Ashok Leyland, Big Player in the Production of Amazing Vehicles and Sale of Great Leyland Parts

Ashok Leyland is the flagship project of Hinduja Group India. The company has obviously been a formidable presence in the Indian commercial vehicle manufacturing industry and the sale of amazing Leyland parts. It churns out a wide range of products starting from 7.5 T GVW to 49 T GTW in transportation of goods, as well as 19 – 80-seater passenger vehicles. Most of them come with exceptional applications as well as diesel engines.


Ashok Motors was set up in Madras in 1948, to assemble Austin Cars. The company’s fortunes and name would change soon with the equity involvement by Ashok Leyland and British Leyland starting to make commercial vehicles in 1955. Since then, Ashok Leyland has never looked back and it continues to dominate the Indian commercial vehicle industry. It is known for its tradition of technological headship, which has been painstakingly achieved through collaborations with global technology leaders and through a dynamic in-house management.

With its current headquarters in Chennai, Ashok Leyland has built its reputation as one of India’s biggest commercial automobile organizations (The second largest in the segment). It is as well one of the leading lights in terms of vehicle production in the world standing at 4th in bus manufacture and 16th in truck production globally. The company has also lately entered the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Industry, in collaboration with Nissan Motors. The company’s exports span over 30 countries in Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa.

The company owns numerous manufacturing plants in India, as well as across the globe including Middle East and Europe. In India the plants can be found in Hosur, Ennore, Bhandara, Alwar, Sengadu village and Pantnagar. It also owns a technical center near Chennai.

The management of Ashok Leyland has reiterated that the company’s success has been largely due to their customer-focused approach, all the way from the designing of the products, to networking as well as service capability Top of the list of the Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles include their city buses, which give many city dwellers comfortable rides across the world. They make buses of different sizes, starting from 18-seaters up to 80-seaters that offer the end users an array of comfort options. The buses come in many packages including Suburban, school or staff, intercity and special type buses. The most popular buses include Cheetah bus Chassis, Avion ULF, Titan Double Decker and many others.

The company also churns out some of the best trucks with the best Leyland parts that can be found anywhere in the world today. It manufactures distribution and long haul trucks, as well as those used for mining and construction works. The long haul types trucks include 1612il, 3118il Super, U 4019il tractor and the 3118il XL.In their joint venture with Nissan, Ashok Leyland has produced some of the best light vehicles in the market. These trendy models include PARTNER, MiTR and STiLE and MiTR. PARTNER, with a 4 ton payload, is popular for its superior mileage and comfort. DOST, which has a total payload of 1.25 tons is a fuel efficient SCV. STiLE, which comes with a sturdy dCi engine, is an MPV. All of these vehicles come with the best Leyland parts ever.