Top 5 Essential Tools for a DIY Mechanic
May 31, 2023
Top 5 Essential Tools for a DIY Mechanic

It’s essential to have the right set of tools when repairing your automobile. Using imprecise tools can damage Suzuki Alto spare parts and the vehicle itself. It could also extend the repair time. But it can be hard to know which set of tools are the right ones for a DIY car lover. Here’s a concise guide to the most essential tools.

Floor Jack

A floor jack is the most basic tool to own, considering most repairs are underneath the car. It can be useful while changing tires and also while looking for braking issues. Most basic floor jacks can lift up to 2 tons of weight. It is advisable to buy a few jacks as per the vehicle's weight.

Spanners or Wrenches

Since your vehicle is mechanical and is held together by joints and screws, a precise set of spanners is a must-have. Look for the spanners that are most commonly used based on their metric sizes. Socket wrenches are also worth owning for bolts that are concealed. It can also be used to install Suzuki Alto spare parts deeply into the mechanical system without hinderance. Open-ended spanners are the handiest and can be used in almost any situation.

Impact Wrench

For stubborn nuts and for larger ones that require a lot of strength, an impact wrench is the best tool. Since impact tools are power-driven tools, it is easier to handle bolts and faster too. It can also be used for bolts that have rusted in place and need to be unfastened.


Proper lighting is critical, as half of the car's maintenance is underneath it. Simple cordless LED lights are more than sufficient for DIY repairs. But owning a head-mounted LED lamp can greatly boost the efficiency and the time invested in repairs.

Torque Wrench

Precision during repairs ensures a longer life for the Suzuki Alto parts and also the functioning of the vehicle. Any bolt that might be fastened too tight or a bit loose could cause an imbalance. A torque wrench can apply a specific amount of torque to the bolts.

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