How to Flush Your Vehicle’s Cooling System?

If you want to prevent the over excessive heating of your vehicle, it is quintessential to have a regular maintenance of your cooling system. The cooling system helps extend the lifespan of your vehicle and diminish the occurrence of roadside emergencies.

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Flushing your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t a difficult process. It is a pretty straightforward procedure which can be carried out with much each at home with few household tools and a proper technique. As a leader of the auto parts domain and the largest Tata Spare Parts exporters, BP Auto Spares India recommend drivers who are carrying out this procedure at home to follow the instruction manual along with the steps we are going to put together here.

Things you’ll need

  • 3-5 gallons of distilled water
  • Drain pan
  • Empty buckets with lids
  • Jack Kit
  • Safety gloves, glasses
  • Pliers
  • Coolant specific to your vehicle
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket
  • Ratchet

 Procedure to flush your vehicle’s cooling system

Tip: If you are following procedure specific to the make and model of your car, the chances of air getting trapped in the system after the completion of the coolant flush process will be decreased.

Step 1: First park your car in a safe spot and turn off the engine. Let the engine cool off since all the repairs will be done under the hood of the car.

Step 2: Once the engine is cooled down, open the hood of the car, look under it and locate the radiator in the engine bay.

Step 3: Now, look at the bottom of the radiator, there you will find a drain spout or petcock. In order to access the drain spout or petcock, you need to remove splash shield (if your car has one) with a screwdriver.

Tip: Jack up the front end of your car to gain access to the spout or petcock on the radiator from underneath the vehicle.

Step 4: Now start opening the drain spout slowly and place an empty bucket below it. Try to open the spout manually otherwise use pliers. Upon loosening the spout cap, remove the radiator cap as well to increase the flow of coolant into the bucket. Let all of the coolant to drain completely.

Step 5: Once all of the coolant is drained, put the petcock back in place and fill the cooling system with distilled water. Put the radiator cap back on, again start the engine and let it run for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Now inspect the system pressure. Turn off the engine again and squeeze the upper radiator hose to see if the system has appropriately pressurized.

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Step 7: Now open the petcock and radiator cap again and let the water drain out of the cooling system into the drain pan. Repeat the distilled water filling and draining process 2-3 times to flush out the old coolant from the system.

Step 8: Now fill the cooling system of your vehicle with the coolant specified for your vehicle.

Buy Authentic Body Parts of Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero

Buy Authentic Body Parts of Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero

It is very common to face various accidents and other situations, where the parts of your vehicle were damaged. Most of the car or vehicle owners usually can face several problems to find the best suited parts of their vehicles. Do you want to buy Mahindra Scorpio Parts at better price? If you say yes then today, you have the option to buy them from professional online and offline parts selling stores.

You can buy the Mahindra Bolero Parts also from any professional store, which offers you amazing benefits on the buying deals. It is always tough for the vehicle owners to buy the exact part of their vehicles, so, that is why you have to compare benefits and discount offers of parts before buying them. You can choose any company on the basis of features and services provided by them.

The buyers who want to purchase the Mahindra Spare Parts can easily compare the customer services offered by various companies to find the best one. The professional stores will offer you trustable collection of parts, replacement parts, fast delivery and other profitable services to boost the reliance of their customers. Check more information about the services offered by the vehicle’s body part selling companies to their customers in following paragraphs:

  • Biggest collection of Mahindra spare parts:

The users can find any store, which offers a great collection of Mahindra Spare Parts at affordable price. The variety and large collection information is required to test the authenticity of any professional stores. At professional body part selling company you will find all body parts, clutch parts, break parts, steering parts and others. So, when you want to pick up the best selling company you can check this feature.

  • Replacement of Mahindra spare parts:

The professional Mahindra Bolero Parts stores will offer you great benefits of replacement offer on the buying of Mahindra’s body parts. The quality of products can be tested with the help of this point. More details can be found at

  • Rapid delivery

The professional stores will offer you faster delivery of Mahindra Scorpio Parts without any hesitation. You can check the working scenario of Mahindra’s body part selling company on the basis of this point.

Therefore, you can also use the upper listed points when you want to buy the best body parts of your Mahindra vehicle.

Suzuki Spare Parts

Here Are Some Tips To Buy A Cost Effective Suzuki Car

Buying a car for self is always a dream. Yet, cost-effectiveness remains the driver when you are planning to invest your hard-earned money into a vehicle. If you are a Suzuki fan and are willing to buy a Suzuki car, we are here to offer some sound tips on your next purchase, where you can also learn to save money by relying on Suzuki spare parts.

First of all, you must do all your homework about the brand, and their offerings. There are many latest models that Suzuki is offering in competitive pricing and the cars are armed with the latest technology. Also, there must be many authorized showrooms of the brand in your area, where you can call and fix an appointment for a look and a test drive. Do not forget to ask about the availability of Suzuki spare parts in your area, when you meet the brand official. Now, when you arrive at one of the posh showrooms of the vehicle you want to buy, the next thing to determine is if you are getting the best deal or not. To make sure of this, don’t just rely on the pricing and accompaniments offered by a single showroom. Try with as many as 4-5 different outlets and dealers in your vicinity. Try the prices online too. This is how you are going to make sure of the best price.

Checking online prices will help you a great deal if you are trying to zero into the best pricing on your favourite Suzuki car. Alongside, you can also check for the best online avenues for ordering Suzuki spare parts for your future needs. The online websites are often easy to navigate and provide the required information at a just single click. There are many models displayed on the website and all you have to do is to click on the picture of the model you like. This will lead you to the dedicated page of the car model where you can read about the pricing, best offers available across the dealership plethora and the other relevant information regarding the add-ons etc.

Once you surf through a reliable web source for all the information you need on your Suzuki purchase, you will be equipped with all the essential knowledge that you need to complete a hassle free purchase.

The last and final step is just to decide on the source of purchase and reach out to make the final purchase. When you place the order for your new Suzuki vehicle as per the model and colour you desire, you will also get all the required information on Suzuki spare parts. This is most important to keep your vehicle running for years to come. Do not forget to check to check out the most impressive display of spare parts. After all, you are making an investment of your hard-earned money; you need to make sure that investment reaps comfort for years.

Once you get the delivery, it is time to enjoy your Suzuki vehicle and take pride in the ownership of a state-of-the-art machine.

Man Spare Parts

Things to Consider During Buying of Man Spare Parts

As you know that spare parts of the vehicle are very important for the repairing of your vehicle. You should have some important information before buying the Man Truck Parts for your vehicle. Sometimes you choose the wrong spare parts and that cause a severe damage to your vehicle. So take care of some things to consider before buying any spare parts for your vehicle.

Here are some Tips for buying any spare parts for your vehicle

  1. Know your seller: Before buying any spare parts it is highly important to know all about your seller. If your shops on the online sites then it is quite difficult to identify the genuine sellers or the fake seller. So you should make sure that you choose the right company, this company should be reputable also.


  1. Compare prices: So you are planning to update your vehicle with Man Spare Parts but you don’t know the prices of the spare parts. You should immediately compare the prices online. Never settle for the first option that you see, wait for all the options and then select the best one out of all. So comparison gives you the best spare parts for your vehicle.


  1. Verify the product: Before buying any Man Spare Parts for your vehicle the most necessary things is that verify the genuineness of that part. Try this part and know whether it is working properly or not. The best way to know the difference between the fake and real parts is the OEM website. If the spare part is on the list of this site then it will be genuine.

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  1. Check warranty, guarantee: Another thing to keep in your mind is that you should check that the Man Truck Parts have any warranty or guarantee. So never buy any spare part without any warranty or guarantee period. It should have a return policy. Due to the return policy, you can return your spare parts if it does not work properly.


  1. Check for installation service: If you are purchasing your spare parts from the online websites, then you must check for the installation services. Choose the online websites that provide you the parts installer also. So keep in your mind all the things and purchase right spare parts for your vehicle.
Suzuki Alto spare parts

Things to Remember Before Buying Suzuki Alto Spare Parts Online

With the advent of the internet, it has become very easy for the traders to buy and sell the products. Online portals, e-commerce websites and social media hubs are the platforms where people are making the sale and purchase of items confidently. In this process, an industry which has found an equal pace is the auto spare parts industry. Traders, manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in the industry have found an effective way to sell their products to an extended audience and make elevated profits. Automobile and car owners are keeners to buy auto parts online through easy surfing and secure payments. Online portals also have a huge display of different auto parts for varied brands, which is not a possibility at a single brick and mortar store. Suzuki auto parts exporters and suppliers are also selling Suzuki Alto Spare Parts through many online platforms. Buying them from online portals is not only cost-effective and time-saving feat, but it also ensures ingenuity and return scenarios.

Buying spare parts online is definitely an easy and profitable way to evade purchase issues one has to face with physical stores. One just has to key in the right keywords for the right spare part in the search bar and a plethora of online portals selling that part would appear in the search list. For example, when looking for Suzuki Alto spare parts, one may key in Alto spares, or Alto auto spare parts etc. But, before you zero into a single website to make the actual purchase, you must keep a few things in mind.

  • You must check the website for the originality of the auto parts. The reputation and credibility of the website go a long way in this. Check the customer testimonials too.
  • You must check the website for the availability of auto parts manuals and detailed product information on the parts they are selling.
  • You must thoroughly check the specifications of the auto part you are buying, as different models of the same car may use auto parts with varied specifications.
  • Compare the prices and available discount offers. Do not just jump upon attractive promotions. Spend a little time to browse through the website and find the best available deals on Suzuki Alto spare parts.
  • Give a lot of attention to details before you make the purchase and go to the payment page. This way you can make a trustworthy and safe transaction. The website must be encrypted to protect your account and credit information. You can check one such website for your spare parts needs.

 These are very basic tips that you need to keep in mind before buying Suzuki Alto spare parts online.

Tata Truck Parts

Why Do You Need Original Auto Spares for Your Tata Truck?

Business owners, especially the ones in products selling know the importance of transport vehicles. These vehicles make day-to-day business easy and meet all the requirements. Tata Xenon truck is one such vehicle that comes in handy in case of diverse commercial usage. Be it agriculture business, construction business or products trading, Tata Xenon is always at the forefront of business management, with its tough exterior and important interior parts. When these parts wear out, one needs to replace them with genuine Tata Spare Parts, to keep the sturdy vehicle as good as new.

Due to extensive commercial use, the auto parts of transport vehicles suffer wear and tear and deteriorate performance wise too. Owing to this, there is a fair demand for original spare parts suppliers in the market, who can deliver authentic parts to help keep the automobiles in good working conditions. Similarly, Tata Xenon also needs the brand promise of original spares to keep running smoothly on the road.

 Why are authentic and genuine Tata spare parts important for a Tata Xenon truck?

When Tata Xenon needs maintenance and is sent into repair, some spare parts ask for a change which has suffered more than the usual loss. There could be accidental damage or usual corrosion that occurs due to weathering and other conditions. The spares may have also reached the saturation of their durability. In such replacement scenarios, only the genuine spare parts must be trusted and the best dealers must be approached to get the best deals and offers.

There is one more important to be considered that original parts manufacturers understand the design and functional specifications and manufacture the parts accordingly. The fit and functionality of the part are never compromised when one opts for genuine Tata spare parts for Tata Xenon.

Original spares that come from reputed suppliers come with a replacement guarantee in case the part is found to be faulty or is mismatched with the requirement. Generally, good dealers offer 12 months warranty for the Tata spare parts. Also, suppliers who are credible sources always keep the after-sales service in place and make sure the buyers get the best product for the price that they pay.

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Hence, it is always beneficial to go for original, genuine and authentic spare parts obtained from certified dealers and suppliers, if you wish to see your Tata Xenon roaring on the roads for years.

For all kinds of Tata spare parts, you can always rely upon and make use of best offers online on Tata spare parts.

Man Truck Parts

Fuel Efficiency of Your Truck Depends on These Simple Tricks!

When driving a heavy duty vehicle like a truck on the road, one needs to apply many strategies make every drive successful and cost-effective. Apart from installing various Man Truck Parts in the engine system of your truck, there are other clever tricks that help to increase the fuel efficiency and performance of your truck. Read on to know.

Here are some tricks to Fuel Efficiency of Your Truck

1. Look at the GPS traffic maps for real-time traffic updates and plan your daily routes beforehand to avoid traffic prone areas. You must also research a bit and know the fastest way to reach your destination. This will bring down your fuel consumption considerably.

 2. Apart from installing appropriate Man truck parts in your vehicle, you also need to plan all the tasks that you need to complete in one trip. Rather than making multiple trips on a single trip to complete different tasks, plan a few weeks ahead and make sure you have a list of tasks or deliveries to be completed on that trip.

3. Practice good driving habits and maintain the traffic rules. These are made keeping in view the vehicle maintenance and driving efficiency. You may end up saving a lot at the end of the month if you observe that you followed the lines and drove ethically.

4. Do not press the accelerator too much. Speed driving can be hazardous, apart from letting your fuel burn out fast. Driving steady and at a maintained pace always helps to complete a successful journey and it also saves fuel. Plus, you won’t have to spend too much on Man truck parts as you will be voiding many road disasters that can damage the parts.

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5. Make simple adjustments to your truck, like adding a component or two, to save the fuel or to make the engine more efficient which may burn less fuel.

 6. Do not keep your truck overloaded. Keep the goods’ weight manageable to bring the fuel consumption down. As you know the truck in self is quite a bulky vehicle which tends to take more fuel; if you add extra weight, you are saying hello to faster fuel consumption.

7. Apart from checking the Man truck parts for their functionality and performance, before you leave for a long journey; it is always good to check your tyres for air. Properly filled tyres with recommended air pressure are the friends to a running vehicle. Moreover, a vehicle with under-filled tyres consumes more fuel.

8. Keep the internal machinery of your truck clean. Make a periodical washing a habit. This helps the air to glide smoothly in a moving truck, allowing the fuel to get distributed evenly, allowing the optimum usage. Also, you must close the windows when the truck is moving at a high speed. This will protect the unnecessary air drag inside the vehicle.

Use these points to keep your truck in the prime condition with the maintained fuel efficiency. Installing Man truck parts available at is always going to help you to remain a proud owner of a perfect vehicle.

Quick Steps to Replace a Ballast Resistor

The auto part experts of one of the leading Suzuki Car Spare Parts suppliers in this blog will explain Quick Steps to Replace a Ballast Resistor. But first, lets’ understand what a Ballast Resistor is.

A ballast resistor is a long, white ceramic car component connected to the left side of the ignition coil assembly. It is basically housed in series along with the primary winding in a battery ignition system to help regulate the flux of primary current. This regulation of the flow of current prolongs the life of the points where the contact of current breaks. The primary function of a ballast resistor is therefore to prevent the overheating of the primary winding of the ignition coil. The ballast resistor is fabricated with an iron wire and the iron wire has the capacity that at low speeds it increases the resistance which decreases the amount of current in the primary circuit of the ignition system. But if the current from the primary winding flows continuously, this increases the electrical resistance and the temperature of the ballast resistor, thereby reducing the flow of electric current flowing through the primary winding. This substantial decrease in electric current flowing through the primary winding prevents the overheating of the primary winding.

So if the ballast resistor is broken, the ignition coil will not be able to get proper voltage. BP Auto Spares India has put together a blog explaining the quick steps to replace a Ballast Resistor.

Suzuki Spare Parts

Tools Required

  • Voltmeter
  • Open end wrench
  • Ratchets
  • Sockets
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves
  • Vehicle owner manual

Quick Steps to Replace a Ballast Resistor

  1. First, you need to make sure if your car actually has a ballast resistor. For this, you’ll need a Voltmeter. Connect a voltmeter to the two given leads on the ignition coil and turn on the ignition.
  2. If the voltmeter displays reading somewhere near 12 volts, then it is highly unlikely that your car has a ballast resistor. But if the reading comes somewhere between 6 and 9 volts, then it is highly likely that your car does have one.
  3. After making sure that your car does have a ballast resistor, get down to the task of locating it.
  4. Open the hood of the car and right at the rear of the engine, you will see the ballast resistor bolted to the firewall of the coil. As we have mentioned before it is provided in series with the primary winding in a battery ignition system between the ignition switch and the positive terminal on the ignition coil.
  5. Now, picking up an appropriate box wrench or socket, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Once the negative terminal battery is removed from the battery, put it somewhere out of the direct reach of anything metal. You can cover the terminal end with a towel or a masking tape, just to be safe.
  6. After this, unplug the wire connecting the coil to the distributor. This step is important to make sure you are safe from any possible electric discharge.
  7. Next comes, the removal of positive lead to the ignition coil. The ballast resistor has its own secondary wire with a round or U-shaped wire terminal end attached to the positive coil lead stud.
  8. Now there are two wires coming from the ballast resistor. One of the wires comes from the ignition switch while the other one connects to the ignition coil positive terminal.
  9. Once the wires are removed, un-mount the ballast resistor from near the ignition coil using appropriately sized box-open end wrench. You can also take help of a ratchet or socket.
  10. After removing the ballast resistor from its throne, thoroughly clean the connecting surface between the resistor and the point where it was hanged using sandpaper or a small wire brush. Since the ballast resistor is known for generating a lot of heat, properly cleaning the surface between the resistor and the mounting point will aid in the heat transfer.
  11. Put the new ballast resistor back on and connect the positive lead to the ignition coil. Reconnect the wire connecting the coil to the distributor and make sure all the wire leads are properly connected and tightened.
  12. Reconnect the negative terminal on the battery after removing the masking tape or towel you might have used to cover the ends. Since you are working on the battery terminals already, make sure you are wiping them clean with a clean and dry rag.
  13. Now turn the ignition switch back to open and give your vehicle a start. If your vehicle is starting just fine, then you have successfully resolved the issue.

BP Auto Spares India is the largest Suzuki Parts dealers, suppliers, distributors, exporters and importers boasting a ready stock of OEM quality accessories and spare parts of major automobile brands. If you are doing the job of replacing the ballast resistor yourself, then get your new ballast resistor from BP Auto Spares India.

Suzuki Car Spare Parts

Let’s Understand How Catalytic Converters Work?

The auto part oracles of one of the leading Suzuki Car Spare Parts dealers says that for the past 60 years the automobile industry by way of latest tools and technologies are trying to curb the ever-rising levels of harmful emissions and polluting chemicals produced by the internal combustion engines. The 1960s was the year where we finally saw the development of effective emission control systems being installed in passenger cars. With stringent federal laws and emission level limits, the 1970s saw the major transformation in vehicle composition and design, as they try to keep up with the strict car-environment policies and norms. Though the vision behind the development of these emission control systems is to welcome a cleaner running vehicle to the world, these said systems in order to match up with the vehicle design and composition, gave birth to some disapproved car modifications. These car modifications in order to adapt fully with the emission control systems bring about some unusual changes in the performance of the cars like decreased vehicle power, decreased fuel efficiency, and an overall deterioration of engine driveability characteristics which led to people abandoning emission control system cars.

In the midst of these crises, another new emission control device graced the automobile arena which till now is the best mean of reducing engine pollutants and that is Catalytic Converters.

Catalytic Converters as we have already discussed in one of our blogs is the modern day emission control device which deals positively with the polluting chemicals and vehicle emissions produced by internal combustion engines. Due to lack of proper amount of oxygen in these engines, the carbon fuel fails to get oxidized properly into carbon dioxide and water which leads to harmful carbon emissions. Catalytic Converters are located in exhaust systems to provide a platform for complete oxidization and reduction of toxic ruminants like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons present in the fuel into less polluting substances such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen gas.Suzuki Car Spare Parts

How Catalytic Converters Work?

The Catalytic Converters are situated between the engine and the exhaust tailpipe. Before the launch of catalytic converters, the toxic gases made by the internal combustion engine blew straight out of the exhaust tailpipe and into the atmosphere.

Catalytic Converters works differently than other emission control devices. They change the chemical composition of the gases in the internal combustion engines by rearranging the atoms from which they’re made.

  • The molecules of the toxic gases and polluting chemicals are transported from the engine past the catalyst made from platinum, palladium, or rhodium.
  • This gauze like catalyst breaks down the molecules into their natural atoms.
  • These separated atoms again reconcile into molecules of less harmful and toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen gas.

For more information on Catalytic Converters please visit the website or call the experts of BP Auto Spares India +91-11-23824308 or write to us @

man spare parts online

Make Your Truck Up to Date with Man Spare Parts!

Pickup and transport truck are important for any product based business. In Indian industry, a lot of transportation is done via pickup trucks. They help to deliver the goods on time and in proper condition too. Thus, we cannot deny the importance and contribution of trucks in propelling the economy of our nation. Man trucks a significant part of this industrial landscape as a lot of businesses today are carrying on with their logistics while using Man trucks. A hoard of transport companies rely on Man trucks and keep the sale purchase of these vehicles on. This includes the sale and purchase of used Man trucks too. The transport companies that cannot afford brand new pickup vehicles, they go for used ones in good condition. Used trucks are cost-effective, easy to avail and a long-lasting proposition for a profitable business feat. But, what keeps these Man trucks going are the Man Spare Parts. When a used truck is brought to life again, it must be fitted with best and original spare parts to increase the utility and life of the vehicle.

 While used trucks are wonderful options for daily transportation and carrying goods from one place to another for personal reasons also, they become a mode of revenue saving for the business owner, as the investment on a used truck is relatively lower than what goes for a brand new truck. Moreover, when fitted with Genuine Man Spare Parts such as electrical or engine parts or propeller shaft; the truck becomes as good as new and can easily render the desired services.

As we now that one of the most beneficial points about transport trucks is their sturdiness and their ability to carry long journeys on highways, hill-roads, and rough rural roads too. This gives an even better reason to invest in a used MAN truck which is already seasoned and gives the best mileage too. A truck equipped with Man spare parts is better than a new one, as it has weathered the long journeys and can maneuver its way through more.

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To add to the advantages, repair, and replacement of spare parts must be considered. With the advent of online suppliers of auto spare parts, it is easier to obtain genuine parts and wards off the worry of fixing your truck with duplicate ones. Many online suppliers are selling Man spare parts at competitive prices with timely deliveries and is one of them. It also becomes easy to check all the possible options at a single website rather than running from store to store. That is the reason online suppliers are in a great demand in the market.

With the easy and affordable availability of truck spare parts, used Man pickup trucks are a rage, and a well-deserved one.