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Ever Heard of OnStar Technology? Let’s talk about it then!

The leading suppliers of genuine and authentic Mahindra Parts, BP Auto Spares India explains that OnStar is an automobile system developed by the leading automobile Giant General Motors, along with two other companies, technology equipment, and services company, EDS and Hughes Electronics Corporation. These three mastered companies collaborated in 1996 to provide an effective and fast responding emergency system to drivers. For those who are driving a GM vehicle that is produced and manufactured after 1996, the chances are fair that you may be driving a vehicle with the OnStar technology.

Initially, OnStar technology was developed to help car drivers, combat accidents, and crashes, but later on, the company developed it into a full-blown all-encompassing service for its passengers. The fact is that there are millions of people who use OnStar technology in their cars on daily basis. People regard OnStar technology as the life-saving system, but the truth is it is one of the most sorts after and combined technologies that helps car drivers and enthusiasts maneuver from one place to another.

Services That Fall Under OnStar Technology

  1. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics to check your vehicle transmission, engine, emissions, brakes, and airbag, stability.
  2. OnStar Hands-Free Calling is structured to give you the liberty to make phone calls while you are driving without having to pick up your phone.
  3. OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation helps drivers to get to their destination, know where they currently are and where you are by connecting you directly to the OnStar representative.
  4. OnStar Automatic crash response system is laced with a number of sensors that alert OnStar system when you are about to get into a car crash.
  5. OnStar Crisis Assistance is an extended version of the Turn-By-Turn Navigation system that helps find drivers the various escape routes, connect you to the people who are in your phone book favorites and provide them with nearest safety shelter and supplies until the disasters subside.
  6. OnStar Roadside Assistance helps drivers get assistance in times of car systems failures like a flat tire, oil leak, brake failure and other problems by connecting to an OnStar advisor who sends a tow truck on its way to you.

 Every year General Motors add something new to the OnStar Package to continue meeting the endless demands of drivers and the difficulties they face while on the go.

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Understanding Lean-Burn Engines

The automotive car part experts of one of the Leading Mahindra Bolero Parts Suppliers explains that there is nothing better than developing a technology that plays a major role in curbing nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions flow in the atmosphere and this is what lean-burn engines are doing for the past for many years. They are decreasing the unsustainable effects of driving a car which our environment has to bear on the everyday basis. Lean-burn engine is a superb creation on a part of the automobile engineers that produce a lean or less concentrated mixture of fuel and air in order to not only reduce exhaust emissions but also curb fuel consumption.

Understanding Lean-burn engines in detail

I think the name “lean-burn” pretty much sums up what we want to say, but as we say, “The more, the better”. The Lean-burn engines are engineered in a way that they only enable a very lean amount of fuel to be burned in an engine’s combustion chamber. 14.7:1 is considered an appropriate ratio of fuel and air, where the fuel burns the best in the internal combustion chamber. A lean-burn engine is effective in taking this ratio to 32:1. Just wonder!

It is to be believed that if the internal combustion engines we have in our cars are 100% effective, they would burn the fuel efficiently and would only produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). But unfortunately, the internal combustion engines as they should be are not as effective, which in turn produces not only CO2 and H2O but also other harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and unburned hydrocarbons.

Apart from Catalytic Converters that filters exhaust gases coming from the engine, a Lean-burn engine is another way of reducing the level of harmful emissions by burning the fuel inside the combustion chamber more efficiently and improved combustion control.

In lean-burn engines, specially designed pistons are placed along with the intake manifold so that they can match the actual pistons. Also, the shape of the piston crown generates a heavy turbulence in the incoming air/fuel mixture that enables complete combustion.

The only drawback of lean-burn engines is that they increase the level of exhaust NOx emissions due to the increase in combustion temperature and higher levels of heat and shallower RPM power-band because of the slow burning of the lean mixtures. To curb this problem, the lean-burn engines have been devised with lean-metered direct fuel injection to further reduce NOx emissions.

Let’s Talk About Forward Collision Avoidance Systems

With the inception of advanced mechanized automobiles, the safety of car drivers and passengers has been in forefront ever since, which is demanding strict actions to be taken to curb the fatal casualties happening on the roads. The automobile safety equipments have significantly increased in demand and popularity in the last few years because of the alarming rate of road accidents taking place across the world. Taping in the increased demand for road safety, renowned automobile giants have started devising collision avoidance systems to assure safety on the road.

According to the data revealed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), In United States, approximately 40,000 people lose their lives in automobile collisions each year. Forward Collision Avoidance Systems is a device to help bring down these staggering figures.

What is a Forward Collision Avoidance System?  

A Forward Collision Avoidance Systems is a technically advanced active road safety system that is capable of alerting drivers in the situation of an overhanging frontal collision. When a vehicle equipped with Forward Collision Avoidance System comes in close proximity to another vehicle, the vehicle exudes visual, audible and sensory signals alerting drivers of the situation.

Forward Collision Avoidance Systems

Some recently developed Forward Collision Avoidance Systems are also capable of providing some degree of brake control support. This means that if the system feels that the driver has not responded to the blaring collision warning by acting accordingly, the system will take the matter in hand by applying a light brake to slow the vehicle down.

Even more, technologically advanced Forward Collision Avoidance Systems are capable of applying harder brake force in order to slow down the vehicle up to a great extent, if the systems think that the drivers have still not responded to the collision warning. It is not possible to stop the vehicle completely, but the brake control does reduce the speed of the vehicle, thereby reducing the force of the collision.

How Does Forward Collision Avoidance Systems Work?

Forward Collision Avoidance Systems works in harmony with the existing car technologies. The FCAS in order to work proficiently takes help of the front-facing sensors, which is a crucial part of the adaptive cruise control system also.

Modern-day Forward Collision Avoidance Systems rely on an assortment of sensors ranging from cameras, lasers, and short- and long-range radar in order to determine the physical space in front of the vehicle. These sensors take in the surroundings of the vehicle- vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and even road signs and carry out calculations to see if there is any danger present. Once the data is processed by the electronic control unit (vehicle’s central computer), and if there happen to be a pertinent danger, the system begins by issuing a collision warning to the driver and if the driver doesn’t respond to the warnings, the system goes forward with controlling few functions of the car which includes, automatic braking, ABS, electronic stability control, automatic seat belt tensioners, heads-up displays, night vision and adaptive headlights.

I hope the auto car experts of one of the leading Man spare parts dealers; BP Auto Spares India is able to shed some light on the working of Forward Collision Avoidance Systems. If you are looking for genuine OEM quality Man spare parts, you can check the complete Man Spare Parts Catalogue on thewebsite.

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Let’s Look at Some of the Advantages of Driving Hybrid Cars

To give you a brief snippet of the future that holds the oncoming of hybrid cars, according to the industry experts of leading Suzuki Car Parts Dealers,” There will be more than 100 different battery-powered vehicles available in five years, despite little interest so far from drivers.”

Automobile giants that are hell-bent on rolling out their ambitious and passionate plans to launch more than a 100 new designed battery operated models in the next few years are forgetting one major fact. What? Almost half of the world is still unaware of what hybrid cars actually are? The ones who are aware are still not able to get the full buzz of this greener technology. So, what is more important launching more hybrids or making people aware of this phenomenal technology?

Well, I don’t know in which side you are, but we are definitely vouching for “enlightening people of the pros of this greener technology” part, later comes launching new models.

Let’s get started

Environment-Friendly: Of course they are and by far the most talked feature of the hybrid cars- their ability to not harm the environment. It is believed that if more and more people are going to drive hybrid cars, it would significantly reduce the on assault of C02 emissions in the air. Adding the cherry on the top is the fact that these cars produce 25-30% less CO2 emissions than regular cars. Why? Hybrid cars are equipped with both petrol engine as well as the electric powered engine, which recharges via the petrol engine.

Fuel efficiency: Because of the dual engine usage, the combination helps maintain the efficient energy consumption, no matter where you are driving or at what speed you are driving. This reduces the dependence of hybrids cars on petrol as opposed to the regular cars. This is particularly because of the fact that when driving at lower speeds hybrid cars make use of electric powered engines and when picks speed, the power of the petrol engine kicks in, because of which fuel consumption is significantly less.

Weight Advantage: Hybrid cars are designed using lightweight materials, because of which they operate smoothly on much less energy levels, thus consumes less energy consumption as compared to the full-weight regular cars which in order to drive smoothly takes up a lot of energy.

How to Replace a Vehicle’s Sun Visor?

A broken sun visor can not only pose a serious threat to the drivers but also to the passengers sitting alongside you. If the screws of your vehicle’s sun visor are loose, the chances of the visor to pop out while you are driving are high, increasing the chances of you becoming involved in a serious car crash. Fortunately, a sun visor is comparatively an easier car component to remove and reinstalled.

With this objective in mind, there is a list of steps put together by the professionals of BP Auto Spares India, largest Tata Parts dealers to make the whole process of sun visor replacement much easier for you.

Things you’ll need

•   Complete set screwdrivers

•   Socket set

•   Replacement sun visor

Dealer of Spare Parts

Steps to Replace Vehicle Sun Visor

Step1: First, locate where the mounting bracket of the sun visor is located. New car models have a plastic cover installed that hides the screws that are securing the screws in place.

Step 2: With the assistance of a flat-head screwdriver remove the plastic cover to reveal the mounting screws. Remove the cover carefully, since the plastic it is made of is usually thin and can break or crack easily.

Step 3: Now, make sure the new sun visor is the exact replica of the one you are about to un-mount. If your vehicle’s sun visor has a lighted mirror or a built-in transmitter, carefully inspect the wiring pattern to be 100% sure of the fact that the new visor will effortlessly connect with your vehicle’s wiring.

Step 4: Now taking the appropriate screwdriver remove the mounting screws.

Step 5: If your visor is equipped with electrical accessories, disconnect them carefully from the sun visor.

Step 6: Take out the sun visor slowly from the headliner of your vehicle.

Step 7: Once the old sun visor is down, position the new sun visor over the mounting holes and start inserting the screws and tightening them with the appropriate screwdriver into the holes one by one by hand.

Step 8: Reconnect the wiring harness to the new sun visor.

Step 9: Put the plastic cover back over the mounting bracket and push it into place.

Here’s some information on What are the Different Types of Shock Absorbers for Cars?


Amazon’s Voice Assistant Alexa Will Grace Toyota Vehicles

We are well aware that voice assistances are ruling the world and now it will rule the selective product line of an automobile giant, Toyota.

The experts of one of the leading automotive parts dealers, BP Auto Spares India, who’s complete Tata 407 Spare Parts Catalogue you can check on their websites, would first like to enlighten its car enthusiasts as to how voice search/ voice assistants are driving this generation

  • It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice-based.
  • The Google voice queries have grown almost 35 times in the last 9 years.
  • The voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry by 2019

Tata Spare Parts

Also, the increased use of voice commands/ searches have paved way for voice assistants. Lately we have seen the occurrence of plenty of virtual/voice devices, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa are some of the leading voice assistances that are ruling the voice device market.

Coming to Amazon’s Alexa, this voice device acquires somewhere near 25,000 skills and to till date approximately 68% of smart speakers sold runs on Amazon’s Alexa.

Seeing the hype in demand, world’s leading automobile giant Toyota have also decided to integrate this fastest growing technology into some Toyota and Lexus vehicles. And well this isn’t new; as the automobile industry is lately embracing the tech world’s some of the most talked about and accepted offerings to improve the overall vehicle experience.

This latest development has definitely advanced Amazon’s vision to expand its voice platform beyond the home.

What will Amazon’s Alexa do in Toyota cars?

Through simple voice command, Alexa will help drivers and passengers navigate routes, get directions, control various entertainment features, get news, perform other vital functions of the car as well as add items in their shopping cart. The icing on the cake is that Alexa in cars can effortlessly be synced with other home devices to control thermostats while on the road.

“It’s still really day one for us in terms of what we can do with Alexa in the vehicle,”

John Scumniotales, head of products for Alexa’s automotive efforts, CES event

Toyota is not the first automobile giant to associate with Amazon’s Alexa.

Others, including Hyundai and Ford, have already made integrated Amazon’s voice command device into their product line.



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How to Replace a Car’s Serpentine Belt?

A serpentine belt or the drive belt is a rubber belt that helps connect the alternator, power steering, and A/C to the crankshaft which is an engine component that transports the power from the engine to those attached components. If the belt is suffering from any kind of fault, the car battery will not charge nor will any electrical components or accessories in the car will work. The serpentine or the drive belt is also known as the v-belt.

Since there is a large amount of heat that is produced in the engine, the serpentine belt due to the excessive heat exposure cracks and breaks over time. The first indication of the serpentine belt breaking is the rigidness while rotating the steering wheel. In some cars, water pumps are connected to the serpentine belt. So when the belt breaks, the coolant needed to cool down the engine, will not properly flow, which will lead to the overheating of the engine.

Modern day belts are equipped with only one serpentine belt that drives the entire engine accessories component.

Suzuki Car Spare PartsIf there is a continuous squealing noise from the engine, it means that you need to replace your serpentine belt. Just follow the steps put together by the renowned Suzuki spare Parts Dealers.

Things you’ll need

•   Socket set and ratchet

•   Serpentine Belt

•   Protective eye glasses

•   Latex gloves

•   Flashlight

Steps to replace serpentine belt

Step 1: Park your car in a safe spot and turn off the engine. Let the engine cool before working on any part associated with it.

Step 2: In order to access the various parts of the engine, remove the guard covers and shrouds that may cover the repair area.

Step 3: Once all the engine guards are off, locate where the belt tensioner is. It is located under the spring tension which is used to hold the pressure on the belt to keep it in place.

Step 4: In order to release the tensioner, pull it in the opposite direction of the spring tension.

Step 5: Remove the belt from the nearby pulley once the tensioner is released.

Step 6: Now the belt is ready to be removed.

Step 7: Once the belt is removed, compare the old and the new belt to see if they match in size and specifications.

Step 8: Install the new serpentine belt onto the pulleys and activate the belt tensioner.

Where You Can Buy Genuine Car And Truck Spare Parts Online?

A car is a most cherished possession and investment of many car enthusiasts, which they bought after years of struggle and savings, you can’t let that sacrifice and hard work go in vain. Do whatever it takes to preserve it, starting from the spare parts you install in them when certain car parts start malfunctioning. Cars are a reflection of an individual’s taste in the automobiles. They are the primary source of conveyance for major part of the world population and with the ease of financial schemes and services there demand has been skyrocketing every year.

ashok leyland engine parts name

Just like a human body that starts facing health issues with age, cars which are a mere piece of metals and screws become obsolete with every mile they accumulate on road, they start facing problems, be it interior or exterior which demands immediate attention so that these issues can be looked into.

A vehicle is a box of hundreds and thousands of massive and miniscule automotive parts that wear and tear with time and calls for quick replacement so that they can pick up their functioning as smoothly as possible. But that does not mean that you can yield your precious vehicle in the hands of low-key and cheap spare parts installation. Spare parts replacement in cars needs to be carried out using only genuine spare parts. Since with the ease of internet everything nowadays is online, people also prefer buying things like spare parts there.

But, let us get one thing straight, online purchasing of contrivances like spare parts is not a cake walk. It takes an eye of a pro to make out if the spare parts they are buying are original or if the spare parts will deliver what all those shady sites are claiming in the descriptions. Since not everyone can be auto-parts-pros, BP Auto Spares India is a leading spare part suppliers that deal in 1SO certified spare parts including Leyland Spare Parts, Mahindra Spare Parts, Suzuki Spare Parts, Tata Spare Parts, and Man Spare Parts.

You can explore our website and can see yourself the range of spare parts we stock and can email us for inquiries if you find anything suitable for your vehicle.

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How To Tell Whether A Car Is Flood Damaged or Not?

Floods have made a lot of havoc in the United States in the past several years. The extreme intensity and the increased water levels were proven to be catastrophic for thousands of homes that were near the shore and businesses, the owners of which have to bear some serious losses. The less-talked about but equally wrecked things of this natural disaster are the large proportion of flood-damaged cars that were one of the severe causalities of these horrendous hurricanes.

Based on the information gathered by the car professionals of one of the acclaimed Mahindra Scorpio Parts dealers, there were approximately 500,000 cars that were ruined by Hurricane Harvey and the equivalent numbers of cars were damaged when Hurricane Katrina broke upon.

Cars that bear the burden of these natural disasters, after proper inception and evaluation are often classified as the damaged and are sent for scrapping. But often these flooded and soaked automobiles end up on the used car dealerships.

So, to help you identify damaged flooded cars, hers are few pointers you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a second-hand car.

Check Vehicle Identification Number: No matter what, whether you are buying an old car or a new car, the first thing you should do is check the vehicle identification number with CarFax, Experian’s Auto Check or the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VinCheck. This will help you see the complete vehicle history over the net or whether it has been declared as a flooded automobile.

Wet Places: There are some places in a car that no matter what won’t dry, even if you try earnestly to make it go away. So, it is definitely a tell-tale sign that someone is selling flood-damaged car under the pretense of second-hand cars. Headlights, lamps, and taillights are those places where you can easily detect water presence because they’ll instantly turn foggy. Also, the instrument panel and the exterior and interior mirrors may also house some moisture that hasn’t evaporated.

Check the Oil: Yes, in case water has made its way inside the engine’s oil, you’ll notice that the color of the oil has changed a bit along with its viscosity. If you are a pro or are used to checking your car’s engine oil, then you’ll instantly make out the difference. The flood affected oil will resemble the color of coffee with milk or a chocolate milkshake.

Corrosion: This is the most important indicator, implying that the car has been in the water no matter what. You’ll find visible signs of corrosion in the vehicle’s undercarriage, especially on the brake lines, around the fuel tank, near the top of the springs and on the shock towers.

Be a responsible customer and don’t let yourself get fooled.

What are the Different Types of Shock Absorbers for Cars?

Technically as well as mechanically speaking a shock absorber is a car component which upon receiving a bump or shock impulse instantly smoothes it out and immediately converts it into kinetic energy. This kinetic energy will either be absorbed or dissipated by shock absorbers. In general, it is the electrical device used in cars and airplanes to reduce the impact of a shock impulse when the wheels of a car come in contact with a bump or a ditch on the surface of the road. It is an integral part of a vehicle’s suspension system and allows the vehicle to make a smooth and gliding ride on a bumpy and rocky road condition and provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Tata Indica Parts Dealer

Depending up on the mechanics and usage, there are various types of shock absorbers, each serving different kinds of purposes. The experts of the highly acknowledged Tata Indica Parts dealers have listed in the blog two main types of shock absorbers.

Mono Tube Shock Absorber: The mono tube shock absorber is composed of a single tube with two valves. They are most specifically used in large and heavy vehicles and are filled with oil. The damping force is generated by the piston valves in both the extending and contracting stroke. The amount of fluid released from these valves depends on the speed when the car passes over a bump. If the vehicle passes over slow speed small ditches, the large valve gets opened and the large proportion of oil is released through the valves. The opposite is the case with the high-speed large bump.

Twin Tube Shock Absorber: The Twin Tube shock absorber consists of two tubes and valves. Now both the valves have different tasks to accomplish. One of the valves is connected to the piston rod which is attached to the outer tube and the other valve is installed into the inner tube. In the Twin Tube shock absorbers, the damping force is generated by the piston valve in the extending stroke whereas in the contracting stroke the damping force is generated by the base valve. The inner tube which has a smaller circumference reduces the impact of bumps on the road whereas the outer tube is responsible for handling the rebound control.