Give Your Car the Best with Genuine Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Your car deserves the best!

Suzuki is the leading brand of cars all around the world. Their cars are popular because of their efficiency and longevity. This efficiency and longevity is the direct result of having genuine Suzuki car spare parts in your car.

Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Well now that you have bought a brand new car and you are hyped about it. You have gone on endless road trips with your Suzuki car. It is now time to service your car and get new parts installed.

To whom would you go?

An authorized Suzuki service centre or your local mechanic around the corner?


Let’s check out both the scenarios.

Mr. A had bought a Suzuki car 3 years back. He has travelled more than 70,000 km in it, now it is time for its servicing. He is a person who always looks for cheap alternatives to save money. So he asks his friends and neighbors and colleagues as to where he should get his car for servicing? All of them told Mr. A that an independent workshop that specializes in the care of specific car models or authorized service centre that only uses original Suzuki car spare parts. Mr. A wanted to save money for a petty change of some small spare part that he thought did not matter. He went with the advice of his jealous cousin and hired the local mechanic to do the deed. Result… the car died in the middle of nowhere in the night on a road trip. The car did not return a good resale value. Mr. A had to buy a new car again just after 3 years, if he had opted for an authorized service center, his car would have served him for another 3 years and still had gotten him a good resale value.

M. Z on the other hand was a rash user of his Suzuki car. He often had to send his car for servicing. But, Me. Z always made sure that the car was sent to an authorized service center that used genuine car parts. Mr. Z used the car for many years and when he put his car up for sale, he got a handsome resale value just because his car had all genuine Suzuki car spare parts.

So what shall you choose? An authorized service center or your local mechanic?

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