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Leyland Spare Parts

Why customer choose most excellent supplier of Leyland spare parts

As you can see in the auto market there are many shops to buy Leyland spare parts but you will buy all the spare parts of your trucks with reliable one who provides at affordable prices. Mostly people are believed to buy from that supplier who is transparent with their customers. Customers will always love to see a large variety of products with extensive quality.

People always choose one of the best who caters world-class quality of spare and the guarantee period is the important thing. Every truck owner wants to buy long-life products because it will be safer during drive. Quality always plays an important role to Buy Leyland Spare Parts because it is effective to buy quality ones. Which of the facilities customers have when he chooses a trusted supplier?

  1. Largest collection of Leyland Spare Parts

This is the important thing that customer want to have from the suppliers. Buyer wants to see large variety of Leyland Spare Parts. Buyer always buys the product at competitive prices so he/she always compete for different products and match quality too. Sometime compete the products will be effective and makes you safe from the accidents on roads.

  1. Replace the defective pieces

Replacement of defective prices will be an attractive way to attract more customers to increase sale of your Leyland Spare Parts. Sometime this will happen that supplier sells defective piece to buyer. In this case, customer has right to replace that parts and will love if supplier can replace that spare part.

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  1. Guarantee of products

This is normal when you are going to market to buy any product of spare parts then you want guarantee of that product. Guaranteed products always are first choice of customer because it makes believe to buy this product. As you know Leyland Spare Parts are much costlier but you can choose trusted supplier with guaranteed products.

  1. Fast delivery

When you want to buy Leyland Spare Parts then you will get the delivery fast because it is convenient for customer. Customer always chooses fast deliverer because of it effective for the customer and stay out him/her from typical road problems. Even it is too effective for a supplier when he delivers the product on time.

MAN Truck Parts

Essential Spare Parts Needs for Commercial Vehicles

For the best maintenance of buses and trucks, one must make sure they resort to a timely action maintenance plan. It is common for MAN vehicles to develop snags and one must mend them fast so the vehicle keeps running smoothly. Use of Genuine MAN Truck Parts helps keep all vehicles in top operating condition. It must remain the priority for all transportation groups in schools and commercial institutions.

Pre-work Maintenance Schedules Man Spare Parts

Rework inspection of maintenance programs helps avoid the incidence of risks associated with last-minute preparations. Quality maintenance gets carried out by skilled inspection teams to keep the errors out of the system and vehicles purring sweetly. The tires take up one-third of the maintenance costs and with good reason. They are the ones doing all the work for you. Keeping them fit is an absolute must.

Look under the hood, see if there are any fluid leaks on the pavement. You need to have the right amount of antifreeze, oil, and fuel on every trip. Also, turn the ignition on and check the temperature and air pressure gauges to see they are alright. The oil pressure gauges also bear checking. If you have a MAN truck or coach, you will need MAN Spare Parts. You can get this from a genuine supplier in your locality.

Dependable Ally in Town

Come to B.P. Impex, the leading exporter of Automobile Spare Parts and a wonderful ally for auto owners who need an urgent replacement for their repair work. BP Auto Spares India is well-equipped to give you all the help you need for your MAN vehicle. Their skilled and trained team will work through hand-in-hand with you to solve your problem.

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When you do the preventive maintenance schedule, you get a whole list to go through. The top things you check are the transmission fluid, engine oil, and filter changes. Then, check the fuel system, braking system, and tires. Next in the list is the cooling system, engine, and transmission mounts. Your service technician will help you get through all this and some more. Use of company provided MAN Truck Parts helps your vehicle work better. Don’t forget the auxiliary systems and exhaust systems when you go through the maintenance schedule.

Ever Heard of Slotted and Drilled Rotors?

The auto parts experts of one of the leading Leyland Spare Parts dealers say that one of the most important systems of each and every vehicle rolled out to date is undeniably the brakes. What’s the fun in going fast, slow or not moving at all, if the drivers don’t have the ability to stop at all, it will all feel same and monotonous? A smooth and optimally working braking system is not only quintessential for vehicle control, but also for the safety of the driver and co-passengers in it. It is only because of the brakes that we able to come out alive and injury-free during situations of collision and crash. It won’t do much for you, even if you own a stellar-looking car if it doesn’t possess a braking system that allows you to slow down at an intersection or while navigating a turn. Having a properly functioning brake system allows you to monitor your braking distance, gives an ultimate control of the overall driving experience and an invaluable piece of mind that you can brake late when needed.

Ever Heard of Slotted and Drilled Rotors?

Now one of the most integral parts of a braking system is the brake rotors. When the driver applies the brakes, that is, when he pushes hard on the brake pedal, it engages the vehicle’s master cylinder, which starts transporting brake fluid into the brake lines all the way to the brake calipers. Now, these brake calipers lined with the brake pads surround the outer of the brake rotors. When the brakes are applied, the brake pads squeeze the rotor surface, which slows and gradually stops the wheels from rotating,

Different cars come with different brake rotor designs. The two of the most popular brake rotor designs are cross drilled or slotted. Today we are going to talk about these two rotor designs, the difference between these and which of these rotors is better and why.

Let’s start with cross-drilled brake rotors.

Cross Drilled Rotors: You’ll normally find Cross Drilled Rotors on most of the high-end sports cars. They feel really fast when equipped with a normal parked car. Cross-drilled brake rotors are designed to provide an escape for the accumulated gas and dirt collected between the brake pad and brake disc. The holes drilled into the cross drilled rotors are there to provide instant cooling to the vast surface between the brake pad and brake disc. This is done by directly granting them a link passage to the interior cooling vanes of the rotor. This is how the surface area between the brake pad and brake disc increases and the brake temperatures decreases.

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Slotted Drilled Rotors: Slotted Drilled Rotors are known for providing a significant power boost over smooth brake rotors that are common in normal parked cars. Due to heavy and sudden braking, the brake pads become prone to wear and increased outgassing. These two phenomenon cause the gas and dust to build up between the brake pad and the rotor surface. This causes a lapse in friction and in turn leads to “brake fade”. The friction surface of the Slotted Drilled Rotors has channels, or “slots” as the name suggests, machined into it.  These channels or “slots” provide an escape route for the accumulated gas and dirt collected between the brake pad and rotor. When the buildup gas and infinitesimal dirt particles are blown away from the surface, they basically follow the channels of the slot across the surface of the rotor, venting out heat as well, thereby reducing the likelihood of warpage due to overheating.

BP Auto Spares India is a leading Leyland Spare Parts dealer. Our wide range of spare parts knows no bounds. We have a ready stock of every single car and truck part needed for the smooth functioning. You can check our complete catalog here.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Let’s Understand Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

The auto parts industry experts of one of the leading Tata Truck Parts Dealers, BP Auto Spares India explains that in many countries, strict laws have been passed against all the vehicles that exude NOx emissions into the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, there are many countries the around the world, that have strictly prohibited the NOx emissions from the diesel and gasoline vehicles. Oxides of nitrogen are formed in the combustion chamber of a vehicle’s engine, where the combustion of fuel and air takes place.  The high temperatures inside the combustion chamber pave way for the nitrogen and oxygen to combine, leading to the formation of harmful NOx gases.

What Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) does in a car?

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is one of the most effective technologies for reducing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) available today. Automakers are devising new and better technologies to fight the increasing threat of global warming by meeting the global emissions challenge head-on. EGR is a reliable, tried and tested method of NOx control in both petrol and diesel vehicles. The system works by reducing the volume of oxygen content in the combustion chamber by the EGR valve. This controlled and strategized reduction of O2 also leads to the reduction of combustion temperature and pressure, which in turn diminishes the exhaustion of nitrogen emissions into the atmosphere.

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Since the development of oxides of nitrogen takes place at the high temperatures, the EGR system is capable of bringing this emission down by up to 50% and in diesel engines, the system brings down the production of soot particles by up to 10%.

How does the EGR system works?

EGR system works by re-circulating a portion of the exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders, where there are unburnt fuel and carbon, depriving it of a certain amount of oxygen, thereby reducing the chamber temperature and hence bringing down oxides of nitrogen. Though during this process, the volume of particulate matter increases, but that is also rectified outside the engine using an air filter.

In case you are looking for OEM quality engine replacement parts and accessories for major models of Tata, Suzuki, Mahindra, Man, or Leyland, then BP Auto Spares India is the place you are looking for.

How Catalytic Converters Work?

Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

Let’s Understand the Purpose of Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

The industry experts of leading Man Truck Parts online dealers in this blog would like to enlighten its readers about the functioning of the engine exhaust back pressure.

Going by the definitions given by numerous automotive experts, engine exhaust back pressure is particularly an exhaust gas pressure that is harbored by a vehicle engine to surpass the hydraulic resistance the vehicle’s exhaust system faces in reference to discharge gases out of the vehicle. The resistance, a vehicle’s exhaust system faces while getting out of the system is from different car components such as exhaust pipe size, catalytic converter, attenuator etc.

In four-stroke engines, engine exhaust back pressure does not have much relevance and is absolutely desirable. That is why in high-end sports cars or racing cars or silencers make use of a car component called diffuser in order to build vacuum at the end and facilitate the removal of the gases.

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On the other hand, engine exhaust back pressure is highly desirable in two-stroke engines. If you carefully look at the functioning of the two-stroke engines, you’ll notice that exhaust port from which the gases are exposed to the atmosphere is always open even when the burnt mixture is gone. This explains that the fresh and clean mixture also leaks out of the exhaust portal. In order to rectify this problem, a back pressure is indeed needed which helps in plugging the exhaust port so that the fresh charge does not get out of the car. This method is carried out by equipping the engine with a conical exhaust pipe shape that leads to the waving motion of the exhaust air.

The purpose of Engine Exhaust Back Pressure

The back pressure put boundaries on the exhaust flow. Backpressure is said to impure the fresh charge of fuel and air mixture which is passed into the engine cylinder during the combustion phase. Backpressure is present in all the vehicles no matter what but can be harmful if excessive.

Man Truck Parts




3 Symptoms of Low Clutch Fluid

Clutch fluid, also known as transmission or brake fluid is one of the most important components of a vehicle’s transmission system required for a smooth functioning of the vehicle’s engine. With incessant usage, this clutch fluid level tends to reduce with the passage of time. As a responsible driver and motorist, it is your duty to fill it up to an optimum level in the clutch reservoir from time to time. But, another vital reason to look for when witnessing low clutch fluid is any sort of crack or leakage in the clutch reservoir.

tata truck parts

These cracks and leakage can take place either at the slave cylinder or the engine master cylinder and if not subject to immediate attention, low fluid levels can severely damage the internal components of your vehicle. The most common way of determining whether your vehicle is running low on the clutch fluid level is by dipping the dipstick in the reservoir.  However, your vehicle will give out few symptoms to alert the driver of the low clutch fluid level.

BP Auto Spares India stocks a massive assortment of Spare Parts for Tata Indigo and has surmised 3 Popular Symptoms of Low Clutch Fluid in this blog.

Switching Gears Vibrations: When every component of your car is playing its part well, switching gears should be not a difficulty at all. Stuttering, resistance and a slight vibration when switching gears are the clear indications of low transmission fluid levels. You’ll witness a resistive force when you try to shift gears if your vehicle is running on low clutch fluid level. That’s why it is quintessential to maintain the optimum level of transmission fluid to make gear shifting smooth and efficient.

Gear Slipping: Another important indication of a low clutch fluid level is the gear slippage. Your vehicle will lose the hydraulic power needed to have a smooth and seamless gear shifting. Clutch oil is a vital component when the driver opts for a particular gear. You will face continuous gear slippages at the point of transmission engagement of the clutch pedal.

Inactive Gear Shifts: When your vehicle is running low on clutch fluid, shifting gear becomes a very exhausting and laborious task. It becomes slow, sluggish and inactive.  Otherwise, shifting gear is a pretty quick and prompt task. This can make driving a very tough and grueling experience.