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Ashok Leyland, Big Player in the Production of Amazing Vehicles and Sale of Great Leyland Parts

Ashok Leyland is the flagship project of Hinduja Group India. The company has obviously been a formidable presence in the Indian commercial vehicle manufacturing industry and the sale of amazing Leyland parts. It churns out a wide range of products starting from 7.5 T GVW to 49 T GTW in transportation of goods, as well as 19 – 80-seater passenger vehicles. Most of them come with exceptional applications as well as diesel engines.


Ashok Motors was set up in Madras in 1948, to assemble Austin Cars. The company’s fortunes and name would change soon with the equity involvement by Ashok Leyland and British Leyland starting to make commercial vehicles in 1955. Since then, Ashok Leyland has never looked back and it continues to dominate the Indian commercial vehicle industry. It is known for its tradition of technological headship, which has been painstakingly achieved through collaborations with global technology leaders and through a dynamic in-house management.

With its current headquarters in Chennai, Ashok Leyland has built its reputation as one of India’s biggest commercial automobile organizations (The second largest in the segment). It is as well one of the leading lights in terms of vehicle production in the world standing at 4th in bus manufacture and 16th in truck production globally. The company has also lately entered the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Industry, in collaboration with Nissan Motors. The company’s exports span over 30 countries in Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa.

The company owns numerous manufacturing plants in India, as well as across the globe including Middle East and Europe. In India the plants can be found in Hosur, Ennore, Bhandara, Alwar, Sengadu village and Pantnagar. It also owns a technical center near Chennai.

The management of Ashok Leyland has reiterated that the company’s success has been largely due to their customer-focused approach, all the way from the designing of the products, to networking as well as service capability Top of the list of the Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles include their city buses, which give many city dwellers comfortable rides across the world. They make buses of different sizes, starting from 18-seaters up to 80-seaters that offer the end users an array of comfort options. The buses come in many packages including Suburban, school or staff, intercity and special type buses. The most popular buses include Cheetah bus Chassis, Avion ULF, Titan Double Decker and many others.

The company also churns out some of the best trucks with the best Leyland parts that can be found anywhere in the world today. It manufactures distribution and long haul trucks, as well as those used for mining and construction works. The long haul types trucks include 1612il, 3118il Super, U 4019il tractor and the 3118il XL.In their joint venture with Nissan, Ashok Leyland has produced some of the best light vehicles in the market. These trendy models include PARTNER, MiTR and STiLE and MiTR. PARTNER, with a 4 ton payload, is popular for its superior mileage and comfort. DOST, which has a total payload of 1.25 tons is a fuel efficient SCV. STiLE, which comes with a sturdy dCi engine, is an MPV. All of these vehicles come with the best Leyland parts ever.

Trucks and Tractors for Rural and Urban India

Leyland PartsHeadquartered in Chennai, Ashok Leyland is an Indian auto manufacturing company. It is a manufacturer of a range of buses, trucks, tractors, light vehicles, defence vehicles, and more. It also produces engines for use by various industries and marine applications.

For Leyland Spare Parts one may contact BP Auto Spares India, a leading supplier of Leyland Parts, as well as spares of vehicles produced by other leading automobile manufacturers, such as Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd, and more.

We explore a few of the trucks and tractors made by Ashok Leyland for the Indian roads.

Multi Axle Vehicles: These vehicles have more than two conventional axles. These extra axles are used to comply with legal weight restrictions or to accommodate diverse vehicle designs. Some of the popular models include U-3118, U-3718, 2516 il, 2516 il/1, 2516XL, and more.

Tractors: These engineering vehicles are made to produce high torque or tractive efforts at medium pace. These help in hauling agricultural or construction machinery. The popular models include 3518il, U 3518il, 4019il, U 4019il, 4923, U-4923, and more.

4X2 Haulage: The automobile giant produces a range of 4×2 haulage trucks. These are used to carry market loads, parcels, agricultural perishables, and more.

4X2 Trucks: Used in construction, mining, roadwork, coal, and other similar industries, these trucks are very popular in the country. The common models include 1616 / 1616 XL, 1618 il, and U – 1619 BS IV.

Multi-Axle Tipper Trucks: These tipper trucks have more than one axle and that is how they get their name. These are indispensable in a gamut of industries, such as Lime stone, Bauxite, Coal, Iron ore Mining, Irrigation & canal projects, and many more. N 2523 HR, 2518 T il, 2518 T il HD, N 2518 HD, N 2518 HD, 2518 H3/4C, 2518il LWB RMC, U- 2518 T/1, and U-2518 T are the common trucks produced by Ashok Leyland in this segment.

Distribution Trucks: These vehicles are used for intra-city distribution. They assist in transporting parcels (logistics), market load, fruits & vegetables, and more. Today, BOSS and ECOMET are the most admired distribution trucks available.  Click at link for more information about Leyland Parts.

These Dependable Buses from Leyland are a Class Apart

Leyland Parts

Ashok Leyland is a leading vehicle manufacturer in India. It ranks at the second position in commercial vehicle production in the country. It also boasts of being on the 4th spot globally in producing buses and on the 16th spot in manufacturing trucks.

Their products are being used in over 50 countries across the globe with 70 million people travelling in vehicles produced by them. With over 700,000 trucks serving various industries, the products from the organization have made life easy for many. The machines made by them are used in the Indian Army too, and help keep the country borders safe.

We explore a few of the public transportation vehicles produced by them.

City Bus: The organization produces a range of city buses. These are made for local commutation of passengers. A few of the popular models include JANBUS BS3, JanBus BS4, JanBus BS4 CNG, JanBus midi BS3, JanBus midi BS4 CNG, JanBus midi BS4, ULE CNG BS4, Viking BS4, Cheetah BS3 (IL MECH), FE SLF CNG BS4, Titan Double Decker BS3, Stag BS3, ULE Diesel BS4, Cheetah – BS3 (EDC), Cheetah – BS3 (EDC), RE SLF BS4, Vestibule Bus – BS3, Viking BS3 (IL MECH), Viking BS3 (EDC), and Lynx BS3. Those who wish to buy Leyland Spare Parts may contact BP Auto Spares India, a leading supplier of Leyland Parts, as well as spares of other models produced by ace vehicle manufacturers, such as Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, MAN, Mahindra & Mahindra, and more.

Sub-Urban Bus: These are inter-city travel vehicles. These buses are built to provide comfort for long travels and are fuel-efficient too. The most common models, include Cheetah – BS3 (EDC), Stag BS3, Cheetah BS3 (IL MECH), Viking BS3 (IL MECH), 12M BS3 EDC, 12M BS3 IL MECH, Viking BS3 (EDC), Lynx BS3, and more.

School and Staff Bus: The organization produces a range of special buses for the comfort pursuit of students and office-goers. These are manufactured keeping in mind the need of the passengers. The most admired models include FE SLF BS4, Stag BS3, Viking BS3 (IL MECH), Viking BS3 (EDC), and Lynx BS3.

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Running similar to New


If you love your car, you should respect the fact that it is a machine which undergoes gradual wear and tear. If you do not maintain it properly, this wear and tear will increase considerably and incur you huge costs. IT is necessary to follow this guide in order to have peace of mind and keep your car running like new.

1)    Follow Your Vehicle’s Service Manual Schedule

Always pay attention to the vehicle maintenance schedule provided with your vehicle. Not following with its dates and maintenance charts will cause you serious headaches especially if you do not monitor it soil life. The manual suggests the best time for you to make an oil change.

2)    Regularly Check The Car Fluids And Proper Tire Pressure

1. Open your car’s hood and pull out the long oil dipstick in the oil container with a cloth.

2. Wipe it, reinsert it and then pull it out again to check the level of oil and its cleanliness.

3. Also be sure to check the overflow reservoir for the radiator fluid level and the reservoir cylinder for the car’s brake oil level.

4. The power sheering’s fluid level can also be checked.

5. When the tires are cool, use a tire pressure gauge to make sure that each tire has the required air psi as mentioned in the owner’s manual.

3)    Odd Noises During Start-Up

1. Loud squealing sound means that your brakes need changing.

2. A scraping or mild grinding noise while applying the brakes mean that the brake pads have worn out and they need change since they are grinding against the metal wheel.

4)    Always Drive Your Car Slow Right After Start Up

1. Never depress the accelerator too much during start-up. Let the car’s engine and oil warm up naturally. It takes a few seconds after initial start-up for the engine oil pump to lubricate a cold engine.

2. Keeping your rpm down during that time is ideal.

5)    Never Drive Too Hard Or Slam On The Brakes

1. Always drive calmly. Never does full-throttle acceleration since you won’t need it; you are not in a race.

2. Never slam on the brakes too hard since this wears down the brake pads.

3. While shifting gears always depress the clutch fully.  Make sure the car is at a standstill if you plan to shiftinto reverse gear.

These simple steps apply to all vehicles, and will help you respect your machine.

Parts wear out on every automobile after a while. Remember, it is always cheaper to fix your car parts than to sell it off. Contact Suzuki Ritz Parts India to supply you with car or truck spare parts that need replacement. They have a ready supply of Leyland Parts including Leyland Spare Parts and parts of other brands too which can be ordered on-call.

Preparing Yourself for Emergencies during a Car Breakdown

Leyland Parts

Whether you are gave on you leaving you stranded or you met with an accident, you should always know how to outfit your car during an emergency.

You should plan ahead for any circumstance or scenario and keep a proper toolkit and medical emergency kit always in your vehicle.

Here are some essential items you should keep in your car’s boot space all the time –

1)  Include a first aid kit with all essential items in it. You can purchase such kits from the market too.

2)   A Swiss army knife, a flashlight, matchboxes and a lighter, a pen and small notebook, and a spare car cell-phone charger.

3)   A LED headlamp can be used while changing tires or looking into a blown up engine.

4)   Keep some bottled water to use as coolant when your engine stops running after becoming too hot.

5)   Keep a spare key hidden somewhere in the bonnet to help unlock the car even if you lose your keys.

6)   Keep lots of duct tape to help you tape up any scratches or dents.

7)   Keep spare cash in the glove box for emergency purposes.

8)  Keep a car jack to help you change tires. A hydraulic one is preferable rather than the cranking ones.

9)  Keep vehicle jumper cables to easily charge your battery with someone’s help if your battery gives up on you during a long trip.

10)  Keep a flat fixing adhesive that you can apply to a punctured tire when it goes flat so that you can somehow reach the closest service centre.

11)  Keep a basic tool set, a wrench, wire cutters and a hammer for all kinds of handy work.

You can always rely on Suzuki A-Star Parts India to supply you with car or truck spare parts in any emergency. We have a ready supply of Leyland Parts including Leyland Spare Parts and parts of other brands too. Get in touch with us now!