmly. Never does full-throttle acceleration since you won’t need it; you are not in a race.

2. Never slam on the brakes too hard since this wears down the brake pads.

3. While shifting gears always depress the clutch fully.  Make sure the car is at a standstill if you plan to shiftinto reverse gear.

These simple steps apply to all vehicles, and will help you respect your machine.

Parts wear out on every automobile after a while. Remember, it is always cheaper to fix your car parts than to sell it off. Contact Suzuki Ritz Parts India to supply you with car or truck spare parts that need replacement. They have a ready supply of Leyland Parts including Leyland Spare Parts and parts of other brands too which can be ordered on-call.

Preparing Yourself for Emergencies during a Car Breakdown

Leyland Parts

Whether you are gave on you leaving you stranded or you met with an accident, you should always know how to outfit your car during an emergency.

You should plan ahead for any circumstance or scenario and keep a proper toolkit and medical emergency kit always in your vehicle.

Here are some essential items you should keep in your car’s boot space all the time –

1)  Include a first aid kit with all essential items in it. You can purchase such kits from the market too.

2)   A Swiss army knife, a flashlight, matchboxes and a lighter, a pen and small notebook, and a spare car cell-phone charger.

3)   A LED headlamp can be used while changing tires or looking into a blown up engine.

4)   Keep some bottled water to use as coolant when your engine stops running after becoming too hot.

5)   Keep a spare key hidden somewhere in the bonnet to help unlock the car even if you lose your keys.

6)   Keep lots of duct tape to help you tape up any scratches or dents.

7)   Keep spare cash in the glove box for emergency purposes.

8)  Keep a car jack to help you change tires. A hydraulic one is preferable rather than the cranking ones.

9)  Keep vehicle jumper cables to easily charge your battery with someone’s help if your battery gives up on you during a long trip.

10)  Keep a flat fixing adhesive that you can apply to a punctured tire when it goes flat so that you can somehow reach the closest service centre.

11)  Keep a basic tool set, a wrench, wire cutters and a hammer for all kinds of handy work.

You can always rely on Suzuki A-Star Parts India to supply you with car or truck spare parts in any emergency. We have a ready supply of Leyland Parts including Leyland Spare Parts and parts of other brands too. Get in touch with us now!