Keeping Your Car Running Cool During Summers


Summer temperatures soar beyond 48 degree Celsius in some most parts of the country. These temperatures affect the working of your car especially the interiors. The exteriors also need a bit tending since engine and other parts work in tandem to keep the car running smoothly.

Travelling in an improperly ventilated and warm car poses serious health risks like heat stroke, flu and severe dehydration.

To keep your car cool, you have to keep a proper check on the AC functioning and battery ventilation.

  • If your car doesn’t cool like before, maybe it is time to check refrigerant level or get the AC serviced.
  • Summer heat is extremely harmful to your car’s battery, reducing its life and spewing harmful emissions.
  • Excessive heat and UN-damped vibration of the car can lead to breakdown of internal parts and eventual failure of batteries.
  • Always secure your battery firmly in place to minimize its movement.
  • If your car battery is more than three-four years old, consider replacing it or showing it to a technician who will tell you how much longer it can last dependent on its current electrolyte levels.
  • Regular check of the cooling system in your car will protect it from overheating.
  • Replace old coolant every two years and always get this done by a qualified technician only.
  • Always make to inflate your tires at optimal levels to keep the car above ground. Remember, the closer your car is to the scorching tarmac, the hotter it will get!
  • Add manufacturer specified additives to your fuel to keep the engine corrosion free. Corrosion induces wear and tear which heats up the engine considerably.

This is basic checks you need to perform every now and them to keep your car running cool inside and outside. Doing so, will help you save a lot of time and money.

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