Installing Bumper Stickers on Your Car is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!


Bumper stickers enhance the look and feel of your car. They accentuate the shape of your car and help bring out its real beauty. From stickers on the back of the car like devotional quotes, religious symbols or an ‘L’ learning sign for beginners, everything is printed as a vinyl sticker.

These stickers are really easy to apply if you use the right technique and perfect pressure to ease out the bubbles formed when you apply the sticker.

You may have tried to put a neat looking bumper sticker or decal strip on your car body but may have not got it right the first time.

Follow these tips to do it perfectly.

1)    Determine the correct location where the decal strip will be placed.

2)     Make sure to measure the length and breadth of the sticker in comparison to the place on your car where you wish to apply it.

3)    Clean the body of your car with either water or some car cleaning wax to remove grime and dust.

4)    Before removing the backing paper on the decal, use masking tape to avoid peeling of body paint while you start easing out the decal on the car. Apply a strip of masking tape right down the middle of the vinyl decal so that it stays in place and is firmly held when you apply it.

5)   Remove the backing paper and get ready to apply this decal to your car body. Do not remove the entire backing paper, just a part of it to avoid the glue sticking to your hands and spoiling the shape of the decal.

6)    Apply the decal with ease on the body and lift a side of the decal slowly and steadily.

7)    If your car comes with half-split backing paper, you won’t have to do step number 5.

8)    Lift the either side of the decal easily and keep pressing it down on the car body with gentle pressure. Keep peeling off the backing paper slowly to ease out all bubbles.

9)    Now comes the hard part, take a flat edged object like a credit card or a squeegee tool to gently press the decal flat on the car body. This will ease out all bubbles. Be sure to progress from one side to the other.

10)  Move up and down gently to make the decal flat and appealing. Any remaining bubble will spoil the look of the decal.

11)  Your decal is now applied!

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