General Problems and Solutions for Suzuki Alto Parts

Suzuki Alto Parts

Buy the best quality Suzuki Alto Parts online with BP Auto spares India and get rid of common car problems and issues. These spare parts are easily available in the market; however, it is important to buy genuine parts that provide excellent performance and last for pretty long time. Let’s get to know some of the major car parts problem and their solutions.

Rear Wheel Bearing Failure

Problem:- Rear wheel bearings ride on the metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub. If you hear the rumbling noise from the rear wheel then it is the clear indication of rear wheel bearings failure. This problem can noticed easily when driving round corners or at a speed below 30 mph.

Solution:- The only solution that can rectify the issue is the fitting of replacement wheel bearings. It is advised to buy top quality and genuine Suzuki Alto Parts so that they can last longer.

Misfiring/ Lack of Power

Problem:- Lack of power or misfiring when accelerating then you will have to clean out the throttle body which can get clogged up with the carbon.

Solution:- The solution to this serious problem is to clean out the throttle body with some kind of crab cleaner with small brush, something like tooth brush.

Rattling/ Squeaking Sound

Problem:- If you hear squeaking sound coming from the engine then it may be possible there is a problem with engine mount. This issue becomes more noticeable when you driver over speed bumps or when turning corners.

Solution:- Fitting replacement of engine mount will resolve this problem easily. Moreover, you can also take your engine for repair to resolve this issue.

Carpet wear

Problem:- Suzuki Alto is prone to wear on the carpets. This issue is more particular in fifth generation models and on the rear carpet.

Solution:- Replacing the rear carpet can solve this problem. It is suggested to buy outstanding quality Suzuki Alto Parts online from the reliable suppliers.